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The Staggering Truth
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The Staggering Truth with your host, investigative journalist Burton Staggs, tackles the latest in true crime, cold cases and hot topic events of interest. Support this podcast:
The Murder of Holly Bobo: Zach Adams Motion For A New Trial Preview
In 2011 Decatur County Nursing Student Holly Bobo was kidnapped from her home. Several years later the men accused of her murder were brought to trial. Zach Adam's, one if a group know as the A-Team was convicted of Bobo's kidnapping, Rape and Murder. He was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years. Today, he is in court asking the judge for a new trial. Will it be granted? --- Support this podcast:
Aug 10
13 min
What happened to Joe Clyde Daniels? Where is the 5 year old Tennessee autistic child.
On April 4th, 2018 a child goes missing in Tennessee. He or his body has not been found. His parents are arrested and father confessed to his murder. Now the states top law enforcement unit tells a judge they need a new search warrant because they now the confession is not true....can the state try so hard to convict some one that they actually prove them innocent? --- Support this podcast:
Jul 21
41 min
Katelyn Taylor murdered her grandparents in their own home
Why would a beautiful 28-year-old young lady slaughter her grandparents in their own home? --- Support this podcast:
Jun 3
31 min
Karen Swift: The bizarre murder case of a missing West Tn mom that caught national attention
This episode touches lightly on the murder case of a West Tennessee mother. The podcast is directed at those that are making the case about themselves and not Karen Swift . --- Support this podcast:
May 4
18 min

Was it anger, jealousy or something darker?
Nearly 9 years ago, an attractive mother of 4 disappeared after a Halloween party. Months later her nude body was found near an abandoned cemetery. Investigative journalist, Burton Staggs, while preparing for a podcast, makes a cold case in the case. He gets the autopsy and that brings new life to the case. Warning, this episode has highly graphic content. --- Support this podcast:
Apr 16
45 min
The Unsolved Murder of Decatur County MMA Fighter Wesley Conway
On the opening day of deer season in Decatur County, TN, an up and coming 28-year-old MMA fighter is executed in his truck. A 911 call says suggest the death is a suicide. This was no suicide. The case goes cold, then an arrest but the charges are dismissed. The family and others believe that the "good old boy" former sheriffs office staff have hindred this case. Today we look into the Staggering Truth... --- Support this podcast:
Apr 9
38 min
40 Years Ago A Teen Went Missing, Cindy Kilburn's Killer Walks The Streets Today
In 1979, 19-yearzold, Cindy Kilburn, dissapeared. Two weeks later her body was discovered. I've found new evidence. As always, I hunt for the truth. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 28
10 min
Today, we look into some of Tennessee's most mysterious cold cases. Karen Swift, Joe Clyde Daniels
This episode is a prelude to looking into some of Tennessee's mysterious caes. The murder of Karen Swift, Cindy Kilburn and two teen sisters from Stewart County. The disappearance of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels and the murder of MMA fighter Wesley Conway. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 26
11 min
Benton County Double Murder of Grandparents by Granddaughter
In Monday morning ,Camden,TN, Police find two beloved members of the community dead. They believe that the couples 28 year old granddaughter killed them...and may have soent the night with the bodies --- Support this podcast:
Mar 25
13 min
The Staggering Truth
This episode is a test run. I want your comments. I want you to listen and tell me what you think. Afterall, the staggering truth is for you. --- Support this podcast:
Mar 13
2 min
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