The Socialist Program with Brian Becker
The Socialist Program with Brian Becker
The Socialist Program
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Great socialist podcast
Brian Becker and his guest never miss providing sound and sober left analysis!
Helpful in discussing current issues with all political spectrums
If I don’t make the mistake of mentioning the title and watching eyes glaze over, the context of Brian Becker’s show connects with just about everyone I’ve talked to that has a vested interest in the political betterment of people. Turns out, most people don’t see the arguments as bad, they see the term socialism as bad. I get excited when I see the Socialist program covering a current event I am interested in. It usually means there is much more to the story than one would get from corporate media. Thats not super unique, but when it is fact based and well researched, few programs do as well as the Socialist Program.
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Aaron Hyman
excellent source of news & information in a historical & political context
… with thr courage & confidence to talk about socialism in a fair & informative way. 5/5 stars
News with the context of history
One of the most well informed news and history podcasts out there
I can’t get enough
This podcast is so important for shaping a true understanding of our world and our struggle for an equitable and just life for everyone
J Bursian
New Favorite
Brian is an incredible host with a knack for explaining complex geopolitical issues in a manner anyone can understand. Funny, witty and informative, one of my new favorite podcasts!
Stop shouting into the mic
Sounds like I’m being lectured to by a grade school teacher
Fantastic podcast
Thank you
I love that they give you the history on the topics they cover. As someone who feels like I was born into the chaos it’s phenomenal to get the history on a lot of topics
A Must Listen
The best political analysis available.
This is a F A N T A S T I C show
I look forward with eager anticipation to Brain Beckers podcasts
THE show for current events
If you only have time for one news show, it need to be The Socialist Program. They provide coverage of current events in a manner suited for the needs and issues facing the working class and cut through the lies and nonsense force-fed by the corporate media.
More of a propaganda stage than a show
Seems like the covering of the Ukrainian crisis is slanted to be push socialism over facts
Good on war, Bad on Covid
Really good critical analysis on US Empire. Unfortunately, like so many on the left, they’re trapped by ideology and can’t see how corporate capitalism has rotted out, captured and corrupted the very institutions they trust and want to expand. Ironically it’s the working class that understand and experience this decay and deception of the establishment, so we’ve had to retreat to the principles of basic human rights. Something a large portion of the left disregard because they think it’s been hijacked by the right.
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The smartest, most educated & well articulated whataboutism out there.
lit watch
great political education
Brian Becker and the program’s co-hosts cover international and domestic events from a Marxist perspective, and regularly discuss the history we in the US public schools were never taught. I share this w/ my non-Marxist friends and it is well-received. Happy to support this program and Breakthrough News on Patreon.
Say it like it is
These peeps don’t mince words about this cruel messed up country.
Throughly enjoyable program
I’m 5 episodes deep, and really enjoying this podcast! I’ve learned a lot already and have new things to think about too. I’m very new to the left , glad I found this podcast. A big plus, is that even though there are 3 or people on, there’s not cross talk and shouting over each other; which makes so many shows impossible to listen to.
Ok, not great
The Brian cult of personality surrounding the pod and the borderline lib takes kind of kill it for me. Brian is obsessed about the idea of protesting to get what you want, as if last summer we didn’t have the largest protest movement in US history to absolutely no effect. There are other better pods out there to spend your time on like Citations Needed or Revolutionary Left Radio.
Those who laud the western “freedom of press” would do well to question why they never hear these viewpoints from any other major news outlet
How a politics podcast should be
I listen to a lot of political podcasts and TSP outshines the vast majority of them. The episodes are well organized/produced, informative, and direct. Commentary is pointed and entertaining, and I’m always left having gained insight and knowledge. A really great show.
Can’t be bothered
“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it” Thomas Sowell
TSP is a phenomenal show with great structure, guests, information, and analysis! I am a regular listener and the TSP team never disappoints.
CRJ stan
Best progressive/leftist podcast out there
I love this podcast. The brilliant host and one frequent guest (sorry bad with names…) make the history, economics and theory behind socialist politics easy to consume and very accessible. I learn so much in every single episode. I just wish there were more!
Ali, GA
Great Podcast
Enjoy this podcast, can’t wait for upcoming episodes.
more people need to listen
A must-listen for any well-informed progressive
Fantastic source for a real progressive and leftist tale on the events of the world.
Just amazing
Topics are captivating and insightful. Real news minus the fluff and party affiliation.
Great program
A really thorough roundup of the latest news, through a socialist and anti-imperialist lens. It’s a nice way to keep up to date on current events without having to suffer through CNN, Fox News or (insert any other big news outlet)
Love it!
Fantastic analysis and up to date news! Love the different types of segments, history, economics all dissected through a socialist lens. Not an easy thing to come by
Essential Listening
Deep analysis and clear eyed delivery of the news of the day, placed within essential historical context. This is THE conversation America needs to be having with itself.
Must Hear Info
I am so glad Brian, Nicole and Walter are back. I've been so out of touch since Loud and Clear ended. I've missed a real look at and discussion of the events going on that no one is talking about, or are misrepresenting. If thats what you are looking for then Brian and Co. are who you need in your life.
Incredibly good
Not only a good breadth of, but also in-depth news that matters for everyday common people
My go-to source for news and analysis. Clarity you wont find anywhere else
John Prys
Great Political Analysis
Very strong analysis, incredible knowledge of history, amazing guests!
Vitally important podcast!!!
Great podcast to prepare for the Biden presidency!
A unique perspective on news and events. Love it.
This is the rebirth of Loud & Clear w/ Brian Becker that formerly aired on Sputnik Radio, now launched independently. Hands down my favorite news & politcal analysis show around. Brian, Nicole, & Walter bring a unique perspective as not only journalists, but activitists that fight for a more just society.
Colonel Kindness
Amazing team for left analysis of news & more
Was a die-hard listener of Brian’s old show for years, but this new program is making better use of all his talents
Great new podcast!
Really excited that the former L&C team is back to bring us more of their great news coverage and analysis. This show is essential listening for all progressives in the US!
Adam Staudacher
My favorite leftist news and analysis podcast
This is a continuation of the cancelled podcast Loud & Clear with Brian Becker which was hands down my go-to for socialist analysis of current events and corporate spin. Brian and his guests have an uncommon depth of knowledge and experience.
Yote Escucho
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