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Gravity Falls (Show 2: Episodes 7-12)
[School of Everything Else 2020] Part 2 of 6 The second of three shows on Season 1 of Gravity Falls. Season 2 will be covered in 2021. We return to one of the best animated series' to grace the TV screen. A rich, hilarious, fast-paced puzzle-box of twisty mysteries and subversive, genre-savvy capers. Tween twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are staying with their Grunkle Stan for the summer, at his combination gift-shop and rube-trap. But strange things are both out there in the woods, and inside the wooden walls of the Mystery Shack. Both seasons are available on Disney+ And if you have already finished it and want something similar but haven't yet sunk your beak into The Owl House, that's what's for dessert.  Episodes Covered: Double Dipper/Irrational Treasure/The Time-Traveller's Pig/Fight Fighters/Little Dipper/Summerween Guests: Victoria Luna B. Grieve:  @VixenVVitch  Theo Leigh of The New Century Multiverse From Sequentially Yours  Kaoru Negisa  @Moonpanther22 and Debbie Morse  @bastet8300
Aug 16, 2023
1 hr 41 min
The Sony PlayStation (Revisited)
[School of Everything Else 2018] I go back to the console everybody is talking about, but rather than making this all about the micro PlayStation Classic I endeavoured to find the alternative best way to play specific games I remember and love as well as a mix of some I missed before. It's nowhere near as easy as you might think, to just pick up and play. This is an account of what happened. Games discussed include Resident Evil 1-3, Final Fantasy VII-IX, Tekken 3, WipeOut, Gran Turismo, Soviet Strike, Bloody Roar 2, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Soul Blade, Driver, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Siphon Filter, Vagrant Story, Spider-Man, Bust-A-Groove, Parappa the Rapper, Dino Crisis 1 & 2 and the promise of more Metal Gear Solid.
Jan 1, 2018
1 hr 30 min
Bojack Horseman [Season 1]
[School of Everything Else 2017] This is the first of several episodes on the fantastic Netflix animated show Bojack Horseman. Next week will be an episode on seasons 2 & 3 and at some point we will probably do season 4. It starts off as a black adult comedy about show business and Hollywood and you could be forgiven for lumping it in with Family Guy, however, it quickly establishes itself as a drama about various deeply flawed, human characters. Unlike Rick and Morty, though, the core of the existential dread isn't the bleakness of everything, but our desperation to be better, worthwhile people, even as we fail over and over. It is so worth your time. Joining us are our good friends Kaoru Negisa and Debbie Morse of Sequentially Yours, and genuine stunt actress Maya Santandrea, who brings her insight as to what the business of filming is frequently like.
Jan 11, 2017
1 hr 47 min
To the Moon
[School of Everything Else 2017] A five hour, retro RPG with a story that will stay with you. We recommend everyone play the game before listening.  It's kind of like a fun Inception. Laura Kate Dale joins us for a very textured, emotional and personal discussion about this extraordinary experience.  This show was commissioned by Emanuel Matius, Sean Lyons Burke and Nick Grugin. Patreon supporters at the five dollar level can enjoy a bonus re-release of the episode of Do try This At Home that Sharon recorded in 2013, on this same game.  Next week; Donnie Darko. Guest: Laura Kate Dale of Let's Play Video Games
Jan 10, 2017
1 hr 40 min
Analogue: A Hate Story
[School of Everything Else 2017] A commissioned show from Mark Lucksch. First thing I said when I saw the art was "No anime." Mark assured me that with its writer based in the west and Korean rather than Japanese artwork, as well as lack of animation that this text-adventure available on Steam was not, in fact, anime.  After many hours of playing through this tale of an intelligent, female consciousness inside a computer on a spaceship, with its themes of oppressive, patriarchal tradition, and a woman's prerogative, we both had a rather... strong reaction. Enjoy? Next week: Gargoyles
Jan 9, 2017
1 hr 2 min
The Second Coming
[School of Everything Else 2017] A commissioned show about a 2003 two-part TV miniseries wherein Christopher Eccleston plays a regular bloke from Manchester who suddenly realises that he is the son of God. The story is about how the world takes this news and how it affects his close friends. Also there are demons. This is new Doctor Who creator Russel T. Davies' hot take on religion. It made Sharon and I quite angry, and unexpectedly ended up as one of our more thought-provoking shows, most definitely nudging us out of our comfort zone and into the realm of discussing one of the subjects guaranteed to offend somebody.
