The Strategerist
The Strategerist
George W. Bush Presidential Center
What happens when you cross the 43rd President, late night sketch comedy, and interesting conversation? The inspiration behind The Strategerist– a podcast series highlighting the American spirit of leadership and compassion.
J.D. Crouch - The USO's Continued Mission
For 80 years, the USO has worked to connect service members to family and home. CEO J.D. Crouch discusses the ongoing work of serving our nation's warriors -- and how the organization with a global footprint is adapting to a global pandemic.
Nov 17
27 min
Melissa Stockwell - From Wounded Warrior to World Champion
In this Veteran's Day episode, we talk to U.S. Army Second Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell -- the U.S. first female to lose a limb in combat and now Paralympic Games medalist -- about her journey representing America both before and after active duty.
Nov 10
28 min
Hannah Song - Liberty in North Korea
Hannah Song, CEO of Liberty in North Korea, dreams of a day when all of the people of North Korea can enjoy freedom -- and is doing everything she can to make that come true, one individual at a time.
Nov 3
48 min
Mark Cuban and Daymond John - Inspiring A New Generation of Entrepreneurs
Mark Cuban and Daymond John, entrepreneurs and stars of the ABC show Shark Tank, have realized they're not just businessmen or TV stars. They're inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. They sat down to share behind-the-scenes stories and insights -- including how to adapt in the covid economy in the season four debut of the Strategerist.
Oct 27
26 min
Hector Barreto - Entrepreneurship and Immigrants
Hector Barreto grew up in an entrepreneurial immigrant family that believed in hard work — his father even enrolled him in his "executive training program," which early on consisted of waiting tables in the family restaurant. That training must have taken hold, as Hector eventually headed up the small business administration in the Bush Administration and today serves as Chairman of the Latino Coalition.
Jul 21
31 min
Bob Chapman - People-First Businesses
Many of us spend a majority of our waking hours at work -- and that stress often bleeds into our home lives. Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry Wehmiller -- which employs 12,000 people -- ardently believes that business leaders do themselves a disservice when they don’t put employees first. And yes, that does mean forgoing the old adage that the customer is number one.
Jul 14
29 min
Dr. Juliet Garcia - The Richness of the Texas-Mexico Border
Dr. Juliet Garcia is a product of the Texas-Mexico border. She was born in Brownsville, Texas, to parents who diligently saved $10 at a time to make sure she got a college education. Not only did she get that education, she eventually became the first Mexican-American female to head a U.S. college or university. Dr. Garcia tells us stories from a childhood in South Texas, and shares lessons she learned while heading up a border university.
Jul 7
37 min
Tom Luce - Education, Opportunity, and Civil Rights
Tom Luce's long career has taken quite a few turns: from private sector lawyer (where he once escorted the Magna Carta across the Atlantic as a carry-on), to state government, to national education policy, and now to the non-profit sector. At each turn, he has stayed committed to a core belief: all Americans deserve opportunities brought through a quality education.
Jun 30
49 min
Pastors Bryan Carter and Jeff Warren - A Conversation on Race
Pastor Bryan Carter and Pastor Jeff Warren represent churches from opposite sides of Dallas but have formed a friendship based on all the things that they have in common. And when their hometown has needed unifying voices, these two have stepped up — directly addressing race and equality.
Jun 18
54 min
Clayton and Ellen Kershaw - Baseball, Leadership, and Giving Back
Three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw and his high-school sweetheart and now wife, Ellen, split time between their native home of Dallas and their adopted home of Los Angeles. And through the lens of their nonprofit, Kershaw’s Challenge, they’ve seen both communities rise up to try to help.
May 26
20 min
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