The Specialist
The Specialist
Casey Miner
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Come back!
I just discovered this terrific podcast and it’s already over. I hope it will return.
Meta pelet
I love it!
I just discovered this podcast and now it's one of my favorites. Interesting stories and a nice change from the true crime podcasts I listen to!
The platonic ideal of a podcast
Well-produced and gripping, this efficient little podcast delves into topics you won’t hear about anywhere else.
Heard it on snap and loved loved loved it!
Like I said, heard it on snap judgement and dug it! Great stories and binged 6 episodes. Keep up the great work!
I was referred to this podcast from my dad's ex girlfriend. I listened to the first episode and then downloaded the complete series. What I like best is that they go out into the field for the interviews. So many podcasts are so sterile, recorded in a studio with so much sound control and editing. Sure this is edited, but it is also very in the environment. You often feel you are where they are recording. And each week is a job I didn't know existed.
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6 Stars Casey and team
I got to give 6 stars to The specialist podcast and to Casey and team for putting together each episode in a fun and insightful way. Beautiful narration, its lovely to hear casey's voice. I listen to many podcasts, but this is the one podcast I don't miss. Can't wait for more episodes. A Must listen.
Pooja Dogra
Short and sweet! Very different than a lot of the other podcasts around- I love it.
MS crob
Interesting and fun- good for fans of radio lab and invisibilia
Super cool and awesome
I think this is great, I just wish there were more episodes already. It os too easy to listen to all of them right away.
My new FAVORITE thing
Just discovered this podcast and I am obsessed. Love the concept and execution.
Sidewalk Canvasser broke my heart and inspired me at the same time. Somewhere Dale Carnegie is smiling because this trans woman is the Greatest Salesperson of All Time! You'll think twice about avoiding the next canvasser that crosses your path! Consistently fantastic in content and production value.
Eight One Great
One of the best!!
I love love love this podcast. Episodes are just long enough to leave me wanting more and yet I learn so much during each one. The podcast doesn't take itself too seriously either, which helps keep it lighthearted.
So fun!
Interesting, amusing, and light hearted. I was hooked instantly.
A great little podcast that shares slices of life. I love podcasts that open up doors to other places, people, and things and this podcast does it! I'm a subscriber now!
Picked you guys up off of NPR one app set to kqed in Tracy ca. Awesome show about noise police
America Works
This is such a fun and intresting podcast, I love how obscure the jobs can be and it really is eye opening
Nick Neighem
Major crush on Miner's Specialist
So, just listened to 2 episodes back to back. And I love what THE SPECIALIST is doing....The show is so lyrical and layered, natural and effortless. And, bonus: it's informative, too. Can't wait for the next one!
I dig it
Some of these jobs I can say I've honestly never thought about, but it was fascinating to dig into them. Great sound, great characters, and a great appreciation for the hard and weird jobs out there that we glaze over in daily thoughts.
A great escape
I love getting to hear about work I'll probably never do -- and haven't even heard of. Nice to hear about regular folks! Can't wait to hear more. So well produced and fantastic soundtrack!
Great show!
Love this concept. The show has great sound and is really well mixed. The narrator has a very appealing voice and gives a nice blend of facts and humor. Curious what specialist we will hear about next!
This is awesome. And as a somewhat luke-warm or over-saturated consumer of "stories," I like these a hell of a lot.
Sancho Pandas
LOVE it!
This podcast does such a great job of featuring regular people who make everything around us happen! I love it!!
Sugar Caine
I've been searching, looking, and scrubbing the podcasting network that is just as good or as fascinating as NPR's Invisibilia. This podcast has great editing, great music, great host, and is really enjoyable to listen to. I would actually show it to my friends, that kind of good. I love it! Please make more!
What a great concept and execution
I’ve followed Casey’s work on KALW and now can’t wait for more episodes of The Specialist. How fun to jump into the lives of people doing interesting yet often uncelebrated work.
Well worth a listen! Episodes are interesting, engaging and fun
Great podcast!
Can't wait to hear more!
The Goldilocks of Podcasts
This podcast is just right. Not too long, not too short. Not too serious, not too flippant. Can't wait to listen to more episodes.
running addict
Such an interesting concept for a podcast! And very well produced! Excited to hear more!!
Nurse Kida
Casey is...
A brilliant mind in public radio and podcasting
Beautiful sound, great reporting, and a super interesting take on jobs and whole worlds we never think about.
Excited for more!
Loving this new podcast- great balance of idiosyncrasy, rigor, and humor. Lovely voice and great pacing. So fun to hear what humans are up to in different nooks and crannies of life!
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