The Riffhard Podcast
The Riffhard Podcast
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Between The Riffhard Podcast and URM, I don’t have any time for other ones nor need to venture out. Always entertaining. Edited greatly and they are super good at engaging the guest. Would recommend to anyone that would like to know more about the amazing artists we listen to.
Very Educating
I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. I am an aspiring guitarist at the beginner-intermediate level, and every episode is full of information about playing, being in a band, equipment, pretty much anything and everything you need to know. Their guests are some of my personal favorite guitarists as well, and the hosts come across very professionally and seem humble as well. I can’t recommend this enough to anyone that plays guitar, metal, or any musician really. Thanks to you guys for the wealth of information you’ve given so far, and for FREE!
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Poignant and informative
These gents are class acts and their peers and the pinnacle of music as we know it. It’s moved to my top spot!
As important as you can imagine
Eyal and Browne are incredible hosts and professionals. The podcast does not focus on a singular topic every time, but is structured and organized well enough that it doesn’t ever feel like you’re listening to rambling. Eyal and Browne always seem to make their guests feel at home and bring out the best conversations. There’s always something to learn and draw inspiration from here, and I hope they can carry this on as long as possible.
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Outstanding Podcast
This is such a great podcast. Eyal and John are great interviewers and the quality of guests is outstanding. Well done.
This is the best!
Eyal and John are great and I’ve been a fan/student of theirs for a while now, but the guests they have on and the subjects the discuss are so helpful to me on many levels. It really helps me to process what I am going through on my own journey as an artist. Thanks guys! Keep it coming!!!
Great podcast!
Nice guys giving a great behind the scenes account of how the music is made. Love it!
Inspirational Podcast \\ m //
Killer stuff
Great guitar podcast
Great pod. Even with three people they don’t talk over each other and the convos are very insightful
great podcast
i love it
Great conversations!
I’m a few episodes into this podcast, and I’m really glad I discovered it. Conversations are wide ranging, very interesting, and about much more than just playing the guitar, even though music is the lens through which they are focused. In the future I hope we’ll hear from more voices from outside the metal world, and also from women.
Been a metal guitarists for about 10 years, never thought there would be a metal podcasts for guitarists and to also be this good. This is a big deal, keep it going.
This is everything I want to listen to! Topics are relatable and I struggle with many of the topics discussed obviously not at the same level but it’s incredibly interesting! I am actually excited to listen to a podcast and want to hear what all of these phenomenal players have to say. Great job I love this.
Guitarists Unite!
All the guitars, all the time!
This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for.