The Sunday Millennial
The Sunday Millennial
Charles Fehr
The Sunday Millennial is a show that represents the personalities and perspectives of rural American millennials on numerous topics. We discuss current events. latest trends, pop culture, and much more! Be a part of the conversation and subscribe to our show!!!
Season 5 Episode 13: SHANNON RETURNS!
Shannon has returned to the show!
May 8, 2021
46 min
S5E12: COVID, NFL Draft 2021, Oscars
May 1, 2021
47 min
S5E11: 2nd Stimulus Check, Eagles, Star Wars Disney Plus
Dec 11, 2020
1 hr 19 min
S5E10: 2020 NFL Season Halfway Special
The Original 3 will be talking about the 2020 NFL Season and what has happened so far. Join US!
Oct 31, 2020
1 hr 26 min
S5E9: Let's Go to the Movies ft. Gabe
Movies are coming back! Let us known what your favorite movies are coming this year!
Sep 20, 2020
1 hr 2 min
S5E8:Sports Special 2020
We are celebrating the return of football, at the college and pro levels with our very special guest, Matty Ice!
Sep 12, 2020
1 hr 31 min
S5E7: The Return to College
We talk about the current state of college and the future of college in a very interesting podcast. Come and listen!
Aug 29, 2020
1 hr 5 min
S5E6: Challenges Teachers Face This Fall ft. James Michaud
Many school districts will face a bunch of challenges when trying to reopen its buildings as well as sports in the fall. Thanks for the great discussion, James! 
Jul 19, 2020
56 min
S5E5: State of The Year ft. Brandon Warner
This was our halfway show for the 2020 year. See what our thoughts were. 
Jul 19, 2020
1 hr 35 min
S5E4: Millennials and Small Businesses ft. Shannon Fleming
In this discussion, we will be talking about Millennials and Gen Z approaching the decision to starting a small business, what are the outcomes of it, and what anyone can learn from it. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO SEE OUR WEEKLY DISCUSSIONS! Dave Fehr Instagram @fehr01 Donald Deibler Instagram @donniesteakneggs Shannon's Website   Music Credit: YouTube Free Music Library
Jun 27, 2020
1 hr 16 min
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