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The Shining Wizards Network is the home to many great shows covering a variety of topics, including pop culture, heavy metal music, sports, relationships, television, movies, and of course, wrestling. Featuring the Shining Wizards, Radioactive Metal, High Spot Podcast, the DumbFellas, Inconclusive Breakdown, Turnbuckle Throwbacks, the Bumperpodcast, and American Loser with KP Burke and his Dad.
Radioactive Metal 650: Eargazm – interview with Eye and Ear Control Records
Band interviews rule. They’re the bread and butter of this show. There are a number of other facets of our beloved genre that don’t always get their just due. We’ve spoken to a number of these unsung heroes before; producers, authors/writers, record company dudes. Mr. Brad Skibinsky offers up something different. He’s a one man vinyl distributor behind Eye and Ear Control Records. Basically, he’s his own record shop and...
Apr 12
Inconclusive Breakdown 356: Biden’s Troubles
On this week’s show: Vaccine Passports, DMX, Prince Phillip, Supreme Court Packing, Troubles are back, Russia/Ukraine, Racism, WrestleMania & much more. #Top10 Overrated Bands & we answer your questions. Inconclusive Breakdown 356
Apr 11
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 401: The Invasion Of The Rogue General
The show opens with the Bullet Club’s “Rogue General” Bad Luck Fale calling in LIVE from Japan talking all things Bullet Club, his weight loss journey, motivational videos and the Fale Dojo! Then the boys review NXT’s “Stand & Deliver” events, while previewing night one of Wrestlemania 37. Another segment of “Fantasy Warfare” booking the finals of the NCAA style tag tournament as Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson take on...
Apr 10
Ringside Rant 098: Titles Don’t Mean Anything
It only took Dave a few weeks to totally go off on a rant. Find out what he Ranted about his week as they talk about Spring Stampede 1997. Ringside Rant 098
Apr 9
The Mark Order Podcast 002: All Lubed Up
The Mark Order is back for another week of AEW Wrestling. Ant, Kate and Matt catch up on the week that was. Juggalos, baseball talk, Ant got AEW Series 4 today, and more. Right down the rabbit hole with the AEW House Show this Friday, and Chris Jericho on Broken Skull Sessions Little talk about AEW Dark Elevation & AEW Dark. Run down of the AEW Rankings for April 7th...
Apr 8
Radioactive Metal 649: Hel Awaits! – interview with Helstar
Veteran rockers are getting the best of yesterday and today. Today’s scene is full of young talent. And the old guard is still creating killer tunes. Texas metallers Helstar are a great example of the old guard giving the upstarts a run for their moolah. Helstar have a wicked new record on the racks entitled “Clad In Black”. A cool comp. featuring new singles, cover tunes, and a re issue...
Apr 8
Wrestling Night in Canada 026: Hall of Shame
Wrestlemania is upon us once again. This time of year always seems to get the fan juices flowing as everything starts falling into place. The build up and match announcements. The behind the scenes shenanigans. The Tuesday morning booking. And, of course, the WWE Hall Of Fame. The validity of the HOF can’t really be debated. It’s basically just programming for the Network leading up to the Big Event. But...
Apr 7
Shining Wizards 527: I Wanna Be Like Mike
Kevin and Matt are back for the latest episode We catch up with each other about our Easter’s, and the past week, sports wise, and what not Michael Bennett joins us to talk about his time in the WWE, his return to Ring of Honor, who he is dying to wrestle, being an inspiration in the wrestling community, Matt Taven, Japan and much more. Back from commercial break, we are...
Apr 5
Shining Wizards Valet32 Tournament Final Four Results, Championship Preview!
The Final Four is in the books! We’ve got results from the two matchups and a preview of the #valet32 Finals! Shining Wizards Valet32
Apr 4
Turnbuckle Throwbacks 400: It’s A “Good” Friday for 400!
The show celebrates 400 episodes with the boys giving thanks to everyone who made it possible and hinting at future plans as well. The weekly shows are reviewed and the up coming NXT “Stand & Deliver” event. The finals of the NCAA style tag tournament are announced. This weeks Throwback is Wrestlemania XVII from April of 2001. Turnbuckle Throwbacks 400
Apr 4
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