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Episode-2780- The Most Misunderstood Delicious Fish in America
Today I was gonna do a show about living free in an age of digital tyranny.  I thought about it though as tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Special Show, and then I am out until Monday.  It just seems like a … Continue reading →
Nov 24
1 hr 18 min
Episode-2779- The Future Belongs to Land Holders and Entrepreneurs
Historically in America who has been president or your senator, etc has meant very little in reality.   What has mattered is how well individuals have designed their lives.  The two biggest things that have enabled this for the most people … Continue reading →
Nov 23
1 hr 26 min
Episode-001-Miyagi Mornings Weekly Recap
Welcome to Miyagi mornings weekly recap, a podcast version of our daily video series Miyagi Mornings, links to the video version of each segment can be found in the show notes for this episode. These recap episodes are part of … Continue reading →
Nov 21
39 min
Episode-2778- Expert Council Q&A for 11-20-20
Today on The Survival Podcast the expert panel answers your questions on hammock camping, diet, composting, side hustles, cooking, the great reset and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put something like “comment … Continue reading →
Nov 20
1 hr 26 min
Episode-2777- Getting Started with Crypto Currency
Join me today to discuss crypto from a newbie to first timer level.  Most of the content on today’s show was solicited on Parler and MeWe and hence comes from you the audience.  I am very open to a follow … Continue reading →
Nov 19
1 hr 30 min
Episode-2776- Getting the Frack Out of the City with Dennis Alan
Dennis Alan is a true city boy who went from rags to semi riches and back down to rags to follow his heart. After dropping out of high school and barely escaping jail a few times he got a J … Continue reading →
Nov 18
1 hr 8 min
Episode-2775- Resistance via Adaptation During the Great Reset
I ended up skipping two questions yesterday due to being flat worn out and having my voice start to strain after a week of the TSP 20 workshop.  Today I am going to use those two bullet points to do … Continue reading →
Nov 17
1 hr 24 min
Episode-2774- Topic Round Table for 11-16-20
Time for another round table discussion. I have some announcements and some stuff that has just popped up today. I have some really great listener questions and feedback as well. Today on The Survival Podcast we cover lifestyle design, edc, … Continue reading →
Nov 16
1 hr 11 min
Episode-145- TSP Rewind – What if Everyone Did What they Most Want to Do
Today is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Today’s episode was originally and was originally Episode-2523- What if Everyone Did What they Most Want to Do  and first published on Oct. 34, 2019. The … Continue reading →
Nov 13
56 min
Episode-2773- Answering a Friends Question and Reflecting on 12 Years of The Survival Podcast
Today’s show is from a video I did back in September.  At the time good friend asked me a sincere question. It has continued to roll around in my head. This talk by the pond was the result. Thanks to … Continue reading →
Nov 12
52 min
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