The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast Podcast

The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast

Fiona J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter
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The Shadow Storytellers is a horror fiction anthology podcast by a pair of horror authors, featuring regular episodes in the style of classic anthology horror works like The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. For more information on The Shadow Storytellers, please check us out at Support this podcast:
S2E10. Carol of the Gifts
Classics collide in a romantic Christmas Eve séance. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 21, 2022
36 min
S2E9. My New Favorite Decoration
A Christmas Eve home invasion awakens an unlikely savior for a grieving family. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 14, 2022
39 min
S2E8. Cozy & Snug
A couple’s holiday remodeling plans wake the dead. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 7, 2022
32 min
S2E7. Cursemark
A girl finds a mark on her skin said to foretell great evil. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 16, 2022
43 min
S2E6. Couples' Retreat
A couples' counselor tries to revolutionize her profession with a new invention. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 9, 2022
42 min
S2E5. Back to Normal
A man seeks connection in a disease-ravaged world. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 2, 2022
41 min
S2E4. Don't Touch the Monsters
Real monsters working a Halloween haunt decide to get revenge on a criminally handsy guest. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 26, 2022
44 min
S2E3. Billy Loves Clowns
Clowns find nothing but terror and madness at a child's party. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 19, 2022
45 min
S2E2. Can I Ask You a Favor?
Amid hell on earth, a young woman receives a tantalizing opportunity to own her own soul. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 12, 2022
55 min
S2E1. Very Fine People
Some very fine people dabble with a power beyond their control. --- Support this podcast:
Oct 5, 2022
49 min
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