The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast
The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast
The Secret Cabal Founders
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Too political
You are a board game podcast! Politics killed the NFL for me. Now politics have killed my favorite podcast for me. Kids at a school were fighting against medical tyranny and the secret cabal thought they were wrong. It’s their right to fight back against a mandate which is not law! Once again you’re a board game podcast! I dont understand once you step into politics you piss off half of your audience. Will no long donate to their Kickstarter.
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Best Board Game Podcast.
There are no other board game podcasts that come anywhere close to the quality of this show. You can tell the Founders put their heart and souls into every aspect of the show, from the banter to the reviews to the short topics. It’s an inclusive podcast that has something for everyone. Out of the dozens of podcasts I listen to, I always save this one for last because it’s my favorite. Thank you!
Romeo Delavega
Saving grace
This podcast has really gotten me through this long year, so glad to have found this group of misfits. Great laughs and great reviews.
What Every Board Game Podcast Should Strive For
I’ve been listening to the Secret Cabal for about 5 years now, and even though we have never met in person, they feel like friends. I love the lighthearted conversational style they have while still delivering great board game content. It’s just fun to listen to. While there are several founders on the show at a time, they often avoid talking over each other, and everyone has a unique perspective. This is the gold standard in board game podcasts in my opinion. Keep it up!
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Best Thing Going Today
Hands down, The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is the best gaming podcast going today. I’ve been a loyal cabalist for 3 years and look forward to every episode. The guys have an incredible chemistry that’s absolutely undeniable with consistent content that’s always well produced. As a listener, the entire crew feels like long time friends that I just haven’t met personally. And I no doubt look forward to that meeting some day. Highly entertaining and highly recommended!
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Best board game podcast out there!
There are a ton of board game podcasts out there. Some are great, some are good, but this one feels like home. It’s like hanging out with your best friends on a game night.
It’s fanTASTic... new drinking game!
Every time Jamie says fanTAStic in his crazy Pennsylvania accent... take a drink. You’ll be hammered within 20 minutes.
I found a quarter while I was listening to Secret Cabal so it just makes cents.
Please make them shorter
Podcasts are a great way to pass the time during a commute. Commutes on average are 30 to 60 minutes long. Please make the podcasts no more than 2 hours in length.... Interesting insight but lots of fluff that could be cut out.
Give the Secret Cabal a try - you won’t regret it!
My only regret is that I didn’t discover the Secret Cabal sooner. This has quickly become my favorite podcast across all genres. Listening to the hosts (the Founders) feels like I’m listening in on a conversation between my friends. I love the broad range of personalities, tastes, and discussion topics: everything from tabletop games and RPGS, to video games, movies, literature, pop culture, nostalgia, humor, personal issues and philosophy. It’s entertaining, enlightening and so familiar. Keep striving!
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More Lords of the Dungeon Please!
I have loved the main show for years. Definitely my go-to podcast. I’d love to get more Lords of the Dungeon! It is becoming my favorite part!
Rambling and forced laughter = bad intros
Tried to listen to the Cthulhu review, couldn’t make it past the intro, so I skipped ahead to the review portion and it was just as bad. Forced laughter at inside jokes, faked excitement, and conversations that don’t need to be shared outside of their gaming group aren’t making for a good podcast.
Best tabletop podcast
By far the best gaming podcast. These guys know their games and they have great chemistry. I love how they rip on eachother and get all fired up. My only complaint is that there isn’t a show every week! Always jonesing for more Cabal on the off weeks. Great production quality too. Lots of contributors with very different tastes in games and personalities. Love this show.
Episode 44
I enjoyed this podcast. You described my Marine Crusade Army to a tee. I started it in 2002. Martian red dust and named plates for all the marines.
Sci Tech
Great Hosts!
I've been listening to this one since waaaaay back. It's the best!!
Gaming Conqueror
Getting Through
You guys are awesome. Listening to you Podcast helps get me and a friend of mine through our 12 hour work shifts. The info you provide is great and the way you guys interact with each other reminds us of our own gaming group. Steve’s jokes definitely entertain us, Jamie’s hard work absolutely shines through, Brian’s level headed information is super informative, Chris’s enthusiasm is so great, and Tony’s news topics and words of wisdom help us make decisions and live our lives better. Thank you so much for the work you all do and keep up the great work.
