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Book of Mormon Timeline - how can I purchase it Digitally?
My friend purchased a digital download from you of a Book of Mormon Timeline a while back and I’d now like to purchase it, also. How can I go about that?
Great insights!!!
I want to thank you for your time and sacrifice to talk about the scriptures and your insight!
Thank you!
I love your podcast!! Thank you for sharing the gospel with all of us. Good luck with the move 😊 Don’t stop doing your podcast!!!
Easy to Follow without the Silliness
This podcast is well done. The content is well organized and easy to follow. They keep the length to around 30 which is perfect. They also don’t engage in a lot of off topic banter and silly chitchat so the discussion stays focused to the points they want to make. I appreciate their approach and look forward to listening to what they have to say. Keep up the great work!
Always good thoughts
I have listened for a few years now and have been enriched for the effort. They provide a fun and smart duality as they present their thoughts each week. I can highly recommend subscribing to this podcast. The only issue I have is that I am hard of hearing and I find the audio seems to be mixed with a low volume. If I listen while out walking, no problem. If I try to listen while driving, not a chance and I use airpods. A couple of years ago their theme music covered the dialogue but since then they changed it so it is not a problem. Maybe it’s just my issue. Since I was told about the pod during the B of M year, it is time well spent. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
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Do a YouTube Channel
To reach more members that speak English some countries don’t have access to podcast. You’re doing good job
I appreciate your podcast
I love that you do this together as a wife and husband. It is a joy to hear your different thoughts. I listen at least twice a week. I love your application questions. If I knew where you lived I would send you dinner or cookies every week!
Long time listener-thank you
I have never written a review for a podcast but I just wanted to find some way to reach out and let you guys know what an impact you have made. I have been listening to the podcast every week since the New Testament season, it’s been a great part of my routine. About two months ago I found out my two year old son is on the autism spectrum. To say it’s been a dark time for me would be an understatement, I ve really wrestled with the fact that my son may never be normal or have the life imagined for him just along with the fact that every day is a struggle to meet his overwhelming needs. Today I was inspired to catch up on an episode I missed while driving around in the car to help my son fall asleep for a desperately needed nap. I think it’s the episode for Doctrine and Covenants section 102-105 and Krista talked about “the best possible outcome is already unfolding” …I really needed to hear that and Heavenly Father really knew I needed to hear that. I don’t know what the future holds for my family or my little boy but I want to believe that God is using this for His purposes because that gives me hope and strength to face it. Thank you so much!
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I want to write down everything that these two say. They are so spiritually intelligent and I absolute love love their insights.
Excellent podcast!
Listening to this podcast is one of the highlights of my week. I always get so much out of these mini lessons. I usually listen to the podcast driving, but always have to come back to it again to write down some notes. Keep up the great work guys!
I appreciate the Horton’s and their knowledge and insights. I like the mini episodes—keep them!
Name and it link of video
In your most recent podcast for Sections 60-62 you referred to a video with elder Bednar and plates spinning. I can’t find it. Please help!
gospel of Jesus Christ lover
Soul food
Listening to you two speak about scriptures is absolutely uplifting and makes me so happy. Thank you for helping me love the scriptures even more and for sharing your tips and insights that have led me to “dive in” myself. What a blessing!! This podcast is food for the soul.
Thank you!
Appreciate your perspective and testimonies. Thanks for keeping it real. I like that you share personal experiences and opinions. It makes you real. Keep up the great work!
Me and My 7 Kids
Love this!
Thank you for creating this podcast! I recently found you and have appreciated your insights. As a busy wife and mom, I have slacked in my study, and when you quote scripture it feeds my souls because I have always loved the language of the scriptures! So, tonight I find myself with a rare quiet moment alone at home and while I clean and launder, I’m happy I can also feel the Spirit whisper peace to my heart!
