The Storage Papers
The Storage Papers
Jeremy Enfinger
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Well written
The story is well written and a little spooky/ creepy. Received 4 stars because the show is ordered from 10 to 1 instead of 1- 10 (example) causing listeners to stop what they are doing to make sure they aren’t going to repeat an episode.
Not particularly scared
I don’t know if I’m just desensitized to horrror, but I was not scared. I’m listening to some selected episodes and I have not had a single spook. However, this podcast is extremely well produced. I can tell time and care was put into this
Well written, story driven podcast
This had an interesting premise, was a little creepy, and managed to pull me in and hold me. So many podcasts rely on “over acting” to compensate for weak stories, there was none of that here.
Amazing Podcast.
I don’t usually get into podcasts easily, but this one gave me goosebumps ! Had me looking over my shoulder a few times too. I can’t wait for the next season and cannot recommend this enough !
Great Story
Similar to the Magnus Archive, the Storage Papers has a good balance of monster of the week and larger, ominous narrative. Even the monster of the week episodes have connections. Really really great podcast for fans of well written horror
Dumb but enjoyable
Mysterious documents, paranormal activity, and grinning strangers. if you’re a sucker for this stuff as I am: here you go!
Is this just a rip off of the Magnus archives?
I’m confused.
Good but flawed.
I just finished season 2 (10-3-20). I found this similar to Limetown or Darkest Night. The short stories of each episode are quite intriguing. If you don’t think too critically, it’s pretty decent. I found a few things that took me out of the experience. The pauses to play music at a “dun-dun-dun” moments cut the narration and went too long which broke immersion for me. And in some of the documents supposed to be police reports or such were too detailed as a report from the perspective of some one who just experienced trauma. However the descriptions of the scenes were well written and allowed you to visualize it all in your head, but a person in flight or flight mode would not usually recall such details. Once the religious aspect of demons or the similarities of Hydra to MK Ultra were brought in, it kinda lost me as well. That all being said, I gave a listen all the way through just to see if my expectations would be subverted and give it a chance to maybe steer away from those tropes. The parts that are good are good, the parts that are bad are noticeable. So I still give this podcast a high rating, because despite its flaws, I still wanted to listen. I look forward to see what season 3 will bring and how things get tied together.
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Mama Bear Ashleigh
This podcast was good until it started getting religious. I am so extremely tired of horror fiction podcasts pulling the demon card. I find it super annoying, played out and cliche. It kills all the scary vibes for me.
TBT wrap up music?
I’m fairly sure that the music at the end of the episodes is the same used in The Black Tapes as their “wrap up” music. Not sure if the music rights are simply purchasable, or if the listener-insulting ending to TBT forfeited any rights they once had. Either way, for a single voice actor (I’m only finishing season 1) I’m pleased. This sounds and may be vain, but there are many podcasts that I cannot endure listening to because of a whiny narrator, or one whose voice I dislike for some personal reason. I enjoy listening to your voice here, though I don’t know how much control you have over that. Anyway, great job.
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princess taiga
I found this podcast from a recommendation on another podcasts Facebook group. I’ve been binging over the past few days and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The stories are expertly written, the sound effects bring the story to life and they are exquisitely disgusting *chefs kiss*. I can’t wait for season three! Keep up the good work!
heidi greensides
A gem in a saturated genre
Needless to say, the found story/tape genre is overcrowded with some dud, lol. But the writing in this plus the satisfactory buildup and continuation of the story is amazing. I really appreciated the first season and look forward to seeing how this show develops! Thank you for such an amazing show 🙏🏾
Ugandan Away
A hidden gem 💎
A thoroughly enjoyable and spooky listen. The episodes are well written, the narrator’s voice is pleasant, and the sound mixing is superb! I’ve listened to all manor of horror podcasts and this one has impressed me!
Highly addicting and creepy podcast of short horror stories!
Creepiness abound!
It’s like Christmas morning with all these episodes! ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE WAIT!
The absolute creepiest concept-horror anthology I’ve heard yet... if the idea of listening to a disturbing story that sends a chill up your spine, while sitting by the fire during a thunderstorm sounds good - then “Storage Papers” is right for you... ... If the idea of playing a freaky-ass nightmare tale for you and your friends, as you’re all inside of your tent, snuggled up nice and tight within your sleeping bags, (on your Seneca Creek State Park camping trip, hoping to retrace the steps of those kids in Blair Witch Project) sounds like a wicked fun weekend getaway - then “Storage Papers” is right for you too.
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It creepy and I love it
It mysterious it creepy it has a story all good thing for a horror podcast
Code name [BLACKOUT]
Well done
Super cool
I love this podcast so much. It has great stories, and the story telling is wonderful! The sound quality and use of sound effects are fantastic as well. Season 2 just started coming out and I am enjoying it a lot. It pretty much tells a story per each episode, but there is an overarching mystery. I would recommend this to almost anyone!
One of the best!
This podcast is amazing!
Great stories with creepy galore
I’ve only listened to a handful of episodes but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all The overall tone is fairly “cold” I’d day, but that’s fitting for the setting and if you don’t mind more of a “detached” narrator, some of these stories are just downright scary I especially enjoyed the play on words of the wisdom title “Old Timer”
Very well done
Audio quality is great. Stories are intriguing. Host is great at keeping you wanting more. Must listen!
Worth a listen
A little rough around the edges but the premise and stories make up for it.
This is a must listen if you’re a horror fiction fan
Horror fiction is my favorite podcast genre. I have been listening to NoSleep and Creepy for years. Just stumbled upon this and I was hooked from the first episode. It’s simple and straight forward and most importantly the stories are actually way creepier than I had anticipated. Highly recommend!
N Battle
American Magnus?
The first episode freaked me out so much... The concept of “Storage Papers” reminds me of the pseudo-anthology series “The Magnus Archives”, one of the greatest surreal-horror podcasts. If this show keeps going on like it has, COUNT ME IN! The variety of frights within the Papers has me hooked, so I hope they’ll be around for a long time to come.
Great new podcast
Super interesting, not far in but already I’m loving it. My favorite podcast of all time is the Magnus Archives and this is a great way to fill that need for listening to creepy paranormal files.
Content warnings please
Couldve used a warning for graphic animal death
Enjoying it
Fantastic first few episodes. Keep them coming!
This show is CREEPY! The subtle and horrifying sound design paired with the subtle narration and stellar writing makes for a completely unpretentious and horrifying horror experience. Me and my wife loved this and it didn’t take long at all for it to grab us. Can’t wait to hear more, but I need to recover from the first episode for a while.
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