The Roaring Trainers
The Roaring Trainers
The Roaring Trainers
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Recently started, can’t stop
I found this on my recommended and I decided, what the heck, and I gave it a listen. By episode 0, they had me hooked. I don’t know if they are still making these but I truly hope they are because they are amazing. The PCs are well rounded characters with realistic and sensible motivations. The NPCs make sense in the world and they all have fun chemistry with the players. I love this podcast. Would recommend.
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Long time listener
Initially I was a bit hesitant about a Pokémon podcast set in the roaring 20s. However, this podcast proved that you can’t judge a podcast by its summary and thumbnail. Wonderfully integrated backstories and well built world, filled with Monty python like antics: when you think its going well, the guys take a sudden left and we all start sweating bullets. Overall, engaging and hilariously fresh take on playing Pokémon.
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Great job!
By far my favorite Pokémon podcast. Well worth my time and yours.
Thanos WILL snap you
Storytelling expertise
So glad these guys are back! The captivate my mind as I listen to what they have created. They have funny moments, deep moments, dark moments, action, and drama. It’s everything you want in entertainment and in my opinion better than any television show. Keep doing what you do fellas. It beyond amazing. Pure Genius.
One of my absolute faves
I’ve enjoyed this podcast SO much. And this from someone with the barest knowledge of Pokémon! The storytelling is wonderful; Gatlin does an excellent job as the GM and his flexibility is impressive. The players all work fantastically together and their humor is a delight. I can’t count the times I’ve been sitting and listening and thought to myself, “Man, I wish *I* could play with these guys!” I hope this show continues for many sessions to come!
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Great story telling, good fun
This group of friends does a wonderful job from their passion through to editing. The story matters, the characters have skin in the game, and there’s appropriately timed comedic relief. Freaking love all of it!
The best Pokémon podcast going
By turns hilarious and sad, with a slow-burning, tense plot and characters (both people and Pokémon) you can't help but to root for. The Roaring Trainers has everything--everything!--you could want from an adventure podcast, let alone a Pokémon one.
10/10 Would Recommend
My fiancée and I’s FAVORITE podcast to listen to together. The characters and players have great chemistry and are always a hoot. Great role playing and story telling
Easy listening
Great podcast. I throughly enjoy the interaction between the players and GM. The sound quality and editing are great. Continue the good work.
Sir Kole
Always been a fan of Pokémon since Red version in the 90’s with my Charmander, so when I first discovered a Pokémon based D&D I was completely surprised by what one could do when it came to creating a unique Pokémon world with a region that is either already established in Pokémon or with one that is based on the regions but is molded to fit the DM’s whims. I am always on the lookout for new Pokémon D&D’s with great characters and a great story. Now I’d love to see someone do one in Alola & Galar!
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Welcome back
Welcome home, I missed you boys and now you’re back in 2020!
Thank Arceus !! The boys are back
I literally cried today at work that this podcast is off hiatus love you guys so much best pokemon podcast ever!!!!
Great detail
This group is awesome and I’m so happy they are back! The DM gives great detail and everything is a surprise for everyone including the players!
Welcome back
It’s awesome you guys are back!
4.5 Stars
This show is hilarious! Love the chemistry between these guys. The only negative is that they don’t release episodes very often, one maybe two a month.
Great podcaat but.......
Next Campaign
I love many things and Being DM of my group is one. Now my players are begging me to run a Pokémon inspired campaign. Thankfully, I found some home brew stuff and now have to plan for when we are done the current one(which may have an early end.) Long story short, this show is fantastic and I love listening.
Absolutely Fantastic
Found myself completely immersed in the story from the very beginning. Anyone who has even a slight interest in tabletop games or Pokémon definitely need to check this podcast out.
