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The Tai Lopez Show
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The Tai Lopez podcast brings you the best business education straight from the world's top entrepreneurs. I will also review the best books in health, wealth, love and happiness that will help you achieve your maximum potential and live the best life possible.
Henry WInkler: from "The Fonz" to New York Times Bestseller
Here's a throwback interview. One of my first, recorded in 2015. Tai, Henry Winkler, & Lin Oliver talk about knowledge, underachievers turning into overachievers, the education system, and how to maximize your human potential. They also review Here's Hank by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver along other children books that teach amazing stories on real emotions and exaggerated comedy. See for privacy information.
Dec 5, 2022
39 min
3 Reasons Why You're Not Making the Money You Want In Real Estate
If you want to know more about Brad's software for real estate, click this link 👉👉 Tai talks with his friend Brad Carroll, about the 3 things that the realtors who make millions of dollars are doing. Brad is the founder of Dakno, an automation service specifically tailored for real estate. Click the link to learn more about the software 👉👉 See for privacy information.
Nov 28, 2022
8 min
Why I Quote People So Much
“Go straight to the top…” one of the frameworks that took me from $47 to buying Major brands like RadioShack, Pier 1, and more. If you don’t have frameworks you can follow, you will suffer in business.See for privacy information.
Nov 17, 2022
13 min
Net Worth News: The Truth About Inflation
This is a new format I'm testing for a podcast. What do you think? Listen to James Swanwick and I discuss many lessons about business, entrepreneurship, and important Net Worth news    🔊Checkout my Speakeasy App Here: See for privacy information.
Sep 2, 2022
40 min
How Would You Spend $1 Million?
 "Learn from mistakes but they don't have to be your mistakes." On this show Tai talks about one of the best things you can do with $1 million dollars. They should have taught this to people who won the lottery and lost it all. Listen to the full show on the Speakeasy app: See for privacy information.
Sep 1, 2022
14 min
How To Build A $100 Million Company Using Social Media 📱
Tai talks with Dan Fleyshman on what you need to build a $100 million company using social media. Watch the full video on Speakeasy:  Dan is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company. He also perfected influencer marketing. His influencer agency, Elevator Studios, spends $60 million per year in influencer marketing and they manage the accounts of Kardashian level influencers. Tai and Dan talk about the secrets to using social media to scale.   Checkout my Speakeasy App Here: See for privacy information.
Aug 31, 2022
49 min
Closing Million Dollar Deals: The Art & Science
Hadn’t gone live in a while. Turned out giving an hour-long business lesson. Even got Grant Cardone to pop in! We talked about closing million-dollar deals and the importance of meeting people in-person for high six-figure negotiations. Watch this episode and other exclusive content on my speakeasy app:  If you want to learn the techniques I used to close over $250 million in deals, go to this link: 👉🏽 See for privacy information.
Aug 24, 2022
1 hr 18 min
How Fousey Beat Addiction And Built A 20 Million Follower Social Media Empire
Fousey is one of the Youtube OG's! He talks about how to be an adaptable machine. Listen to how he beat addiction and gained over 20 million followers across platforms. Checkout my Speakeasy App Here: for privacy information.
Aug 12, 2022
58 min
How To Get What You Want Out Of Life
You can get most things you want from life if you just learn the rarest ingredient on the planet: patience. Millionaires know this.See for privacy information.
Jul 12, 2022
15 min
There’s No Money In Easy
You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve. Solve complex or new problems for people, and they will pay you well.See for privacy information.
Jul 5, 2022
14 min
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