The Smoking Tire
The Smoking Tire
Matt Farah & Zack Klapman
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How Much is Porsche paying you
People ask about what cars would be good for different situations and no matter the situation the answer is a Porsche. Yes they have nice cars but be a little more creative, immediately lose interest when the answer to every question is Porsche.
Ethan’s Mac
Less dope = more hope
The shows have improved with Matt not smoking weed during them. The quality is better.
Last normal person left
My Favorite Podcast
Absolutely love Matt and Zack. I’ve been listening to the show for 2.5 years now and love going back to listen to some of the old gems. Best part about the podcast is Matt has an awesome wealth of knowledge when it comes to autos but whenever he opens his mouth about anything else, especially politics, sounds like a stoner tankie. Can’t agree on everything but love the car talk.
Perfect Media
Matt and Zack along with all of the regular guests of the show/long time friends have entertained me on this Podcast and parallel video channels since I started going to college in 2009. This show is my perfect form of entertainment. I’m not word savvy enough to explain why, it just is. I’m happy to hear of the Patreon subscription news, and to have an easy and low-key way to support the content that’s supported me for so long. In my household, instead of Saturday morning cartoons, we prefer to catch up on TST car reviews with our milk and cereal. Thank you!
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Knowledgeable, Honest, Authentic and So Refreshing
Matt and Zach are top shelf. I’ve only discovered the podcast a year or so ago but have listened to every episode. They are deeply knowledgeable about the automotive landscape. And when they do not know something. They are honest about it. It’s so refreshing to hear someone say “I don’t know”. (You won’t hear on TST is “don’t quote me,” which is often followed by an ignorant comment. ) They have facts that they deliver well and they clearly articulate when they pivot to opinions. Theyhave don’t follow any party lines even though people throw them into a certain category. There party line is decency and respect. Yet they have values they believe in and are not going to simply dance around a issue. Which is so authentic and enjoyable to listen to.Truly it makes me more inclined to listen to a podcast when they stand for something. And even if I disagree. It doesn’t matter I and many offering desire for people to stand up for what they understand and believe in but to do it with decency and respect. Which Is something we desperately need more of in this world.
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Finally: Straight-Up Car People Podcast!
Love the content, verify entertaining while I’m traveling until I can see the YouTube content. Awesome guests! (Steve Dinan was OUTSTANDING!) Thanks Matt and team for a great weekly program!
Used to love it, had to unsubscribe- just can’t stand Matt pushing his silver spoon, Cali liberal POV non stop. Since when is it cool to be a big pharma fan boy ? Zack get away from this clown. PS- Matt , did Elon bang your wife at some point ?
Thank you Matt and Zach for the great content.
Gareth Reynolds Episode Excellent
I’m conservative and want to come to this podcast for cars only and escape politics. However, Matt’s warning at the beginning was great and how he made it clear that’s what this episode was about. The topics discussed were spot on and Matt presented them with his platform in the correct way.
Goodbye Smokin Tire
I guess there are no guest standards in podcasting , anyone , regardless of their business activities can be featured. Lost a listener.
Downhill slide
Show used to be one of if not the best car related podcasts, now it’s trust fund champagne socialist California boot licking hour with with some my Lambo or 328 talk.I’m over it.
Show used to be credible
I used to love this show and the mostly unbiased reviews of cars no matter the brand etc, which in all fairness is a hard thing to do. I had to stop listening though because of the literal hate for anyone who was a republican or trump supporter. Why should that have anything to do with automotive reviews? The plain ignorant comments like, “republicans all beat their wives”, etc (and yes this is an actual quote from Matt, just have no place in a podcast about car performance and reviews. If you notice comments and hate towards the other side are almost always left wing sided on where the hate comes from. Can’t we just talk cars? In your candidate of choices own words and only complete sentence he’s successfully completed, “c’mon man”.
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Mike Spinelli episode- East Coast greatness
Great references and laughs! Now a fan of him in the show
Best car podcast
Love it!!!!!