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Shelly in Montana
Great insights
Been listening to this podcast for over a year now. Great insights! I love listening as I’m doing my daily chores and have time to ponder everything discussed. Just a small note- I don’t care for the highs and lows chit chat at the beginning, I usually fast forward through it. Maybe save that for a Instagram post people can choose to read or not and not on the podcast. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I am deeply grateful for this podcast. It has created a space of questions that allows me to ponder the Lord and His gospel. I appreciate how personal it gets and also how wide spread and relatable the subjects are. They aim to answer questions we all have had mulling in our minds since our youth years at church. The questions that don’t get asked or that are taboo. The new angles discussed here are mind turning. Can’t say enough.
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This is a faithful and helpful supplement to my study. 10/10!
I am so grateful someone recommended this podcast to me!! I love how it follows the "Come Follow Me" outline! :) Thank you!!
I enjoy so much listening to each of your perspectives of the scriptures. It makes we want to not just listen but see if I can find meaning in my own life. Thank you!
Love your insights!
Thank you soo much for all your effort and work to put this together! I feel so lucky to have found your podcast. You guys are an inspiration couple.
I love listening to Krista and Zach! They give such great insights into the scriptures that really enhance my personal study and help me apply them more to my life. They are so real and have a gift to really discern the scriptures and say what I need to hear! I recommend to anyone and everyone!
Just the best
I love how calm and uplifting this podcast is. Definitely recommend listening to it when you need and uplifting messages. I love it so much. Thanks
BYU Basketball
My favorite Scripture Study Podcast
The Scripture Study Project is my very favorite podcast for studying Come, Follow Me. I only listen to ONE podcast regularly and it’s THIS ONE. A perfect buddy to the manual the church has established because, as advertised, it is FRESH and full of unique but applicable content. My husband is a seminary teacher in the Seattle area and he shares the content from this podcast with his students, as well as our families during our weekly Zoom “church”, amidst the Covid pandemic. I’ve shared much of what I’ve learned in my Youth calling and amongst friends. So grateful for this resource.
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A family tradition to learn
My parents and I listen to an episode every week! We learn so much and love the hosts! Always looking forward to more
Something to Think About
Zack and Krista have provided a fabulous podcast that I have followed since nearly its inception. I love that, together they have given me new ways to think about what I’m reading and studying in my personal, day-to-day scripture study. Their thoughts and insights have not, and will never replace my own personal study and personal relationship with the scriptures nor He who provided them. But, I am grateful for the thoughts that have led me to a more profound interaction with the scriptures and, through them, as intended by the authors, my Savior, Jesus Christ.
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R. M. Emerson Jr.
A Must-Listen
This podcast is my one must-listen each week! I learn so much, and I find the hosts to be personable and relatable.
I keep coming back
I have several come follow me podcasts that I listen to but the one I keep coming back to is this one. I love the dynamic between you as hosts (and couple), the insights you share, and the way you help me think about the scriptures. This is not just a podcast to tell you about the chapters but get you thinking for yourself what you are learning. I have learned more from verses I have read several times before simply because I viewed it differently. Some of my most looked forward to time of day is my scripture study. Thank you for helping me find excitement in the scriptures.
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Keeps me engaged!!
The episodes are planned out so well. The hosts are very good at keeping the listener engaged and interested. I love everything they teach and the new perspectives they give! ❤️
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the scriptures. Each week I gain a new insight and perspective on some part of the Come Follow Me readings.
God is not done with us
I listen to all the podcasts I can find that teaches the Come follow me program. I can’t pick a favorite, everyone of them I learn something. I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you that give of your time. Thank you ☺️
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Thinking about it all day long...
I listened to this week's podcast this morning driving to work and it has been in my mind all day long. It is now 7:15pm. It really just made my morning, and as it turns out, has made my whole day good. Thank you for your insight an perspectives!
Love this podcast
I love listening to this podcast every week as it helps me with my calling as a Mom and a Young Women’s Leader. It has become a great start to my scripture study for the week!
Love this podcast.
I listen to this podcast every Monday as a jumpstart for my study of CFM that week. It gives me a great place to start as I delve into my personal study throughout the week. I always walk away with deeper insights and more of a love for my Heavenly Father, my Savior and the scriptures in my life. Thank you both for the time you put in your studies and the personal revelation that you share! It blesses my life so much 🤗
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Love it
This podcast has become part of my weekly schedule. I love it!
