The RomCom Effect
The RomCom Effect
Lena Olson and Katie Chilson
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Join Katie and Lena as they revisit classic romantic comedies and their effect on...everything! Your quirky best friends/leading ladies/podcast hosts discuss the impact the films have had on their lives and how they fit into the social and political landscape of the modern world. Each week they chat with guests about fave points throughout the story, philosophize about the essential elements of a great movie, and share romcommoms (romcom moments) from their own lives. It's the RomCom Effect!
Bonus Episode: Quarantine Edition
Lena and Katie catch up in quarantine covering which rom coms are helping them cope, how they're staying busy, and why TV and movies are extra important right now.Support the show
May 15, 2020
57 min
Valentine's Day with Miraya Berke
Katie and Lena are joined by founder of the Rom Com Fest, Miraya Berke, to wrap up the season with Valentine's Day! They chat about high school sweethearts, Valentine's Day celebrations and the 36 questions to fall in love.Find Miraya Berke on twitter: @mirayaberkeFollow Rom Com Fest on twitter: @romcomfestival and instagram: @romcomfestYou can buy tickets to the Rom Com Fest now at: about Miraya's love story here: you want to ask a special someone 36 questions to fall in love: the show
Feb 13, 2020
1 hr
Groundhog Day with Adam Dubowsky
Lena and Katie are joined by guest Adam Dubowsky to relive the great rom-com Groundhog Day. Even though they hate small talk with people from high school, they chat about what they'd do in Purgatory, weather as a metaphor and the powerful music of Coldplay.Support the show
Feb 6, 2020
1 hr 4 min
Last Holiday with Taneka Stotts
Lena and Katie are joined by Taneka Stotts (Steven Universe) to rewatch Queen Latifah's Last Holiday. They cover graceful poop jokes, the trouble with health insurance, and the most epic snowboard chase of all time. You can find Taneka on Twitter: @TanekaStottsCheck out her work at: the show
Jan 30, 2020
1 hr 8 min
The Holiday Calendar with Christina Lee
Katie and Lena are joined with guest Christina Lee to chat about the Netflix Original "The Holiday Calendar." This week they cover NYE toasts, celebrity kid stars, and travel bloggers.Support the show
Jan 23, 2020
49 min
The Knight Before Christmas
Katie and Lena catch up with each other while discussing Netflix original, The Knight Before Christmas. They talk about switcheroo movies, Lady Alexa Play and their personal quests in life.Support the show
Jan 16, 2020
54 min
Last Christmas with Tara Hernandez
Katie and Lena are joined by Tara Hernandez (Young Sheldon) for Paul Feig's newest movie Last Christmas. They could teach a college course on the movie but instead talk adult illness, immigration and the Casper Test.Support the show
Jan 9, 2020
59 min
Let It Snow with Erin Byrne Siskind
Happy New Year! We’re keeping the holiday spirit going with Let It Snow. Katie and Lena chat with guest Erin Byrne Siskind about a town with no parents, apology pigs and the Netflix Cinematic Universe. Support the show
Jan 2, 2020
1 hr
Love Actually with Vick Ravindran
Merry Christmas from Lena and Katie who are joined by guest Vick Ravindran to talk about holiday favorite Love Actually! Katie can’t get her head out of the gutter, Lena perfects her Alan Rickman impression, and Vick offers hope for Karl and Sarah in the sequel of our dreams. Support the show
Dec 25, 2019
1 hr 12 min
The Family Stone with Leah Pablo
Lena and Katie are joined by guest Leah Pablo to chat about The Family Stone. This week they get sidetracked when Katie breaks a coffee table, they gush about Young & Hungry and swiping right on real life. Support the show
Dec 19, 2019
1 hr 5 min
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