The Smartest Man in the World
The Smartest Man in the World
Greg Proops
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yuck squared
Floyd mrrry
Terrible delusional and biased.
You’ll be hard pressed to find a joke or comedy. Greg’s wife is atrocious. I still check in from time to time only to find Greg in his echo chamber of proopitude continuing on the same downward trend.
What was once amazing is now unlistenable
He’s incredibly funny and that is what podcast used to be but now it’s 90% extreme politics and apparently the podcast is now his wife’s podcast. She speaks mostly all the time inundating us with Amy Goodman Democracy Now style politics (which, I am pretty liberal … but it’s ruining the show!) and it’s frankly unlistenable. Maybe she needs her own podcast? I understand this is free content but it’s painful to see such a talented comedian overshadowed by his apparent ventriloquist wife… As a woman who was around during his Bar Lubitsch in Hollywood days, respectfully… bring it back!
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5 stars but it’s bad now
This used to be, hands-down, my favorite show. Greg masterfully demonstrated that you really can make comedy out of everything and he did it LIVE; going up every week in front of an audience and killing all over the world. Topics would flow from funk music to baseball to politics to weird French movies and it somehow never felt disjointed. People were always with it. Like I said, a revelation to me in terms of what comedy could be. In addition to just being so naturally hilarious, Greg was absolutely instrumental in radicalizing me during Occupy Wall Street in 2012. Then 2016 rolled around and Greg went from a freewheelin’ radical lefty comedian to the lamest centrist in the world. The show went from “Occupy Wall Street is important and all billionaires are bad” to regularly slamming the one presidential candidate who was addressing that situation. I remember him saying “I do not care if Hillary is a war hawk”. Uh oh, what happened to my guy? Moral of the story; Don’t have heroes, folks; at least not boomer heroes. They age like milk and go all Bill Maher on you. The show is bad now but it gets the five stars for what it used to be: INCREDIBLE. Alas, you can’t go home again but I’ll always remember 2011-2014-era Greg very fondly.
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Jennifer is ruining the show.
When did this become the Jennifer podcast? She is taking way too much airtime and killing the whole vibe of the show, which is Greg’s vibe. Her halting style of speech is impossible to listen to if you’ve tuned in to hear Greg. And she doesn’t know when to stop talking and let the pro take over. Either she goes back to the background or I’m out.
Uncle Monk
Greg you’re the best
I don’t usually write reviews but I’m listening now and I just wanna way as the title does— Greg you’re the best. And Jennifer is exceptional as well. Grew up with Whose Line 👍.
Vaping Galore
Not sure how I feel listening to someone vaping so loudly. What’s he smoking? I’m extremely not used to hearing *So Many Weird Breathing Sounds.* Also, he & his wife seem to be used to interrupting each other constantly. Timing is off, as far as presenting their rapport. One star demotion for style. 4 stars for the actual content
Fluffster Normalpaws
Not for folks under 60
I thought I liked this guy but the more I heard the more I realized he’s just for out of touch boomers.
Live podcast!
I can’t believe how happy it made me to hear a live podcast after so long. As Greg has taught me to say I was dead chuffed. Thanks Greg
I know it’s free
But are you ok? Are you elsewhere?
The Dew!
Make playlists!!!
So my favorite episodes are when it’s Greg and his lovely wife Jennifer. They play music, talk about their adventures, they’re your cool aunt and uncle. Intellectual and actually tuned into the world. They have fantastic taste in music and since I was raised by squares i love finding new music from them. Greg and Jennifer your internet nieces and nephews need you guys to share Spotify playlists.
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Better w/an audience
Much more interesting when he’s on stage. Glad to have u back
McAdoo S.R.
Mr Proops
Intelligent, funny, educational (no, really), spiritual and just plain ole fun. This is one of the best Podcasts that I’ve heard. Peace be unto you.
Please come back, Greg!
Make fun of stuff again and get mad once in a while.
Trump won
The election was rigged
medicated veteran
It’s a great time
The show has all kinds of interesting facts given in a funny way. I love Greg’s thick California stoner accent, it’s very easy on the ears
Guess I’ll go back and watch the old episodes
Like the other reviewers said, this show used to be much better. Jennifer hijacks every episode now, no hate but she’s not why I tune in.....