Jan 8, 2017
1 hr 41 min
[School of Everything Else 2017] This is a Vertigo comics series which ran for 60 issues from 1997 to 2002, written by Warren Ellis and drawn by Darick Robertson.  It is set in a non-specified future where cities stretch out across the planet, filled with bored tech-fetishists all looking for the next distraction. Spider Jerusalem is an infamous gonzo journalist who returns to the otherwise unnamed "The City" to write some books and newspaper columns after years of hiding in a log cabin up a mountain. This is a book that was hugely influential on me, and while the retro-future it predicted was off the mark in many cases, some of it is so sharp that it's going to hurt to listen. There's blasphemous and depraved content within so you have been warned. Alasdair Stuart of The Escape Artists joins us to talk about all things Spider in this commissioned show courtesy of Ciaran Dachtler.  Guest: Alasdair Stuart of Escape Pod
Jan 7, 2017
1 hr 58 min
Doctor Who: The Movie
[School of Everything Else 2017] We've had several requests over the course of our show to cover THE ENTIRETY of Doctor Who, or even just "Everything since 2005". Eventually one commissioning Whovian named Andy Nattan came around with a suggestion that would neatly incorporate our knowledge of the Doctor into a discussion about one fairly hilariously bad TV movie made in 1996. It also constitutes (almost) the entire onscreen appearance of the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, who was rather good (when he stopped SCREAMING). So whether you love Who, like it or think it's a load of old toss you'll almost certainly enjoy listening to us talk with long-time Seventh Doctor fan Neil Taylor about this failed pilot, starring Eric Roberts as The Terminator, featuring a really REALLY accurate clock, a wibbly window and a jizz-snake. Guests: Neil Taylor of TheKidDogg
Jan 6, 2017
1 hr 58 min
Ms. Marvel
[School of Everything Else 2017] In 2013 a brand new Marvel character was introduced to the world, one who is very reminiscent of classic Peter Parker, a goofy, hapless, sweet-natured teenager who just wants to help people. She's also the world's premier, headlining Muslim superhero, and very much due a movie or TV series to bring her to mass popularity like those who came before her. In tonight's episode we are joined by Alasdair Stuart, owner of Escape Artists and longtime comic-book expert, to enthusiastically discuss why the younger generations are already loving Kamala Khan, and why she's so important in the grand scheme. You don't have to have read any of her comics, but by the end of this you will want to.  This was a commissioned show, and we kick off with some important (and good news) about future commissions.  Guest: Alasdair Stuart of Escape Pod
Jan 5, 2017
1 hr 22 min
Legends of Zelda III
[School of Everything Else 2017] This is the third show I have put together about the Legend of Zelda series. The first was back in 2010 for Digital Cowboys when we covered most of the games in the series. The second was in early 2012 on Digital Gonzo when we covered the contentious Skyward Sword on the Wii (This episode is now available exclusively through Patreon). This time we're looking at a bunch that we missed first time round, and one or two that have emerged more recently. 2001. Oracle of Seasons/Ages2004. The Minish Cap 2006. Twilight Princess 2007. Link’s Crossbow Training2007. The Phantom Hourglass2009. Spirit Tracks 2011. Ocarina of Time 3D2013. A Link Between Worlds2013. Wind Waker HD2014. Hyrule Warriors2015. Majora's Mask 3D My guests this time are Laura Kate Dale, Gary Blower, Glen Watts, Iain Hopwood, Lloyd Huhn, David Garcia Abril and Richard Lago. This show was recorded back in 2015 while the Switch was still called the NX, Breath of the Wild didn't have a name and Twilight Princess HD had yet to be announced. When we do a fourth Zelda show it will be a lot sooner and will be all about Breath of the Wild, which after thirty or so hours of play may be my favourite of them all. Guests: Laura Kate Dale of Lets Play Video Games Gary Blower of GameBurst Iain Hopwood of Year of Steam Lloyd Huhn David Garcia Abril Richard Lago Glen Watts
Jan 4, 2017
1 hr 41 min
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