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Great show
Lords of the dungeon 💩
Wish you guys would get this lords of the dungeon crap outta my face! Make a separate podcast for it please!
Tommy Clay
The Best Gaming Podcast!
I've been listening for 3 years. Production quality is great, each of the founders is great. Super reviews of games, new and old. Always entertaining
Best gaming podcast. Period.
The chemistry between the founders makes this podcast one of my favorites. They are informative, funny, and offer more than enough variety to keep me coming back for more. Thanks to the Secret Cabal, my interests have expanded beyond board games to RPGs and miniature gaming. This is the one I look forward to every week - they do not disappoint!
Just Listen...
These guys are a kick and Jamie produces a great show despite Steve’s mostly horrible jokes. If you’re a BoardGames enthusiast this show is a must Listen!!!
Great gamers, great podcast
My favorite gaming podcast. The guys have reached an awesome place and they are making it harder to endure the other podcasts until the next episode of the Secret Cabal or Lords of the Dungeon come out.
The Best Podcast Ever Ever
And that’s not being hyperbolic! The passion that the founders bring shines through in every episode. My own collection has been heavily influenced by this show; undoubtedly more than by any other source. These folks, for me, represent the spirit of fun, camaraderie, and welcomeness of the gaming community that makes this hobby so readily appealing. I look forward to every episode like no other podcast, and I go back and listen to archived shows that I haven’t heard in between the new ones. I’ve even gone back and listened to episodes that I’ve already heard, with no less excitement. Thank you!
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The best board gaming show
Great banter, balanced host personalities, no wasted time, and no ego. This is the best of the best.
Let's play the interupt Steve game every week.
This is a fun and excelently produced podcast. I am personally not a fan of dungeon crawls or RPGs so there is often content that is less interesting to me. But I love hearing the perspective these guys have on tabletop games. Keep up the good work fellas. It would receive five stars, but they are occassionally too crass for me, and sometimes use language which makes it prohibitive to listening while in the car with children. It is frustrating that they do not label their episodes EXPLICIT when they use profanity of when they speak of games which include adult material (like having sex with aliens).
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Best of the best!
When it comes to 3 hour long podcasts I don’t tend to listen to them, because much of the time they seemed like they should have been edited down to an hour. Unless it’s the Secret Cabal. Then I can’t wait for the next episode. This is only gaming podcast I’ve come across that combines a very relaxed, conversational format with very tight, well-thought out segments. Great work!
Great Bigg Painting
Nothing but listening greatness
Best podcast I have ever listened to. Nothing else to say.
Not the best chess player
Thank you!
Thank you for all the hard work that you all put into this podcast and the Secret Cabal network of podcast and video content. It is a welcome reprieve that captures all those in between moments of a game night where we share our passion for the games we play. It feels like I’m sitting around the table sharing the love of all things board games.
Love this show
This podcast is so much fun to listen too, so much information in the shows. I've started digging into the archives so I can binge listen to the episodes.
Board game banter
Great show. Lots of stuff packed into each episode.
Relaxed, Friendly, and Informative
The Secret Cabal has an amazing cast that feels like a group of buddies just hanging out. They know their stuff and they have fun with it, the way board games ought to be. My only complaint is that I'm not always in the mood to listen to all the banter; sometimes I just want content. If they could organize their episodes to help navigate what they discuss and when, that would be awesome!
The best analog gaming podcast
You can not fake the excitement all of the "Founders" show for gaming. At first you find Steve's jokes not funny but by the 3rd episode you are laughing at even the worse ones. This is a joy every time I see a new episode in my feed. I am now going back and listening to the whole catalogue. If you are a board game junky this is a can't miss podcast. They keep it fun and interesting. My only complaint is I can't get enough of it.
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Non-safespace, which is why I love it.
Been listening to this podcast for over a year now, found it good enough to become a grand master cabalist on their Kickstarter. I love the banter, and the lookbacks add great perspective to games and shows if they were just a flash in the pan or were actually good games. Don't ever change guys, your fans love you just the way you are!
Podcasting excellence!
