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Unfair Outdated Reviews
Two out of the three reviews for this show, while might have been valid 4 years ago, do not reflect the show’s more recent quality. The mixing was fixed, and this show doesn’t deserve the 3.0 rating that it had as of before my review. I do hope that you give the show a listen, and ignore the low ratings, as despite the audio mixing being an issue four years ago, it doesn’t reflect the show’s fascinating interviews and accompanying content. KC, you rock!
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It's good
It's alright for what it is and I enjoyed listening to it for the most part and found it entertaining to listen to the hosts interact with the guest(s)
Very Poor Mix
This show is almost unlistenable. There is music constantly playing in the background that is mixed to be louder than the interviewers and interviewees. I tuned in for a specific interview and found it to be an extremely frustrating experience. I think the show would be good if they just either removed the background music while people are speaking or greatly lowered the volume of the background music to the point where you can easily hear the people speaking.
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