Interrupting Jennifer
Greg, I love your podcast. You are intelligent, informed and knowledgeable. So is Jennifer. So it bothers me when you continually interrupt her. Talk over her. Given your stance on women’s rights, women’s empowerment, your habit of interrupting her undermines your credibility as a women’s advocate. Either let her talk uninterrupted or don’t have her on the show. Maybe she should do her own show. 9/17/20: Greg & Jennifer please don’t talk over each other 11/24/20. Greg, please stop—or at least cut back on—interrupting your wife. It is disrespectful and dismissive. Basically, interrupting her is sending the message that what she has to say is not important
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Uomo Fantastico
Mr. Proops!
Mr. Proops is a wordsmith and the smartest man in the world! I suggest having a vodka flavored drink with every show! 5 Stars!
miami steeler
I love you. Always have. But you seem to be in a real hurry to get drunk lately. 3 vodkas in the first 10 minutes? Dang, Holmes.
Love your podcasts. Addicted to them actually. Listened to most of them, but Piercings was likely my all time favorite. Thank you, Greg. Thank you, Jennifer.
Tucson Boy
How the funny have fallen
What was a hilarious series of non-sequitors and candid train of thought comedy soon turned into Aunt Lydia’s shame circle from The Handmaid’s Tale.
Greg is great on other people podcasts.
Love him on Fitzdog Radio and when he used to go on Rogan. But this podcast has way too much white-bashing and woke guilt. Greg is clearly a very enlightening and engaging guy. I can agree with a lot of his views but I don’t need the racism. And that truly is what it is. His wife is even worse. She uses white bashing like a gross mantra that you chant to survive in LA.
Jimny Longfellow Washington
I presume he is coming up with most of the material on the spot because I feel it to be so of the cuff as opposed to rehearsed stuff. Inspiring, fearless courage displayed eachtime. Just the type of guy I would love hang with. One of a kind. Keep it up.
Always anticipating the next download
my latest add on review is, I have a couples crush for Jennifer and Greg. There, I admitted it It’s funny, the critics who are rude and dismissive have little to say, while those who enjoy the humor and wit of Greg Proops are expressive and appreciative. Thank you Greg Proops.
The Smartest Thing you can do is Listen
This show is wildly underrated and hands down my favorite podcast. It’s like Christmas Day every new drop. It has a little bit of everything you could want. Of course it’s funny, it’s Greg Proops we are talking about. Greg is one of the rare comedians who just makes up his brilliant act as he goes along. His wit is razor sharp so wear eye protection. He is topical, relevant and as advertised, smart. You will learn something and be completely entertained along the way. His counterpart Jennifer is equally as smart and fun. Between them, prepare yourself for consistently GREAT stories about food, travel, music, film, pop-culture and politics. You could not ask for a better duo to give you such a sweet dose of cerebral entertainment. Do yourself a favor and have a listen, it will make you a better person.
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Another one bites the dust...
This used to be my favorite source of entertainment by far. I used to impatiently wait for the latest podcast. I loved the biting satire of Greg Proops and how he would destroy political figures with his wit. That said, he lost thousands of fans with his unfair criticism of Bernie Sanders. If Proops reads this review, he will probably scoff and disregard it— and that is exactly my point. I think his wife, Jennifer, is a wonderful person, and there is nothing bad I could possibly say against her. But I don't feel this podcast is right for her. Unfortunately, this podcast was much better 7-8 years ago.
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this use to be good
wow was this a good podcast back in the day, when it was funny
Great educational podcast
Always look forward to the newest dispatch from the “fortress”. And, while you may be the smartest “man”, IMHO Jennifer is the smartest “person”. 😁
I don’t get all your Hillary-loving liberal & socialist bs, but have to agree: animals don’t feel pain or anxiety & god put them on this earth to give us bacon cheeseburgers.. so I’ve got to give you 4/5 for that. Good job on that point, buddy.
lit watch
Agreeing with many of the others. What once was a top 3 podcast is now near unlistenable. Haven’t heard a joke in weeks. And the porpoise of fruititude is nothing but clinking ice, clicking lighters and constant interruptions. Depressing. I won’t unsubscribe, and I hate to complain because it is free, but a favorite thing is now gone.
