The Smart Home Show
The Smart Home Show
Richard Gunther and Adam Justice
Join hosts Adam Justice and Richard Gunther as they explore the smart home universe. The Smart Home Show features interviews with smart home leaders, analysis of the latest smart home news and the occasional Q and A and product review. All smart home, all the time.
Episode 211 - Smart Home Fundamentals
Inspired by a listener's question, Adam and Richard go back to basics in this episode and explain some fundamental concepts about smart home technology. Including: What is a smart home? What's a platform? What's a standard? What's the difference between a "warm" light and a "soft" one? And how does a smart device know how to do anything? Previously... - Insteon Goes Dark & Cloud vs. Local - Hubs and Bridges
Aug 16, 2022
1 hr 12 min
Episode 210 - Dreaming of a Perfect Smart Home
Adam and Richard brainstorm what their dream smart homes would look like, if money were no object but technology advanced in a realistic way. They discuss the ideal state of voice assistants, lighting, window treatments, security systems, A/V equipment, home robotics, and more. Also: Should you AirTag your baby? (No.)
Jul 19, 2022
1 hr 6 min
Episode 209 - Moving a Smart Home, Part 2
Adam and Richard continue their discussion of Richard's recent move to a new home. Richard explains the first devices he chose to set up, why he intentionally dragged his feet on some devices, and the mistakes he made with his existing Ring and Hue accounts. He also shares some advice for installing Zigby devices that may save you a huge amount of time, and a hack he discovered for making Sonos speakers - including first-gen ones - work in a HomePod-powered home. Plus: The smart home industry's "holding pattern" as everyone waits for Matter to drop.
Jun 2, 2022
1 hr 1 min
Episode 208 - Insteon Goes Dark & Cloud vs. Local
Smartlabs, the company behind and Insteon smart home products, has shuttered operations. On today's show, Adam and Richard discuss how that sudden shutdown has impacted both manufacturers and consumers, and the trade-offs of communicating locally vs. over a proprietary cloud.
Apr 29, 2022
1 hr
Episode 207 - Moving a Smart Home, Part 1
Adam and Richard are back to discuss Richard's move to a new state, which required him to also decide which of his more than 100 connected devices would make the move, and which would be left behind. He talks about how he decided what would make the cut, and explains the settings that needed to be adjusted or turned off in both sets of devices, because "it's not as simple as unplug and go." Plus: The annoyances Richard ran into that device makers should learn from.
Feb 23, 2022
1 hr 5 min
Episode 206 - Technology FM Fireside Chat with Seth Johnson
Adam and Richard catch up with Seth Johnson for the 2021 Technology.FM Fireside chat
Jan 3, 2022
55 min
Episode 205 - Matter Is Starting To Get Real, featuring Jennifer Pattison Tuohy from The Verge
Adam, Richard, and The Verge's Smart Home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy talk about the next-gen smart home standard Matter, previously known as Project CHIP. They explain what it is, why there's some cause for optimism that this will be the one standard to rule them all - and also who's currently missing, and what important questions have not been answered yet. They also talk about Athom's reinvented Homey platform, and settle the most important debate of all: Is candy corn bad or good?
Nov 2, 2021
1 hr 23 min
Episode 204 - A deep dive into the Basement Guardian Halo, the smarter sump pump
Adam and Richard are joined by Tom Flippin from Wayne Water Systems to talk about the Basement Guardian Halo, which Wayne developed with Adam's company ConnectSense. The Halo is a smarter sump pump - a device many homeowners don't see or think about until it fails catastrophically. The trio discusses what a sump pump does, how Wayne and ConnectSense thought about the ways hooking one up to the smart home could save consumers money and stress, and who the Halo is for. Plus: Adam and Richard talk about the Apple products they bought after last week's event, and answer a question from Bob H. about outdoor motion sensors. Buy the Basement Guardian Halo at
Sep 23, 2021
40 min
Episode 203 - Adam's Year of Smart Home Projects
Last month was Richard's annual recap, and now it's Adam's turn to talk about the smart home projects he has taken on over the past year, including the Sonos Roam, new lights and cameras from Ring, an amazing 3D printer, the Harmony Elite remote, and more of Apple's HomePod Minis. Adam also talks about his "list of shame," gadgets he has purchased and projects he has meant to start that have so far gone unattended. Plus: How do Richard and Adam feel about the new Star Wars hotel at Disney World, what are the best alternatives to the Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener?
Aug 11, 2021
1 hr 11 min
Episode 202 - Richard's Year of Smart Home Projects
Adam and Richard talk about all the smart home projects Richard has taken on over the past year, including several attempts to install a decorative flickering light, outdoor lighting, motion sensor switches, and outfitting his new vacation rental home. Then, Richard talks about the products he's been testing recently, including smart roller shades, the Abode Iota security system, and the Philips Smart Button. Plus: How concerned should consumers be about the privacy policies of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, and what advice do Adam and Richard have for aspiring podcasters?
Jul 14, 2021
1 hr 21 min
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