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The Shining Wizards Network is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, relationships, television, movies, and of course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, Radioactive Metal, High Spot Podcast, the DumbFellas, Inconclusive Breakdown, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, the Bumperpodcast, and American Loser with KP Burke and his Dad.
Inconclusive Breakdown 382: Cargo Ship Blues
On this week’s show: DC Fandome, Gay Superman, Sickouts, Covid Camps, supply chain shortage, empty shelves & much more. #Top10 Haunted Places you would explore & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 382
Oct 17
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 425: Super Extreme War!
This week, Phil gets the booster vaccine and lives to tell about it. Talking all things Tony Khan and why he should stay off twitter for a little while. Previewing the upcoming WWE “Crown Jewel” event. This weeks Throwback is FMW’s Super Extreme War video release featuring the stars of the original ECW from December of 1997. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 425
Oct 17
Midnight Jury LIVE 320: “Fright Night” Watchalong
Queue up the movie, turn down your TV and turn up the Jury as Mike and Cal invite you to watch along to 1985’s Fright Night!! Even if you don’t have the movie ready to watch, you can still hear it as the guys give you their thoughts! Midnight Jury LIVE 320
Oct 15
Ringside Rant 129: “Cancel Frank Bruno”
This week Justin and RJ step away from the usual format and welcome in Mike Kolb and Frank Bruno to watch the May 18, 1998 edition of WCW Monday Nitro. Coming off the heels of Slamboree this edition of Nitro was iconic in its own way. Due to the NBA playoffs this episode was not a complete episode but it was still packed with some great action and promos as...
Oct 15
Wrestling Night in Canada 037: “Regular Rules”
I guess we really are living PG 13 in Mcmahonland. We knew going into the “Extreme Rules” PPV that we were going to get a watered down version. But not a totally neutered event with nothing that makes this anything more than any other. So with that we dove into the “Regular Rules” special event. More importantly, we give the once over to the last couple of “Dark Side of...
Oct 14
Mark Order Podcast 029: Runaway Train
Its Wednesday Night, You Know What That Means No Dynamite tonight, but we have AEW Rampage to talk about, AEW Dark Elevation & AEW Dark. Plus some news and notes from the past week, and a bit of a preview of the AEW Rampage BUY IN on Youtube, Rampage, and the Special Saturday Night Dynamite. Its absolute chaos sprinkled in between each conversation, with Ryan’s background being gross things from...
Oct 14
Shining Wizards 554: Into the Helly Belly of the Warbeast
It’s Monday Night, You Know What That Means We are back with another full & fun episode. Kevin and Tony catch up on this & that before briefly talking about MLW Fightland. They are then joined by MLW’s Josef Samael. They talk Contra Unit, PCW Ultra’s All Systems Go, the longevity of Contra in the MLW, Reggie Parks, Belts and more. If you’re an MLW Fan, this is a must...
Oct 11
Inconclusive Breakdown 381: Let’s Go Brandon
On this week’s show: Texas shooter, Facebook outage, Whistleblower, Kids arrested for not wearing masks, Hospitals deciding who lives and dies, shot side effects & much more. #Top10 80s Horror Movies & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 381
Oct 10
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 424: The Juice Is Worth The Squeeze
On this weeks show, Brother Rob checking in from this years NYC Comic Con with a message from the one and only TONY SCHIAVONE! Phil gives everyone the state of the podcast address. Hangman’s back in AE-Dub, Rick Steiner’s kid is about to be a star in NXT 2.0 and the G1 in New Japan continues on. This weeks Throwback is an FMW home video “King Of Death” kicking off...
Oct 8
Ringside Rant 128: October 5, 1998 RAW
This weeks episode is about an iconic time in not only the WWF but in the wrestling business as a whole. We are not only at the turning point of the “Monday Night Wars” but we are also fully involved in the Mr McMahon/ Stone Cold feud as well. Justin and RJ Rant extensively about this loaded Raw card as well as adding two more songs onto the “Wrestling with...
Oct 8
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