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5 stars
Love the pod! Glad to see ben back. Your EPP (explosives per pod) was getting dangerously low while he was out
Do you guys listen to your selves?
The most important part of an audio only thing is for the voices to sound good. You guys sound like a bunch of nerds doing homework. A bunch of nerds that don’t actually have anything insightful to say.
Sweet Lou 1970
Get to the content
Its alright content but it takes so long to get to content. It’s between 5-7 minutes of ridiculous talk or just “catching up”. More often then not I just skip this time. The rating is low because after I skip ahead I’ve never felt like I’ve missed anything.
Seems your 3rd mic needs better and more clear audio. Hard to here when driving down the road even at near max volume.
Some Notes
As long as they don’t talk about Chris Ballard and Justin Herbert they are really entertaining. Otherwise it’s a circle jerk around Ballard and Herbert. Funny too cuz I don’t know a single chargers fan. Or a franchise QB drafted by Ballard. Sorry I’m tired of football talking heads circle jerking Ballard and Herbert. 5 stars
We Need to Talk About Kevin
This show has been great, and is sometimes still great, but it is going downhill fast. It’s about Kevin. Kevin is a great host, and I’ve followed his pods for years before the Ringer, but he is really starting to grate. He seems to have let his success go to his head, and frequently says stupid things that make me want to change to another podcast. He’s always been a little snarky, but now it’s toxic and cringe-worthy. It’s been really awkward to listen at times, although he usually takes a step back when there is a guest that he respects. A couple times he has had that attitude with a guest analyst, which is absolutely mortifying. Recently, the worst part is when he tears into his co-hosts for having an opinion he disagrees with, he’s way too aggressive and sounds like his head is firmly up his rear. It’s like he thinks he’s the boss and his co-hosts are his minions, full of disdain and disrespect. His new co-hosts are trying hard, but Kevin always interrupts them to get the last word and it’s really off-putting. His chemistry with Nora is good, but Steven is always completely run over in the discussion. Kaelan has some great knowledge and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him. Kevin- this isn’t “The Kevin Clark Pod”, we are here for everyone and not just to hear you massage your ego.
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Joke of a show
Just love when media people think they know now then people running teams
Mike.C 35
Is decent but could be great
BEN SOLAK IS THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS PODCAST AND NOW HE IS RARELY ON. Nora is a really strong co-host, the rest has gotten mid. I’d give it a 7/5 every time when Ben is present but he’s been MIA.
Chris Lamantia
Tell Kevin to stop moving
I like the podcast but Kevin literally cannot sit still and moves farther away from the mic. It sounds like he is literally picking something up from the floor
Audio Issues
I enjoy the analysis on the podcast, but the audio is really starting to drive me away. I can’t hear Kevin half the time while everyone else sounds normal (other than Ben, who tends to yell). Not sure if it’s a bad mic or just Kevin not talking into all the time, but it needs to get fixed.
More thoughts
Steven Ruiz. Bro who are you Nora. I do not care about your personal interests Kevin. Dude, we get it you like russillo
Poopystinks Fan Art
Please Get Kevin A New Mic
I love listening to this podcast and have been for almost two years now. I also listen to the Ringer Fantasy Football podcast with Danny, DK, and Craig. I have no issues when I listen to the fantasy podcast, as far as sound quality. The volume is level and I am able to hear all three of them loud enough and clear enough to enjoy the podcast on a regular basis. Over the past few months however, with this specific pod, I find myself getting very frustrated when listening. It’s gotten to the point where I have to just stop mid pod because I’m so annoyed with the volume levels of those in the show. Kevin is the host, so he usually is talking the most and lately I have had to turn up the volume quite a bit just to hear him when he’s rambling off contract terms and/or setting up the topic the pod is about that day. Then Nora or Steven or someone else begins to talk and my ears dang near get blown out because their mics actually pick up their voice loud and clear and I have to turn the volume back down. Then there’s times where Kevin is talking quietly at one point then all of a sudden gets excited and starts yelling and I have to turn it down again and it’s just so frustrating. I don’t know if it’s the producers issue, the mic itself, or if Kevin doesn’t know how to use a mic because it seems like he almost backs away from the mic when he starts rambling, and then eats the mic when he gets excited and is waaay too close. I don’t know but I figured a successful company like yourself should be able to prevent these issues. Also, Kevin, you really gotta stop interrupting people so much. Especially Nora. Let her talk man smh.