I miss Greg
The Smartest Man in the World was my favorite podcast. I had downloaded every episode as far back as possible and would listen multiple times to the same episode, even creating a list with names and times of some of my favorite bits to play again for friends. Now every episode seems to be broadcast from Greg’s home studio as opposed to the live shows from before. He is joined by his wife Jennifer who has absolutely no business being on mic as she has no charisma or broadcast chemistry with Greg and constantly interrupts the flow of Greg’s genius. “Right?” The boring preachy part was always my favorite, nice balance and shaped a lot of my thoughts and beliefs politically. No longer. The comedy is gone as the most extreme left agenda is shoved down your throat. I agree with just about everything Greg says and stands for but instead of being wrapped in a witty, insightful comedic package like before, it is now spiteful, hatefully presented rhetoric devoid of any balance or thoughtful reason. I’m not gonna claim to unsubscribe, instead I will do as I have for the past year. Click play, and if I hear Jennifer begin to talk, tearfully move on to another pod and hope for better next week.
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Once great, now hardly listenable.
This used to be an every week podcast for me. Grep was super funny and charming. Now the smug, indignant, and placating boringness of this podcast is nigh unlistenable. A true shame. I hope for goodness once again from the Proop man.
it seems to me “the smartest man” should know how to pronounce it. really? maltin interview
Love the podcast
I have listened to every one of Greg’s podcasts... Going back several years.. big fan.. but honestly it’s getting harder to listen as it’s getting painfully obvious that he is getting soused as we are listening.. Sign me as a very concerned fan
All hail the Proops
Learn about 70s movies, learn about jazz, learn about literature, learn about plays musicals, learn about politics, learn about comedy. All learned to ya by the smartest man in the world!
Nobody is a better Greg Proops
Greg is what he is. It’s a great show to start from the beginning and travel back in time. I can’t speak for the current episodes but you can count on Greg to call it like he sees it , and it doesn’t feel great if you’re a straight, white male. It shouldn’t. Greg is the sharpest, funniest satirist around (!)
It’s changed .... and not for the better
This feels like piling on, but yes, I feel very much the way many others feel: this podcast used to be my absolute favorite. Never missed it. Looked forward to it every week, for crying out loud. And, bc I live in LA, used to attend the periodic live ones he had here, but don’t any longer. Greg, brohame, I give you most of the credit for my political awakening, engagement, and newfound activism, but the podcast has changed, a lot, and not for the better. If you are now alienating ME with your politics (which are in lockstep), something needs to change. I hope it does. Would come back in two seconds. If it doesn’t, certainly no hard feelings, and THANK YOU for the years of entertainment you have so graciously given to me/us
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Still smart but no longer entertaining
Piling on in the hope Proops somehow resurrects this thing. The show used to be great — funny, dynamic, varied, informative, etc. He’s the best improviser I’ve ever heard, and it was my favorite podcast for years. But since he all but stopped doing the podcast live, the shows from home (aka the Porpoise of Frootitude) have been unlistenable. The show has devolved into a recap of the day’s MSNBC talking points (with some Nation and Harper’s thrown in), delivered with an unctuous, pious, witless LA bobo smugness Proops would likely eviscerate if he could step back and listen to it.
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Not what this once was
Greg is a master wordsmith and comedian with great social commentary, however, over the past 2 years this has turned into a very different podcast. It’s now almost fully political and a virulent call to action. I miss when this was a reprieve from the tough stuff and was an oasis with laughs and had the boring preachy part reserved for the end. Now it’s like getting schooled by my cool aunt and uncle. Miss the live podcasts. Miss the “wild boars.” Miss the comedic takes.
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Proops can do no wrong
Still enjoying his evolving perception of these challenging times. His wit is an indispensable balm for my weary soul.
I’ve been down with the Proopcast since 2010. I credit Greg with spurning my political awakening. What used to be insightful, funny and motivational is now just bitter mean spirited and hateful. The blind loyalty to Kamala Harris has been obnoxious. The straw that broke the camels back was praising Pete Buttigieg for being an openly candidate, to telling his audience that he doesn’t want to hear from Pete because he’s white, just a week later. After the 2016 election the podcast went sown hill, and now he’s digging into the trenches of empty platitudes. Not for me anymore. Thanks for the memories, hope you feel better Greg.
