The Stitchdown Shoecast
The Stitchdown Shoecast
Exploring the wonderful world of quality footwear, how it’s made, and all the things we love about it.Check out for shoe and boot reviews, interviews with industry titans, profiles, release info, and more.
Is Shell Cordovan Overrated or What??
SHELL CORDOVAN! That most magical of shoe leathers. King of shine, paragon of durability, bastion of beauty. There really is nothing quite like it. But shell cordovan also has its downsides! The cost, the maintenance, rolls gone wrong.  So is it truly...
Nov 16
1 hr 6 min
SHOEBAG! How to Score Alden Rare Shell Cordovan, and Plenty More Shoe Questions Answered
"How do I get my hands on some Alden rare shell cordovan boots or shoes?" It's one of the questions we get asked the most. So Ben from @stitchdown and @tichoblancoshoes decided to crack it open, along with plenty of other listener questions you can...
Nov 9
50 min
Standard & Strange's Neil on Engineers, Naming Makeups, and Getting Detained in Japanese Jail
Neil Berrett, co-founder of the excellent Oakland booterdashery Standard & Strange, is many things. A Viberg and Wesco makeup wizard. A dutiful procurer of Japanese fashion (including John Lofgren boots). A kind-hearted soul who legitimately cares...
Nov 2
59 min
Almost Vintage Style's Jake vs Ticho: The Stitchdown Bootbate
After a rollicking first season, the Stitchdown Shoecast is BACK for number two. And to make the return even more special, this first episode presents the first-ever Stitchdown Bootbate, an extremely formal and rigid debate...about boots!...pitting...
Oct 26
57 min
Ticho's Foolproof System for Getting Insane Deals on Used Shoes
@tichoblancoshoes is many things: esteemed shoe collector, Harrison Ford appreciator, a man who knows his way around a pizza. He is also a scoundrel—but his very scoundrelness can help you get the secondhand shoes you want, at the exact price you want,...
Aug 18
56 min
How To Build a Fantastic Shoe Collection Without Going Broke
Quality shoes & boots—they cost some money! But it's completely possible to construct a well-rounded collection on the (relative!) just have to approach it correctly. Ben from @stitchdown and Ticho both have managed to pull it off, and...
Aug 11
47 min
If You Had to Choose Only Five Shoes or Boots, For The Rest of Your Life…What Would They Be??
If you were forced to choose only five pairs of boots and shoes for the rest of our life, and had to give away everything else...what would those five be?Because we are masochists, Ticho and I decided to subject ourselves to this horrific—but...
Aug 4
59 min
All Things Østmo With Bootmaking Virtuoso Lars Jensen
This week, the Shoecast is actually the Larscast, as Ben from @Stitchdown and @tichoblancoshoes spend a whole bunch of time chatting with Lars Jensen, the one-man Norwegian wondermaker who creates—and indeed IS—Østmo boots.Things you should know: 1)...
Jul 30
57 min
The Handsewn Makers You Need to Know: Quoddy, Rancourt, Russell, Maine Mountain, and Yuketen
In the last episode of the Shoecast, Ticho and Ben did a birds-eye view of the US handsewn moccasin construction footwear scene: how the shoes are made, and the rise and fall and rise again of the industry behind it, largely in Maine. It's a deeply...
Jul 21
58 min
The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of the US Handsewn Industry
Handsewns—boat shoes, camp mocs, ranger mocs, guide boots, penny loafers, and other shoes and boots made with handsewn moccasin construction—are some of the most comfortable, and indeed truly handmade footwear that exists.This week on the Shoecast, and...
Jul 15
42 min
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