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Football Playin Jessie
Entertaining content but….
Danny Kelly desperately needs some broadcasting tutorials. I like the show but it drives me crazy that 60% of the time it sounds like DK is speaking through a pillow on the other side of the room. He’s constantly in and out. I don’t know if he just drops into a mumble or if he can’t keep himself near the mic, but it’s only a problem with him. Maybe he needs to wear a mic to keep from wandering from it. Everyone else is clear and audible the entire time. It’s driven me so crazy I can no longer listen. I’ll try checking back from time to time to see if it gets corrected but it’s just too annoying to constantly have to stop and go back to try to catch what he’s said over and over ….
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Great content, poor production lately.
Big fan but last few episodes almost impossible to listen to. Kevin’s mic level is too low and he has started varying his cadence so that he speeds up in the middle of words and is very difficult to understand.
Can’t hear
Love this podcast. You guys are great. Love what you have to say but some of the episodes are impossible to listen to because voices trail off and are at different volumes. Last episode- impossible to hear the last 50% of Kevin’s sentences. Mic issues vs mumbling? Please fix so I can get more!
Need better audio quality
Good pod marred by audio issues. Some speakers you can barely hear and others sound like they’re screaming. The user shouldn’t have to constantly adjust the audio levels like a dj
I really like Kevin’s analysis and input. Nora is laughable. Typical Ringer chick who really doesn’t know football. In a world where everyone has to give an opinion, at least get qualified people.
Uh like you what I’m saying like the most amazing thing ever like haha like. Why does everyone aggravate me. Maybe it’s me
NFL Podcast & social justice🥴
There fixed the title.
Bunch of losers
Quit crying
Kevin won’t let Nora speak
Podcast after podcast, Nora is professional and informative. I don’t know how she keeps her thoughts straight when her cohosts, particularly Kevin, won’t let her finish a sentence. Ben does a really good job breaking things down football-wise. One star is probably unfair, but Kevin is so full of himself it’s hard to take.
Dean is a shmuck
Who Cares?
Deshawn is awesome and is fun to watch play football. Do I not watch movies because the actors, directors, and producers are morally crappy? The Browns might win the SB in the next 3 years.
Meh at best
I find Ben annoying and Kevin comes off as kinda smug Nora is good tho, the whole experience is just not my thing stopped listening after giving it a try for about 3 months or so
Carson Palmer — what a prejudiced interview
Jordan HV
Show me the tape
Still giving five stars because it’s a great show. But. Yo. On Thursday show. The 4th and 2 by Shanahan. Steven says he didn’t love the idea of bringing in Lance because Jimmy’s a better thrower. Sure. But. He was just missing short throws against Houston entirely? I would like for the film of that happening ONE TIME against Houston. Because I sure don’t see it. Just didn’t happen. He had two bad throws the entire game. 1. The pick 2. Running left, throwing to Deebo on a deep out. Threw it way behind him. These “missed” two yard completions spoken of do not exist in that game
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Amazing podcast. Only reason it isn’t a five star review is cuz YOU GUYS NEED TO GET BETTER MICS. Please, please, please, better mics as I sometimes have to literally decipher what you guys are saying.
Excellent Podcast
Great group of podcasts. Minus 1 star because if I hear James Jones say “Joe Joe Burrow” one more time I swear to God I’m gonna blow my brains out
Nora and mal are great!
And i'm a guy saying that... good job girls!! Keep it up👍👍
Decent Pod
Somebody teach Shazier how to speak into the microphone instead of the Doppler effect every two sentences.
Tough & Cliche
Analysis is a culmination of popular thought vs actual fact based opinions. Turned it off after a minute of listening.
Actual Sports Listener
Gotta Fire Nora
Nora’s ‘analysis’ is sophomoric and borderline moronic, but her delivery—somehow she is always on the verge of cracking herself up with some contrived, unfunny drivel—makes it totally aggravating and unlistenable. Tuesday is obviously a total skip, but so is every day where she’s on…so yeah, not much to listen on here anymore. Fire this dingbat.
It’s okay
It’s fine I guess. There are way better shows out there that talk about more than three teams (seriously….how much do they talk about the Chiefs!?). Kevin Clark is a smart football mind, but the guy talks SO fast it kinda gets on my nerves. The other hosts/guests are fine but nothing special. I’d rank this a bit higher if their show was more in depth. I really don’t like the format of “themes and big takeaways” from each Sunday. I want to hear about the whole league and not just snippets from five teams.