Fine Entertainment.
The show is entertaining. The car stuff is enjoyable and the left wing politics, Elon musk hate and other stuff is just the price of admission. I hate Elon too so that doesn’t bother me. Zach full time makes the show better.
I want to hear about cars not leftism
Long time car and racing enthusiast. This would be an interesting show if Farrah could keep politics out. We get slammed with leftism from news, music, entertainment, schools, I listen to podcasts to enjoy the subject not anti American politics jammed in my face. Narcism and lack of self awareness evident by slamming half the country that supports freedom and freedom of speech. Irony is Farrah enjoys exotic cars but supports leftism which is anti liberty, independence, self transportation all the things that automobiles represent. Leftists lust to put us in mass transportation along with 2 room apartments and week old bread and soup lines. Just ask the leader Bernie Sanders. I have unsubscribed.
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Aero Tom F16
Get over Tesla
Ok we get it you don’t like Elon. Does it have to come up every episode?
Great show even if you’re a conservative who can’t take criticism
Man all of these “stick to cars” reviews just make me shake my head. This is Matt Farah people. When has he ever not told his take on something in his signature vernacular and boisterous attitude? I personally find it entertaining and his opinions are typically formed by experience, reading books or learning from those who he values their opinion. Keep it up Matt and Zack. These haters can go find a more conservative slanted car podcast since you obviously don’t need them.
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Great show but too political in recent months
I always loved the Smoking Tire podcast but I unfortunately have stopped listening because of the political commentary. Matt has every right to feel the way that he feels and say it on his show. I don’t hold his views against him but unfortunately I am not extended the same courtesy as a listener. The political comments that are made are extremely polarizing and as a listener, I shouldn’t be made to feel like a bad person for feeling differently than the host. I listened to this show to get away from the real world and simply hear about cars, motorcycles, watches, and all kinds of fun interesting topics. Unfortunately, the political commentary means this show is not relaxing or fun to listen to anymore. I sincerely hope I can return to listening to this show at some point because these guy work hard and put on a great show in all other respects.
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Not Joe Rogan
Matt goes hard on conservatives and people that hate his sophomoric cussing. Stop talking like you did when you weren't successful. Mobbing. Ganja. Hey. You're fooooorty. Forty. It's uncomfortable.
Like mobbing bro
If you’re in to automotive podcasts about weed, watches, cats, and fashion. This is the one for you.
Very cool podcast
Thanks for the pod!
Wow these other reviews
As I read some of these other reviews the question comes to mind. What did people expect by listening to this guy. He’s well off, been successful in building a channel podcast and starting his own businesses. He likes to name drop and gloat just like everyone else would. The only difference is we don’t have the connections or the stories or the money to back it. The nice thing about podcasts is there’s a bunch of them out there. I don’t agree with all of his opinions or points of view.Therefore I don’t listen to all of them. If you’re into cars or a car enthusiast you will like about 90% of his guests. He asks good questions and gets good interviews out of people.As I read some of these reviews I think people forget that you can disagree with somebody or not have the same point of you politically religiously and that’s OK. You can still listen to them and still enjoy their content.
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Cara R Therapy
Like vinny but hate Matt rich kid bs
mattt mattr
I love the stories about cars, but Matt’s left wing California bs ruins it for me.. Keep that political crap to yourself.
Talk About Cars
I expected more
The youtube channel is great. The language and the rest of the podcast is like 15 year olds who talk big after their parents leave for the night.
Simply Annoying
I don’t leave reviews for podcasts unless they deserve it. I know how hard it is to start and build a podcast. It takes a lot of effort. It also takes a lot of effort to listen to this show. The incessant giggling - especially at 1.5x speed - is unbearable. This is not a car podcast.
Waring Law
No Thanks
Another blowhard angry elitist that can't focus on things that smoke tires
Midwest Motorhead
Matt is an Angry Joke
The elitist self righteous anger he has is a joke. Your time is better spent listening to other podcasts. The profanity is annoying as well.
