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i learned of the sis list a couple months ago on instagram & catching up on all of the podcast episodes since has genuinely been such a fun ride. so much nostalgia, pop culture, & so so much more that i never even knew i was missing in my life!! like i’m not usually so much of a pop culture person but thanks to madeline & mackii i am a changed woman thx queens :):)
you’re missing out if you’re not listening!!!!
Loveeee this podcast!! So easy to listen to and so fun. Mackii and Madeline are so spunky and make listening feel like you’re right there with them. This podcast brings me back to all my childhood pop culture feels. Couldn’t recommend this podcast enough 🤍⚡️🤩✨
obsessed 💗
This podcast is everything I never knew I needed! Love the topics, energy, nostalgia, references, random singing and general vibe. I could listen for hours! If your looking for something to listen to that will make you smile, laugh and lift your spirits, listen to this!!!
My favorite podcast!!!
I absolutely adore the Sis List! It has quickly become my new favorite podcast and it always has me looking forward to Tuesdays! Do yourself a favor and listen to it right now!!
Sis List Stan
The Sis list is my fave!!! It feels like all of the nostalgic inside jokes you had with your friends are on this podcast, and Makki and Madeline are your friends you grew up with 😂 they keep me up to date on what’s relevant now while reminding me of the better days in the 2000s. I love this!
omg yes this podcast
I just discovered this podcast and high key so excited about it because i just binge listened to everyday single episode over the past week HAHA i’m here laughing and singing and agreeing with them on every topic lolol and new fav podcast FOR SUREEEE <3
This Sis List is hands down my favorite podcast to date. Not only do I feel as though I’m best friends with Madeline and Mackii, but I always leave with more knowledge than I came with and a huge SMILE from ear to ear because they are so entertaining!! I love them and I can’t wait to see them grow!! 💖
Harris Bayerton
Honestly a lifestyle
SIS, I am literally obsessed with this podcast.. I have listened to every single episode and I seem to share even the most niche interests with these ladies. Truly a vibe, could not recommend more!!
If you’re looking for something bold and audacious to crank up your auditory experience...then look no further! LA’s hottest podcast is THE SIS LIST! We are quarantined, political mayhem, will the climate even exist for another 6 months?!?! Fox News vs. MSNBC, ketchup vs. mustard, toilet paper over or much chaos. How can we survive? The Sis List is like Edward’s glistening skin against the backdrop of the dreary Forks weather. I look forward to that fresh episode drop every Tuesday to inject my week with some much needed fun. If my normal day to day life was a color it would be like the dull unremarkable tone they use for hospital walls; however, on Tuesdays...we’re talkin’ Juicy Tracksuit PINK! (Shout out to P and G....real heads know) Early 2000s nostalgia, current pop culture, on-point beauty and fashion advice...Madeline and Mackii got that tea, and in the words of Queen Paris Hilton “That’s Hot.”
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Stefon Meyers
J’adore The Sis List!
I cannot day enough good things about this Podcast. Mackii and Madeline are such delightful human beings and their laughter is as charming as it is infectious! I look cleared to a new episode every week and WITHOUT FAIL it brightens even the darkest of days. They are so funny and SO knowledgeable about Pop Culture, and I now look to the Sis List as my compass to what’s happening in the world. Anyone can enjoy this podcast so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?
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I love these girls so much!!!!!
My New BFFs
These girls are the real deal. I feel like I’m just sitting and gossiping with my girlfriends. Their banter is unparalleled and I can’t wait for this podcast to take off. LOVE IT.
Simply the Best!!
The positive and cheery vibes from Madeline and Mackii bring a huge smile to my face. Listening to them talk about fashion, music, and pop-culture during my LA work commute actually makes me wish I had a longer drive... just so I can KEEP LISTENING!! Madeline and Mackii are SIMPLY THE BEST!! <3
My favorite podcast
After a quick listen, these two will become your new best friends. With 2000’s nostalgia and pop culture news, The Sis List is bound to become your favorite podcast too!
My New Favorite Podcast!!
I love The Sis List! I binged all the episodes in less than a week. Mackii and Madeline are so funny when telling the top pop culture stories. Love the daily doses of the early 2000s!
Love and always look forward to a new episode!! Mackii & Madeline always come through with the most interesting news & some sort of 2000s throwback ✨ Total girls night in vibe!! 🌈💫
Always brightens my day ☺️ feels like I’m hanging out with my 2 bffs! love the nostalgic references...the OC forever!
Love it! 💖
So fun to listen to pop culture from two hilarious besties! Huge fan! Can’t wait for more!
Love it! Was laughing the the whole time. Excited about this new podcast.
It feels like I have friends!
In these strange times, it’s easy to feel disconnected from friends, family, and reality in general. There are many ways to stay informed on what’s going on with the world, but watching network news is not an enjoyable one for me. This solves my problems—Light, quick, entertaining stories of what’s going on in the world, relayed by two relatable people, rather than a news corporation feeding me nothing but negative stories. Now I have friends that give me the news I actually want to hear :)
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Love them
Fun, informative and everything I love! Keep it up girl’s!