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Do you know what I’m saying?
What’s with the Tuesday show, can they go two sentences without using the phrase “Do you know what I’m saying?”
Ruiz is not good
Great show when Ruiz isn’t on. Awful when he is, don’t need continuous hyperbolic statements from someone who doesn’t seem to have a ton of football credibility in the first place and is not fun to listen to.
OK podcast for casual fans. Hard pass for others
In general this show provides mostly surface level analysis of the NFL. If it’s a team or a game that all the tv shows are talking about, the Ringer probably has an opinion and if you are a casual fan that should be sufficient. If you are a more dedicated fan, you’ll be disappointed. It doesn’t appear that they watch most of the games so you get way too much box-score analysis and you’ll hear a lot about the few teams they do watch and very little about the ones they don’t. I listened to several dozen episodes and finally jumped ship because they weren’t saying anything about the NFL I couldn’t hear more thoughtfully discussed elsewhere.
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Dan o' ms
for real james jones is great on this show. more james jones please
Stars for Ben
Benny baby, come back to BGN…. or go anywhere else. SOON. Props to you for actually jumping on a pod with Nora and still being awesome but, alas, I cannot listen to her and therefore cannot listen to you. Please tweet when you’re leaving this dumpster fire or they have you back doing scouting with anyone but Nora. Or just go be a full-time scout for the Eagles!
James,Jeff and Ryan
This trio is hands down my favorite by a mile.
Great pod but..
Love all the episodes except for the ex-player‘s episode. It’s just painfully awful to listen to those guys talk.
Certain shows are better than others
First of all, I was shocked to see so many harsh comments in the reviews about Ben & Nora!! They’re my favorites. Ben always sounds so enthusiastic (which I love), Nora is very relatable & well spoken. But anyway… I skip the Tuesday show, I just can’t get into it. the Wednesday show is hit or miss each week. The others are all great! My only complaint is it seems like they cover certain teams waaaaay more than others. I wish they balanced it out a little better.
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Needs change
I really like some of the shows and am a huge fan of solak and his ability to break things down. Not so much of a fan of the other shows. Just because you have ex players doesn’t mean of you have good podcasting talent. Hearing “know what I mean” every five words is especially grating to listen to
please. stop.
I can’t listen to him ask “you know what I’m saying?” anymore
Awesome pod
Kevin Clark is one of the smartest football writers out there and some of the other hosts are great as well. Solid listening!
One of the best
One of my top NFL podcast listen to. Always enjoy the episodes.
Schticky pretending to be honest
The crew is at all times painfully aware of consensus opinion.
no middle nickname
Show used to be okay, now it’s unlistenable
Nora and Kevin are by far my least favorite people that come on this pod, now it’s just them? Yikes…. Buckle up and enjoy if you love to hear bad generic takes
Cory Month
Everyone stinks
Used to be a huge fan when Robert Mays was around. Everyone they currently have has a certain level of smugness that’s too difficult to listen to and some are just flat about annoying.
Podcast listener #68816
New podcast hosts…
Take a shot every time we have to hear Ben Solak project “and they/it’s something that reeeeeeaaaalllllly reeeeeeeaaallllllly”
Pessimistic Bears Fan
As someone who never writes reviews, I felt obligated to let you guys know that at the 56:10 mark I had to pause the podcast and write this. I adamantly agree with your “throw it at Averett #23” game plan for every team… and I thought I was the only one who seemed to notice how sus the whole Ravens Defense is. Enjoy the podcast’s content, but that specific take had me yelling in agreement.
The AFC Leading Tennessee Titans
I have been hate listening to Ben Solak on the Monday podcast for weeks now as he grasps at straws and does mental gymnastics trying to discredit my football game winning and Super Bowl contending Titans. So it was more than pleasing to hear him finally admit his anti-Titan bias for all to hear while Kevin Clark smacks him in the face with facts and logic. Also in the interest of coherent football takes, please acknowledge that the Titans have already played 80 players this year (the record is 84 in a full season) when talking about injuries in the games Titans have won and thus accept that Mike Vrabel is Coach of the Year. (In all seriousness, love listening to the podcast!)
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Smug Titans Fan
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