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The Shining Wizards Network is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, relationships, television, movies, and of course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, Radioactive Metal, High Spot Podcast, the DumbFellas, Inconclusive Breakdown, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, the Bumperpodcast, and American Loser with KP Burke and his Dad.
Shining Wizards 509: Wizards Mad Libs
Season 10 Kicks off with a fun show. No guests, just the 3 of us clowns. We catch up with each other, talk a little about Thanksgiving. Tony finds a WWE Mad Libs so we fill that out while Kevin’s basement fills with water. We read the Mad Libs and realize its terrible. Tony watched UWN this week, so we run through that. Kevin watched Impact, and someone how we...
Nov 30
Inconclusive Breakdown 339: Thankful
On this week’s show: Little different show this week. Some News & much more. #Top10 Things we are grateful for & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 339
Nov 29
Radioactive Metal 633: Skoolz In!
Schools…in(?) This week we find ourselves on the other side of the mic. Mr. Mark Buell is an old friend and RAM alum who joined us in celebrating all that is Rush after the passing of Neil Peart (Epi. 590). Well, Mark recently hit us up for a favour. His son Issac was assigned a school project of creating his own podcast. Choosing the subject of the “History Of Heavy...
Nov 27
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 384: A Smokey Mountain Thanksgiving
The boys do an impromptu episode of the show to open up this years holiday season on Thanksgiving eve. Reviewing this years Survivor Series, A debate occurs regarding the unionization of professional wrestling. The passing of wrestling internet pioneer and co-creator of TNA Bob Ryder, The boys favorite Survivor series events of old. This weeks Throwback is an NWA world title tournament from November of 1994. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 384
Nov 26
Shining Wizards AEW Dynamite Post Show 36
Its your Thanksgiving Eve Tradition, the AEW Dynamite Post Show. Matt won’t stop blabbering about the Shining Wizards 9 Year Show, and the video the squad made for him and the boys. After some small talk we jump right into some Ratings talk, the signings of Top Flight, BTE, The marathon that was AEW Dark, this weeks rankings & tonights Dynamite. We cover the whole show, segment by segment, match...
Nov 26
Wrestling Night in Canada 015: “Eddie World Order”
This week marks the anniversary of the passing of the amazing Eddie Guerrero. It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 yrs. since “Latino Heat” left us much too early. So we decided to focus our attention to the former World champ in our “Turnbuckle Talk”. The highs and lows of his storied career. How we first discovered EG and all our fave moments. AS well, we discussed the ICW Pit...
Nov 24
Shining Wizards N I N E
Warning: There is an awful echo and I don’t know why, sounds like we are in a steel drum (we will get it cleared up. promise). It’s the 9 Year Anniversary of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast. We all booked surprise guests to celebrate 9 years and didn’t tell each other who we booked. We started the show with Finlands over Mikko Maestro, followed up by Duke the Dumpster Droese,...
Nov 23
Inconclusive Breakdown 338: Great Reset Incoming
On this week’s show: Great Reset, Re-Education Camps, Gina Carano, Cuomo Emmy, WWE Survivor Series, Covid Lockdowns & much more. #Top10 TV Shows that only lasted one season & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 338
Nov 22
Midnight Jury LIVE 294: Mayflower Voyages and Slippery When Wet Review
The Midnight Jury goes live and reviews the lesser known PEANUTS THANKSGIVING SPECIAL entitled “Mayflower Voyagers”, then being Jersey boys, Mike and Cal are always thankful for Bon Jovi, so they review SLIPPERY WHEN WET! Midnight Jury LIVE 294
Nov 22
Radioactive Metal 632: Bravo! Bravo! – interview with Lori Bravo (Nuclear Death)
Another one off the ole’ “Bucket List”!! Our fandom with extreme pioneers Nuclear Death goes back to the turn of the ’90s. The terrorific trio just released two killer records on the old Wild Rags Records label and had the attention of stereos throughout the underground. In another long time coming chat, we sat down with vox/bassist Lori Bravo. We could now write her biography as she regaled us with...
Nov 20
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