The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast
The Shadow Storytellers: a Horror Fiction Podcast
Fiona J.R. Titchenell & Matt Carter
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The Shadow Storytellers is a horror fiction anthology podcast by a pair of horror authors, featuring regular episodes in the style of classic anthology horror works like The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. For more information on The Shadow Storytellers, please check us out at Support this podcast:
S1E16. Friends & Neighbors
A dangerous invader forces a small town suburban street to make a terrible choice. (Season Finale) --- Support this podcast:
Feb 9
43 min
S1E15. Kill Switch
When their employees can’t seem to stop murdering each other, a spacefaring corporation becomes eager for almost any explanation. --- Support this podcast:
Feb 2
48 min
S1E14. A Nice Boy from a Good Family
Annoyed by both cosmic and earthly rules, an angel and a demon consider loopholes to change a murderer's fate. --- Support this podcast:
Jan 26
43 min
S1E13. Alexis Bradley, Reporting
An archeological team on the trail of a famous cold case uncovers an uncommonly well-preserved threat to their sanity. --- Support this podcast:
Jan 19
46 min
S1E12. 'Til the Merry End
A recently deceased mall Santa arranges for a Christmas miracle. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 22, 2021
42 min
S1E11. Don't Ruin It
Specters reach across the ether to crash a Christmas Eve family dinner, but their powers to terrorize have nothing on that one uncle. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 15, 2021
48 min
S1E10. The Gingerbread's the Thing
An amateur baker/necromancer creates a haunted gingerbread house to get to the bottom of her sister’s untimely death. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 8, 2021
37 min
S1E9. Something Else Is Coming to Town
A young boy's attempts to catch Santa in the act inadvertently release a horrifying darkness into the world. --- Support this podcast:
Dec 1, 2021
37 min
S1E8. The Coven of Everywhere Hollow
A generation of witches who've grown up fighting monsters discover the most dangerous one of all is closer than they think. --- Support this podcast:
Nov 24, 2021
52 min
S1E7. The Last Time I Went to the Mall pt. 2
Nostalgia, cosmic horror and a small town shopping mall collide in this nightmarish trip back to 2002. (Part 2 of 2) --- Support this podcast:
Nov 17, 2021
50 min
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