PKMN Nerd Scott
Pretty good
I like this podcast. I’m on episode 4 as I’m reviewing and I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, so I understand that my gripes may be some early podcast adjustments. If I find that is the case, I will definitely update this review and rating. There are a ton of 5-star ratings on here. Look at them for the positives. I agree with most of them. I only have 2 main negatives, but they’re huge ones, hence the 3-star rating. The first is that the GM cannot seem to go more than 5 or 6 words without at least one of them being “um.” The other is that the battle music is INCREDIBLY repetitive and irritating. These two issues vastly affect the listenability of the show. My only other real issues are that they’re referred to as Red Rocket instead of Team Rocket, and it feels like labeling the show as being “in the Jazz age” has been kind of pointless so far. Team Rocket is obviously mobsters, and there’s been mention of A jazz bar, but other than that this is essentially identical setting-wise to the 1st generation of Pokémon games. Why bother setting it in the jazz age if it’s never described in a meaningful way and doesn’t impact the story in a meaningful way?
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How do people even rate this bellow five stars? I’ve listened to this series on Spotify at least 3 full times and I can’t wait to listen to it again on apple podcast
The perfect Pokémon and D&D mix
These guys have impressed me, so much. You can tell all these guys have a passion for role playing and Pokémon. You feel like you are setting at the table as you get just enough table talk to not distract, but really get to know the cast. Everyone really puts themselves into their characters and fighting is quick enough to not slow down the pace. Only 5 episodes in, but I felt I needed to review this. Will update it after I catch up.
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For both D&D and Pokémon lovers out there, these guy do an incredible job with their characters and game mechanics! I wanna play this version, i hope they post their game stuff for people to follow soon and play their own Pokémon RPG!
Naked Ski Bum
Awesome podcast!
This podcast is so much fun! You can really enjoy the dynamic of their friendship. Amazing combo of D&D and Pokémon. And the Roaring 20s! Totally unique and hilarious
Love it!
Came here from Bombarded, was a bit skeptical about a Pokémon DND podcast, but I fell in love after the first episode. Great podcast, funny cast, interesting story and brilliant chemistry. What more can you ask for?
pokémon and d&d: the best combo
not once did i even think to seek out a pokémon/d&d podcast, but my god, this has quickly taken a spot in my top 3 favorite podcasts. the hosts are hilarious and insanely welcoming in the kind of familiar sense that makes them feel like old friends, and the story gets more and more interesting with every episode. 10/10!
Absolutely one of the best podcast of its kind of listened to, really enjoy the characters and the storyline. Hoping these guys keep going and find lots of support!
Great show!
I love coming back every couple weeks for this show and it inspired me to make my own campaign. 10/10!
Bipbopbipputty bop bop
Pokemon + RPG + 4 Friends = Amazing Podcast
Didn't even know there was a 5E D&D skin for Pokemon until this podcast, now I can't get enough of it! The production value from episode 1 and beyond puts this podcast ahead of so many others. If that was enough, the players and GM are great! Having so much fun with this podcast and wishing I had my very own Abra best friend.
More Roaring Trainers
My favorite podcast to listen to! I’ve listened to every episode more than once! It’s everything I’ve wanted Pokémon to be as I got older! Gatlin, Aaron, Adam, and Nick all blend together with banter and in character to bring a really enjoyable/relatable experience where the listeners almost feel like they are tagging along!
Everything ive ever wanted!
Yes! The story is moving, characters have depth, the players work well togeather, I just love how well thought out this pod is! Also, its what I've always wanted Pokemon to eventually evole to!
Always looking forward to the next episode.
These guys made a hilarious, original podcast! You don’t have to be a huge Pokémon fan to enjoy it, the characters and players make this a fun listen for anyone.
My favorite podcast
This is the only podcast I really listen to faithfully. These guys have such great chemistry and their characters are lovable. The GM Gat brings a new and exciting story every single episode leaving you wanting more. If you love Pokémon and D&D it’s a must to listen to. -Johnny (GM Pokemon Seicho)
Guy johnn
One of my favorite D &D podcasts
I found the Roaring Trainers through a plug from another podcast (bomBARDed) and I’m so glad I gave it a listen. The podcast is funny and the guys have such a good rapport with one another. You also don’t have to be a Pokémon master to listen to the podcast, they do a good job describing Pokémon when they’re initially introduced, as well as the battle & catching the Pokémon mechanics. I wouldn’t say it fits in exactly with the setting of the roaring 20s (at this point, at least) but the role play is good enough where I can overlook it.