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It's changed
Like many others have said, I agree politically and philosophically with Greg. That said, something snapped and this show has changed to being a fun bit of comedy in fron of an audience to bitter ranting at home with his wife, who means well but has not microphone charisma. He's best in front of an audience who challenge him instead of him parroting what his wife. I'm assuming it's the current White House administration that broke him, which is sad because this is a time when we need actual funny comedy not rehashing week after week the same points. I've since unsubscribed because the show no longer brings me any positive feelings nor brings anything new, information wise. I would say check out some of the older episodes from a few years ago. Download some. But don't bother subscribing, you'll just get the same tired echo chamber. I do hope he finds his footing again someday. I'd be happy to sign up again and be entertained and informed again. For now, I just can't deal with this joyless show anymore.
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Ouch already
I’m a long time listener, unsubscribing. Let me explain. I love Greg and AGREE with his politics, but this podcast is not what it once was. Past episodes a few years ago were often hilarious, with what he called “the boring preachy part” which I loved. It was a perfect balance. These days the boring preachy part has taken over, so now the entire podcast feels only boring and preachy. Again, i agree with the politics, and love to have it included... its just WAY out of balance and VERY repetitive. (Yes, I’m yelling those caps so that Proops might hear them.) Many people here seem to be saying this same thing so i dont feel alone in it. Restore proper balance (was it 80/20?) of comedy with a regular lengthy spot reserved for serious message. This is no longer a fun listen. Its free, so do what you want... I just wont be around to listen anymore.
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Inspiring and hilarious!
A Supportive Snowflake
A Virtual Blizzard of Snowflakes
Whit, Wisdom, Culture and Class in an Era Desperately Needing More of It.
The Proop-cast is among my favorite subscriptions. Mr. Proop’s Vod-cast is continually relevant, well informed and HIGHLY opinionated - yet manages to make me laugh, think and consider perspectives that I otherwise would not likely consume. As a fan of his comedy albums I'm highly impressed by his ability to come up with fresh, punchy and original material to fill 2 hour episodes every week or so. He even manages to avoid annoying us with his "commercials" that he uses to fund his travels Elsewhere and production from the froopis of porpitude.
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Fantastic but flawed
I’m conflicted, because like many other reviewers have said, Greg can often be and indeed is hilarious. When he’s in front of an audience and when he’s riffing, there’s really nothing better. He can be a true master of words when he wants to be, stringing together near-Carlin-esque punchlines. I agree with his political leanings, but they’ve taken over the whole show. Week after week it’s the same hand-wringing about how bad the GOP and Trump is. That’s obvious. And Jennifer is a great cohost, but when they spend 40 minutes talking about progressive politics (which I agree with!) it sounds less like a podcast and more like I’m stuck at their breakfast table. Yes, it’s true that white men are privileged and that women must 100% have equal rights to men. But Greg is only preaching to the already converted. At best he’s only weeding out angry bros (check the other recent reviews). At worst, he spends easily half the podcast, joke-free, telling an audience of progressives things that they already know. I say this as a fan of Greg’s heart and his humor: Within context of a conversation (be it with an audience or Jennifer), political discourse has its place. Their analysis is usually spot on. But by itself, week after week, it can get pretty one-note really quick. It’s sort of like Bob Dylan doing several studio albums with just a harmonica. He’s limiting himself. For what it’s worth, I enjoy it when Greg talks about growing up in San Carlos or his various travels. Riffing on the news is great for comedy, particularly in the Trump era, but surely there’s some room in these podcasts for something else again. He’s at his best when he’s battling an audience, not necessarily trying to win them over by showing how progressive he is.
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Funny, at least it used to be
I learned of this podcast from one of Greg’s periodic appearances on FNC’S REDEYE. Years before I loved his appearances on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, and catch the current incarnation when I can. The ProopCast used to be funny with a boring preachy part, and Greg delivers the yucks with political spin. When he suffered an injury (cut hand) was about the time he began his comedy took a back seat to his preaching. Understand, I have no problem with Greg using his forum for his own device; he's always been Progressive, and he’s more than entitled to his views. As of late, however, he bashes anyone who is not Left of Center and is downright dismissive and insulting to anyone who does not think his way. I will have no truck with anyone who can not help himself but to repeatedly insult a portion of his audience. It may well be a coincidence but his show is no longer sponsored; perhaps the contracts are in flux, or perhaps the sponsors are not interested in his hate. Regardless, after 5 years I'm giving up the ProopCast. Until late last year, it was funny enough, but not anymore.
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Pocono Charlie
Greg Proops weekly
This is a great podcast. It brings joy, hope and culture to me every week. Thank you Greg! Hillcats forever.
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