The Slumpbuster
The Slumpbuster
Julian Martinez
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Amazing pod! If your looking for hot takes, great analysis and to get your football fix this is the perfect pod for you!
Break your slump
I have had the pleasure of being on this podcast… The name is the first thing that sticks out, but the personality and the deliver is what keeps! Break your weekly slump, I promise you won’t regret it!
Bo For The Win
Had a blast!
I appreciate the team at Slumpbuster for having me on to share a bit of my story. I could talk sports all day long so it’s great getting on a call with others who share that same passion.
Amazing Podcast!
Had an absolute blast working with Julian! Not only is this man well informed, he is crazy good at what he does, and he’s absolutely hilarious. Love what you are all about, and if you haven’t given this podcast a listen, then you need to ASAP.
Add this to your rotation!
I truly enjoy this show and it’s variety of guests. It’s hard to stand out in the sports niche, and slumpbusters breaks through the norm!
Awesome Pod !!!
Had the opportunity to collab with the fellas at Slumpbuster and had an absolute blast. The podcast is not just a wealth of sports info but also very entertaining and well worth the doubt! Check this one out!
Disservice not listening
You are doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t listening to the show! They got great guest.
Some of the best
I had the pleasure of joining Julian and Aundre for an episode and loved every second of it! These guys really know what they’re talking about and have a knack for keeping the listener engaged. I highly recommend you listen to this show for the hosts’ knowledge of the topics as well as their likability.
Halftime Podcast
Super fun pod
I dig this podcast so much
Featured guest
I had the opportunity to be featured on the podcast as a guest. I really enjoyed my time on there. It was a relaxed environment which allowed for a smooth discussion. They were very professional in planning and having everything set up correctly. Their sports knowledge is great amongst all sports which shows their versatility!
From Mike Lenoir
Great interview guys have something very good going , loved how the conversation went I was very happy and excited afterwards to check it out myself! Just Great people in general 👍🏾👏🏾
mike from cym
Awesome Podcast
One of the best all around sports podcasts out there. Real sports for real sports people.
Too good!
Juju and Them kill it! Very knowledgeable and it kills me!
Bustin it!
A fun & engaging sports show! The host is great at making guests feel welcomed and getting them to open up and share ideas and opinions on the sports world. Also their meme game is on point! Check email out on IG to get daily laughs and updates on current trends in Sports! Shoutout. Sponsorship. - DJarTT (the ‘D’ is silent)
The Rhymed Riddler, T.W.M
Great show!
Really high quality podcast!
Fun sports podcast
If you’re looking for a fun sports oriented podcast this should be one that you subscribe to! Very informative and intelligent conversation with a fun light hearted twist. We’ve collaborated with them as well on our podcast, “Art and Jacob Do America”, and like a great spice seasoning they were able to enhance our show with their personalities. 5 stars well deserved !
Jacob Pixton
Great people and great topics! Very knowledge and honestly a very easy listen if you are driving to work or even going for a run! If you love sports and humor this is a great podcast to check out!
Great guys at Busting The Slump!
Adam Lewis here from The What Off-Season? Sports Podcast. I’ve had the opportunity to both podcast and be apart of this community, and it is AMAZING! Hilarious guys.
The Nicest guys in podcasting
We have had the pleasure of working with the slumpbuster guys on two occasions and I can’t say enough nice things about them. Beyond that, the knowledge and charisma they bring to each podcast is 2nd to none.
Best sports podcast around!!
I love this podcast! The hosts are both extremely knowledgeable about sports and have great topics that they touch on. Also their instagram page is the funniest sports meme page around! So awesome to get their perspectives on what is going on in the sports world today. Keep it rolling!
You Know What To Do, Subscribe to JuJu
What is up guys, it’s your boy Hoov here from Its HoovTube on YouTube! Nothing gives me proud and happy than seeing my guy post every week. The professionalism and intelligence from host- JuJu Martinez is unmatched, and should be the bar for most analysts. Keep an eye on this podcast, because it’s got untapped potential written ALL over it. It’s a quite a joy to share the microphone with him from time to time!
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its HoovTube
Great podcast
Honestly will give you more information than you’ll ever need to know about the world of sports. Will forget more sports knowledge than I’ll know in a lifetime.
Take It Easy Podcast
Thanks again for having me on the show this week. It was thoroughly enjoyable
Take It Easy Kyle Ledbetter
Great podcast
This was a great and interesting podcast
Love it! Recommend to all
Ryan licht
This podcast is better than sex
Hopeful Fantasy Football Champ
I just discovered this podcast in late 2019, and my season is pretty much over but listening to them has helped me end my season. I’m very hopefully I can have a better year in 2020! Very informative and easy listening
Great Football Podcast
Great podcast if you love football. Give it a listen.
Roman Prokopchuk
Very pleased.
Stellar Content!
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