The Steamboat Comedy Podcast
The Steamboat Comedy Podcast
Kyle L Ruff
A group of aspiring comedians from the small ski-town of Steamboat Springs Colorado are working to create their own comedy scene far from the big city comedy clubs. This podcast is for them to show how they've managed to create a growing comedy culture in their own backyard, and how you can too!
Episode 80! He is Raisin!
In this episode Matt and Kyle honor our lord and savior Jesus Christ by talking about Easter candy, strip clubs, failed dates, and failed bits. Praise the lord!
Apr 16
50 min
Episode 79! Soaked in Bleach w/ Robbie Bernstein
In this Episode Kyle is joined by special guests Robbie Bernstein and "Forrest Mommy" Jessica Fenske! Robbie, Jessica, and Kyle recap the weekend's shows and skiing. and discuss in intricacies of human semen
Mar 29
1 hr 11 min
Episode 78! Trippin w/ Matt Ruby!
In this episode Kyle and Drew are joing by New York comic Matt Ruby! Topics of disccusion include the weekend's shows at Schmiggity's, Matt experince skiing in Steamboat, and lots of talk on tripping on shrooms!
Mar 7
52 min
Episode 77! Bruce Gray in the Studio!
In this episode Kyle, Drew, and Matt are joined by LA comedian and star of the latest installment of Steamboat Comedy's 'Winter Stand-up Series' at Schmiggity's! Topics of discussion include The Comedy Store vs other clubs, the Los Angeles hat scene, Bruce's day on the mountain, and Jeremy Piven's amazing stand up.
Feb 14
1 hr 4 min
Episode 76! Impress the Best
In this Episode Kyle and Matt bring in some more hot, hot comedy inside baseball as they recap their latest show in the Schmiggity's Winter Stand-up Series! Topics of discussion also include Adam Schefter and why he sucks,, the diverse cast of Walk Hard, and some minor, obscure Chinese scam called the Olympics
Feb 6
1 hr
Episode 75! Comedy inside-baseball, and more!
In this episode Matt and Kyle talk some insider info learned from their recent stand up show with Mike Stanley and some news about upcoming events in the Steamboat Comedy scene! Topics of discussion also include Jolly Ranchers vs Gushers, VR heroine porn, and expert NFL playoff predictions.
Jan 22
1 hr 12 min
Episode 74! No Way Home
The Steamboat Comedy Podcast makes it's triumphant return for 2022 after being delayed by covid and other such shenanigans. In this episode Kyle and Matt discuss what has been going on with the Steamboat Springs Comedy scene in the last month, along with an extensive review of the latest Spiderman movie. Topics of discussion also include how to look cool while skiing, the tragic death of MK Paulsen, Kyle's show in California, and how to protect yourself from Alec Baldwin
Jan 10
1 hr 13 min
Episode 73! The Steamboat Dental Show!
In this episode Kyle, Matt, and M.K. talk about all things dental! Why? Who knows. Topics of discussion also include a letter from a young local aspiring comedian/trouble maker, and the latest installment of the Schmiggity's Winter Stand-up Series with Mo Vida!
Dec 11, 2021
1 hr 14 min
Episode 72! So Damn Thankful
Happy Thanksgiving from Steamboat Comedy! In this episode Kyle and Matt talk about Turkey Day and give a recap on recent events in the Boat. Topics of conversation also include shitty jobs, hecklers, annoying people in airport bars, and what happens when we die.
Nov 28, 2021
1 hr 10 min
Episode 71! The Best Podcast in the Boat!
SPOILER ALERT: The official results don't come in until November 30th, but you know that the Steamboat Comedy podcast don't play by no rulez, so we're announcing early our award of Best in the Boat!!! Kyle, Reed, and Matt celebrate by mixing alcohol and marijuana and reveling in their own success
Nov 14, 2021
1 hr 16 min
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