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One of my favorites
From the first episode this podcast became one of my favorites! The boys do such a good job creating characters and stories that pull you into the world. If you love Pokémon and D&D you really need to listen to this show!
Good sound quality, great player/dm chemistry. There's also been some good good party drama in the Viridian arc. They've done a great job adapting Pokemon into 5e and while it feels nostalgic to listen to adults play Pokemon, it's also new and interesting.
The Very Best Like No One Ever Was!
Just started listening to this podcast and having a great time so far! The sound design is fantastic, the characters are all interesting and engaging, and as a lover of all things Pokémon, I love their twist on the Kanto region and the world of Pokémon as a whole!
The Quest Company
Love It
The best podcast, like no podcast ever was.
This show is great and these guys are great.
I’d play RPGs with them.
Nostalgic and yet brand new
Listening to the four of you explore the Kanto region is like reliving my childhood days of Pokémon....although my friends and I didn’t drink as much as Atticus. With excellent podcasting skills, explosive and sometimes dark narrative, an interesting twist to exploration of Pokémon world lore and history combined with tabletop elements is a refreshing and fun way to explore the Kanto (and maybe even the Johto region). I can’t wait to hear the next episode. Keep up the great work you guys! And remember to give Abby a sweet sweet treat.
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PkmnTrainer Niki
There are a few things I need from a role play podcast and this fulfill them all. Good audio quality, engaging story, no more than three players (I have trouble telling voices apart)
Excellent podcast
From the character background to the editing and foley work, this podcast is excellent. 11/10. You can tell how much the players and GM care about the game and characters, I love the jokes and references, and the thought put into the world building is amazing. Can’t wait for more episodes!!
Who knew D&D/Pokémon would work so well!
Everyone’s has those thoughts were you’d love to morph a franchise you love with 5E and this podcast lovingly makes it a reality! I’m really excited to see where it goes.
Top Notch
You can tell right away the amount of love and care that goes into the sound design on this podcast. It feels like you’re listening to a gritty version of the original Pokémon anime. I would recommend this to anyone that likes Pokémon and ttrpgs.
First time that I’ve given anything a review but it’s totally worth it. You guys are fantastic. I am only on Ep 3 but already hooked and recommending it to all my friends.
Can’t wait to see what will happen.
Admittedly I’m a picky podcast person, I’ve started and stopped a bunch for various reasons, but I really honestly enjoy this one. You don’t need any knowledge of D&D more than what it is to follow along. Having Pokémon knowledge helps much more. The world building has had a lot of great references that will be familiar to Pokémon fans. The story has had a little bit of everything so far. It’s been tense and dramatic, silly and heartbreaking. It’s never heartbreaking for too long though the guys behind the characters keep it from staying too sad for too long. You can tell they’re having a genuine good time playing. Speaking of characters, they’re all charming and well thought out, and play off each other in fun ways. They’ve already grown in the first few episodes and I’m excited to see where their adventure will take them next!
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It keeps getting better!
Every episode sees the cast get more into the groove and the show gets funnier and funnier. Very glad I started listening!
Blown Away!
This Podcast has it all. Wonderful characters(both NPC and PC), fantastic music which really elevates moments, and a really unique idea. This is Pokemon for those of us that have grown up and wanted Pokemon to grow up with us. It's mature, it's dark, and it's hilarious. If I could toss it more than 5 stars, I would.
Great Pokémon DnD Podcast!
This show is a solid DnD Pokemon Podcast with great characters and a fun (so far) story. The production quality is incredible for the first episodes in a series. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you grew up with Pokémon and love tabletop games. I’ve listened to a lot of Pokémon Podcasts and even made one myself, and this is the best out there.
A perfect mix of D&D and Pokemon!
Always loved Pokémon and just starting to get into D&D so it’s awesome to see how you guys combine those. I think it fits perfectly! I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to battle and be a trainer in the pokemon world! I think it’s really fun to be able to listen to you guys role play through the beginner chapters of becoming trainers!
Pokémon DnD? Yes Please!
Seriously feeding my need for Pokémon entertainment as an adult - funny group of people playing a great game with serious plot - yes please! It’s one of the stories I want to listen to as soon as it comes out, cant wait to see where it goes!
Ecarg Smada
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