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Happy Hour: Round Top Washi Tape, Uniball One Limited Edition, and Papergeekco
Happy Thanksgiving from The Stationery Cafe! It’s Happy Hour and April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters are here this week to chat about our favorite stationery! We’re also bringing you some stationery news and things to look forward to, such as the fun Bungujoshi event happening in Japan, as well as special items from local stationery stores! This week we also went on a roll with washi tapes and will be sharing our favorites!
Nov 25
41 min
EP39: What is our 2021 Journal and Planner Lineup?
You’ve been waiting for this, we’re all waiting for this...the final reveal for our 2021 journals and planners lineup! In this episode, Co-hosts April from @penguinscreative, Phyllis from @misslingbloom, and Kelly from @kellyloveletters are all here to talk about what journals they are using for the coming year. We break down our core daily planners, as well as fun notebooks for creative projects. Want an idea of what stationery hobbyists do in their journals? Listen to this episode to find out! Show Notes
Nov 23
1 hr 20 min
Happy Hour: Backpack Ink, The Superior Labor Pen Roll, and Sailor Shikiori Sound of Rain
It’s happy hour again at The Stationery Cafe! April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters are here this week to chat about our favorite stationery in the round-up this week! Our favorites include Traveler’s Company Holiday items, new pens from Sailor, and an interesting ink packaged so you can bring with you on the go! April got her William Morris Pen roll from Superior Labor in the mail, and we’re both curious to try out Tiffy’s handmade mixed media inserts for the Traveler’s Notebook!
Nov 18
51 min
EP38: Documenting and Watercolor via Faded Chronicle with Tiffybutter
In this week’s episode, April from @penguinscreative and Phyllis from @misslingbloom chats with fellow journaling enthusiast, Tiffy, from @tiffybutter from Canada! Tiffy is the owner of Faded Chronicle and creates beautiful Traveler’s Notebook spreads using her own custom mixed media inserts. We talked about why Tiffy journals and her styles as it developed over time. Phyllis and Tiffy also have fun stationery mom stories and tips for people who need that work-life-stationery balance! Show notes
Nov 16
55 min
Happy Hour: Kokuyo Bobbin, Oddloop, and Diamine Writer's Blood
Welcome to Happy Hour at The Stationery Cafe! April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters are here this week to talk about our favorite stationery in the community this week! From a crowd-sourced ink to a cool new fountain pen, Kelly shares her love for writing in this episode. On the other hand, April is resisting the temptation of another Delde pouch, while recommending her favorite brass clips!
Nov 11
48 min
EP37: The Stationery Lifestyle Beyond Your Desk with A Blank Note
In this week’s episode, April from @penguinscreative welcomes back dear friend and stationery enthusiast, Nita, from @ablanknote to join her in a fun conversation about stationery and what it means to apply her love for stationery to her everyday life. From her travels to Japan to planning more camping trips during the pandemic, Nita incorporates her hobby of journaling into her love for nature and the great outdoors. You also don’t want to miss the breakdown of the journal lineup of a part-time owner of an online stationery store: A Blank Note. Show notes
Nov 9
1 hr 7 min
Happy Hour: Inko No Hanko, Archer and Olive, and Deer Forest Studio
Join us for Happy Hour at The Stationery Cafe! April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters talk about this week’s round of up stationery: something new, something we own, and something in our shopping cart. This week April shares the tools she uses to print photos for her journals, and Kelly finally got the Archer and Olive Traveler’s Notebook sized notebook! We also may or may not be filling up a cart at Deer Forest stationery, a store in Taiwan!
Nov 4
38 min
EP36: Make Friends Around the World Through Stationery with Esther Molina
In this week’s episode, April from @penguinscreative invites dear friend and stationery lover, Esther, from @esthermolinart to join her in a fun conversation (and a trip down memory lane) of all the fun stationery adventures that got both of them here today. Esther is a lovely person and through her passion for stationery, has opened doors to so many awesome opportunities with shops and stationery brands in Japan and in the community. Today, Esther is managing the sister brand of The Superior Labor called Wanderlust by TSL, and tells her story of how it came to be! Show notes
Nov 2
1 hr 18 min
Happy Hour: Everyday Explorers Co, Bungubox Ink, and WWIINNGG
It’s Happy Hour at The Stationery Cafe! April from @penguinscreative and Kelly from @kellyloveletters is bringing you another round of fun stationery items in the community: something new, something we own, and something in our shopping cart. This week Kelly talks all about inks and pens (as usual), and April introduces a new creator to follow, as well as geeking out over her new Gellyroll pens!
Oct 28
40 min
EP35: Exploring New Creative Journeys with Jobsjournal
In this episode, April from @penguinscreative invites journaling enthusiast Job from @jobsjournal to talk about his love for analog and how it has transformed his creative journey since graduating from school. From daily diary entries, to bullet journaling, to drawing his own illustrations – Job shares how he continues to explore new styles and ways to journal, as well as the creative habits that motivate him every day! show notes
Oct 26
1 hr 10 min
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