Look forward to downloading these guys every week and really appreciate the effort to do it right. Keep it up, Cabalists!!!
Insubordinate greatness!
This is the single best gaming podcast out there. Period. Like a student snatching a peanut from an outstretched hand to leave the Dojo, TSC has surpassed all others. Keep it up fellas. It's your J.O.B. now. :-)
One of the best gaming podcasts out there
I picked this feed up after hearing about it being on the Dice Tower network and I was extremely pleasantly surprised. The show is a very good mix of gaming, being social, and other related topics. The secret couple founders on the show give great insight on various types of play styles that I do not get on most other shows. Their year in review I think best reviews boardgames to show if the board game holds its weight and is still good one year later. The added bonus of their recent RPG episodes are icing on the level 10 cake.
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Cog & Hammer ....& Puppo
The Secret Cabal has done it again
I've been looking forward to The Secret Cabal's new RPG podcast ever since it was announced. Not only did episode 0 meet my expectations it far exceeded them. The group Jamie has assembled (some of whom are legends in the regular podcast) are obviously friends and their discussions were genuine and inviting. This is the RPG podcast you're looking for.
No longer for me.
After a while, the little cracks just proved to be too much. Tony's refusal to learn new games on a podcast trying to...promote new games. Steve cracking so called jokes, often interrupting interesting conversations to do so. And the random potshots where Jamie or other hosts will outright bash entire categories of games, like co-ops. This changed me from a fan, to an uneasy listener, to outright unsubscribing.
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Cabalest for life
Hands down the Best board gameing podcast out there!!!
The Key's
It's a solid show
The show is entertaining, but some of the founders can be a little superficial putting graphic design over content. Their opinions are often expressed in a manner that can alienate some listeners.
Best gaming podcast out there!
This is my favorite out of quite a few podcasts I listen to on board gaming. The way these guys mesh is just perfect for this type of content. It's funny and informative, not someone just going on and on in a monotone voice for hours. I am laughing and excited pretty much each time I listen. Tony is hilarious (that junkie!). Keep up the great work guys!!! Looking forward to the expanded content and Kickstarter in April!
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Great Board Game Podcast
Long discussion and friendly banter. Covers a lot of content and thoughtfully goes in depth on reviews and discussion topics.
Great boardgame reviews
The Secret Cabal is a very, very informative and entertaining gaming podcast. I have found many informative reviews and informational nuggets that have helped guide me to boardgames that my son and I have enjoyed. My only complaint is that they have, on rare occasion, crossed into territory that I have found to be in questionable taste. Never anything I have found outright offensive, but the occasional statement that made me think "Really, guys, you're going THERE?" That said, The reviews and analysis are excellent, and the variety of types of games talked about is equally excellent. Thank you, Founders, for making my commute more pleasant.
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Great gaming podcast
This is one of my favorite gaming podcasts, I've listened to most of the episodes multiple times. A lot of fun and I look forward to every episode.
Crazy fun listen
Been listening to the Secret Cabal for the past couple years and have enjoyed every episode I've listened to. If you're in the board game hobby this is a must podcast to subscribe to. Thanks for the hours of entertainment guys!
A must listen for gamers
The five friends who put together this podcast really cover the gamut of topics. Each episode will include frank discussion about whether they liked or did not like a particular game or group of games. I found that refreshing from the moment I started listening. You will not be disappointed.
My Virtual Gaming Group
Fun and informative podcast. Audio quality is good and the humor is better. Every episode I feel like I'm sitting around the table with the cast talking about board games.
A Must Listen
Great podcast. The Secret Cabal guys have a great rapport that comes through on their show. Their love for games is infectious. Listening to them is like having discussions with your friends about the hot topics and games of the day.
The best around...
No one is ever going to take them down! In my mind they are one of the best boardgame podcast out there! The founders do a great job about talking about games and the experiences they had while playing the games. Expletives and booze! all killer no filler!
Great chemistry between hosts
I have a 3 hour commute each day and this podcast is perfect. They have a lot of variety between banter, reviews, news and topics. Jamie is great at explaining games in words (hard to do) and they cover a lot of games each episode. I wish they played heavier euros but that's a personal preference. I highly recommend this podcast if the length isn't prohibitive for you!
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