Ignorance is bliss
Last review got deleted🤔. Rich kid thinks orange man bad and is destroying America, but thinks California and the Big Tech companies that his wife works for are great! Must not notice that his state is sending itself down the toilet while he’s in his beachfront property or multimillion dollar parking garage that daddy’s money got him. A little car talk does manage to make its way in though.
Solid political virtue signaling mixed with a little automotive reviews. The best is the YouTube video just the noise. Great selection of roads.
Politics and cars not good mix
I respect your political views but start a podcast with political and trash talking country. Not a good start. And like I always said if your don’t like your country, you are welcome to leave. But like most of the people that say that, they never leave
Parking garage chat
Maybe make a separate podcast for all the parking garage talk.
Interesting guests
Matt gets interesting guests and asks great questions, but he comes across as pretty arrogant and could calm down a bit.
Worth every listen!!
You guys are on a roll daily with the awesome content,started listening to the podcast a few months ago.everyday you guys are plugged into my ears hopefully when covids over I’ll visit WCCS keep up the awesome stuff guys!
A&A jim
Matt where is all your shows?
Miss the podcast big time
Don’t need politics on a car podcast
I personally tune into podcast to avoid politics in general. No matter what you stand for, I don’t care one way or the other. I enjoy the content on the automotive side.
Best Car Enthusiast Podcast Currently
Matt and Zack do a superb job of interviewing a wide range of diverse guests throughout the car industry as well as non auto industry guests. This makes things more interesting and they do a great job of keeping up with current news, answering listener questions and are overall very entertaining. I prefer listening to this podcast for current news and I find both of them very funny and I would highly recommend to any car enthusiast or anyone who is slightly interested in cars.
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Awesome show! Keep it up!
good guests
really enjoyed hearing misha mansoor this week
Great Podcast about car culture.
Just love this show. So much great information and great guests. If you like cars a little bit you will love this show.
Give up the weed dude
You have become another insufferable California liberal running your idiot mouth about things you know nothing about. Give up daddy’s money and try to make it in the real world.
Gagged but ok
I had to unsubscribe
Great show, minus the seemingly obligatory “Left Coast” political BS. Too bad, it could be awesome.
Stu K.
A fantastic way to keep track of the automotive world.
At the end of the day if you’re reading this review, you might like cars.... And if you do, look no further.
A Well Provisioned Militia
Rich guys talking about expensive cars
So if you’re a rich dude, and you want to hear conversation about expensive cars, this is your show.
Quit looking at the reviews and subscribe!
The best automotive podcast available. Period.
Top 3 podcast!
I came across TST thanks to One Takes in YouTube, but got hooked on the podcast. The diverse range of guests and the no Fs given attitude, plus the freedom of expression, it makes for a great show! Plus I picked on some other interesting people who I know follow thanks to the podcast (Christian James Hand, Spike Feresten, etc)
Long time fan
I’ve been a long time fan of TST, and especially the One Takes. The podcast is very entertaining, and definitely helps make my duties of being a full time Lyft driver, easier and entertaining. I find the information and knowledge I gain about cars to be very fun as well, rather than reading on google for hours about random car things, I can listen to Matt and Zack and their various guests give their honest opinions, and sometimes colorful opinions, about different cars. 10/10 will continue to listen to.
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One of the best
One of the consistently good podcasts around. Whether it’s just them or with a guest, the show never disappoints. I normally listen to podcasts at 3x speed just to get through them all, but not with this one. I slow it down a bit to take it all in.
Great show
I got a promotion at work about 6 months and couldn’t find an apartment close to the new location. As a result I have a 136 mile daily commute. I quickly tired of the same music everyday and decided to give podcasts a shot. I listened to 2 of the newest TST podcasts and decided that I liked what I heard. So I started from the beginning of the 2018 podcasts and worked my way through until I became current. Breaks my heart not having one to listen to every day but I sure love Tuesdays and Thursdays now! Keep up the good work Matt and Zack.
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Dillon Wickman
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