Short and sweet
Perfect for busy people. I do miss the other intro music 🤔 especially the guitar...but it’s a little thing.
Great Insights
I enjoy listening, however the sound quality for 2020 isn’t good. Voices fade, or are quiet then suddenly loud. Multiple presenters are a good idea but each needs a microphone.
I liked it but not anymore
I really liked this podcast in 2019 but so far in 2020 I feel I need to get through the first 10+ minutes before I get to something related to Come Follow Me. I feel like it’s become one of this podcasts where you have to listen to advertisements before getting to the podcast, they’re trying to sell me something every week or their guests are.
Love the new focus
Hi guys, Just discovered your podcast. Loving it! Just wanted to say thank you, I’m really loving the focus on seeing Gods hand in each chapter and in our own lives. I like to journal and I just wanted to show you how your God-focused thesis has effected my daily journaling. Each morning for some time I’ve been answering the following questions in my journal: What am I thankful for today: Who I can serve today: Who can I express love to today: How can I share my testimony today: Something I learned yesterday: Anyway, because of your lesson and example on placing our focus on seeing Gods hand in each chapter and in our own lives I have altered these daily journaling questions to make the focus the Lord as apposed to myself as follows: What am I thankful to God for today and how can I express that to Him: Who can the Lord serve through me today: Who can I express Gods love to today: How can I share my testimony of Jesus Christ today: Something the Lord taught me yesterday: Thanks again, Leland B.
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Bummer: Not a fan of the new content
When I began listening in 2019, there was a lot I enjoyed: the concise 30-minute length, interesting commentary, even the old theme music. (Side note: I liked the hosts' insights, so I got their 2020 Study Record. I was so disappointed when I saw the slim, overpriced softcover pamphlet! It’s not structured for concurrent use with daily reading.) So far, I've been unimpressed with this year's episodes. Please, Zach & Krista—I'd rather hear insights from you, not special guests! I’ll keep listening because I hope you’ll elaborate on how we can "notice the God behind the gospel" while reading the BoM.
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Great addition to my weekly study
I love these two! They have great insight and it’s such a nice supplement to my weekly study. I like to listen to the podcast before I begin my personal study time. It’s also a nice refresher to listen again midweek!
I never miss an episode!
I love the insight Zach and Krista share in each episode. They have helped me see verses and doctrinal ideas in a new light. With each episode, I feel the same excitement about studying the scriptures as I did when I was sitting in my college institute class. Now that they follow the "Come, Follow Me" curriculum, my wife and I discuss each episode and use what we've learned in the podcast to supplement our family scripture study. Thanks guys for such a great podcast! Keep up the good work!
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Great insight into my study
I love the perspective given in this podcast! The insights and personal stories shared helps so much to enhance my personal scripture study.
Too Jokey
I only listened to one and it Sounded like that Come Follow Me youtube series. I bet you’re the same presenters....too wordy about things that aren’t spiritual, superficial.
Study records?
I love your podcasts! You mentioned sending study records? How do we get those?
Loa Chic
I’ve learned so much! This has opened my mind to the scriptures and helped me feel the spirit so much! Thank you do all that you do.
Monkey t67368
Great addition to your Come Follow Me study
Zach and Krista very consistently help me think more deeply about my study of the New Testament. The background information behind the scriptures brings the New Testament to life! Thank you for all you do!
Amazing and insightful!
Thank you for doing these amazing podcasts!! I love them and learn so much from them. Shared it with some friends who now listen and love them too! I have been binge listening to hours of past episodes while deep cleaning my house! Thank you and keep it up!!! I look forward to each weeks episode 🙏🏻😊❤️
They are such a great team. Love giving this podcast a listen.
lds 🙂
Intimidated gospel doctrine teacher
Your podcast has helped me get my thoughts going as I prepare to teach/lead discussion for Gospel Doctrine. Thank you. You have great perspective that provokes thought and great roots of testimony for the New Testament.
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