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The Shining Wizards Network is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, relationships, television, movies, and of course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, Radioactive Metal, High Spot Podcast, the DumbFellas, Inconclusive Breakdown, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, the Bumperpodcast, and American Loser with KP Burke and his Dad.
Shining Wizards 522: We Watch Wrestling with Vince Averill
We had a huge week and wrestling, and so much to talk about. We are joined by Vince Averill, Co Host of the We Watch Wrestling Podcast. We talk about his podcast, stand up comedy, Chicken Sandwiches, NJPW, WWE, NWA, Cat Buttholes Too Much Wrestling, and a ton of other topics. He’s an awesome guest, and hosts an awesome podcast, we suggest you check it out. After Vince we follow...
Mar 2
Shining Wizards Valet32 Tournament Round One, Part One Preview
The #Valet32 tournament begins with first-round action in the Fallen Angel and Original Diva divisions, and we bring you some information on the first sixteen participants! Be sure to vote on Facebook and Twitter! Facebook Twitter Valet32 Tournament Round One, Part One Preview
Mar 1
Inconclusive Breakdown 352: SunTan Superman
On this week’s show: Syria, Fauci, Cuomo, Paramount Plus, Black Superman, Question Mark, Big Show, Mr. Potato Head & much more. #Top10 Movie Endings & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 352
Feb 28
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 395: No Way Out For The Quarantined Quaff
Jay’s back in studio, the audio has been fixed and all is right with the world. Reviewing the weeks shows and the elimination chamber PPV. Paul Wight is “All Elite” and Tony Khan wins a booker of the year award? Phil previews this weekends NJPW events and this weeks Throwback is WWF’s “No Way Out” PPV from 2001. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 395
Feb 26
Radioactive Metal 644: Musical Bliss – interview with Terminal Bliss
“Never stop learning” isn’t just an old adage. It’s solid advice. When the Relapse debut from Richmond bashers Terminal Bliss came across our desk, it had us scratching our heads. “Brute Err/ata” is a unique monicker. And after cranking the record we knew we had to get the band on the horn and enlighten us. Prepping for our chat, we soon discovered we were going to enjoy a lot about...
Feb 26
Shining Wizards AEW Dynamite Post Show 48
It’s Wednesday Night, You Know What That Means! Kate, Matt and Anthony are back covering everything from the Women’s Contender Tournament, Rankings and of course AEW Dynamite! Plus there’s a BIG announcement (welllllllll!) AEW Dynamite Post Show 48
Feb 25
Shining Wizards 521: Tombstone Jesus
Fresh off of the Elimination Chamber the boys hit the air running on all cylinders. One of the boys went perfect with the picks, they cover the show, The Miz cashing in and some NXT news and notes. Matt and Tony jump down the AEW rabbit hole, talking the Women’s Eliminator from Japan last week, AEW Dynamite and the announcement of the Exploding Barbed Wire Match. After the break Kevin...
Feb 23
Wrestling Night in Canada 022: An Edgy Episode
With the Royal Rumble still fresh in the minds of mat fans, we figure this is a good time to discuss all things Edge! Being a Good Canadian Boy himself, we ‘ve followed The Enigmatic One from his humble beginnings on the local indie scene all the way to his magical “Wrestlemania”moment. So with this edition of “Turnbuckle Talk”, we go thru the in and outs, ups and downs, and...
Feb 22
Inconclusive Breakdown 351: Coke Goes Woke
On this week’s show: Winter Storm, Rush Limbaugh, Biden v Texas, Biden v Fmr. Military and Cops, Spawn Universe, WWE Elimination Chamber, Gov. Cuomo under investigation & much more. #Top10 Horror Movie Villains & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 351
Feb 21
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 394: Great Value Buddy Landel Raids The Market Pantry
The audio is awful there is an issue with the equipment we are addressing it as we speak we apologize whole heartedly. The show opens celebrating the anniversary of “The War To Settle The Score” opening to that feud. Glacier and Brutus Beefcake drop some audio love for the boys courtesy of Ron Singh and Jay returns from slinging garbage and snow removal in NYC. Reviewing all the weekly shows....
Feb 21
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