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The Richie Allen Show
The Richie Allen Show
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Finally something to smile about
I am a listener from North of Atlanta Georgia in the USA. I am a patriot, I love my country and I’m devastated over this sham election here in the US. I Just recently found his program & have enjoyed Richie Allen’s show for a couple of months now. Lots of serious info being discussed in each show but he has a way of asking the questions we’re all thinking and without fail, EVERY SINGLE SHOW, he has me cracking up & laughing out loud with his witty humor! Seems like there’s not much to laugh about these days with all the evil and lies being forced on us. Richie is a truth speaker with an uncanny ability to inject loads of humor in the knowledge he shares. God Bless the truth tellers. God bless Richie Allen🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️
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Truth Teller
Richie Allen is a godsend in the mass gaslighting of humanity. And we love the sassy commentary. God bless him! - Portland, Oregon USA
Thrift Girl
Mr. Richie Allen is a five star show (10 Stars if I had the option)
Richie has been my #1 favorite show for a few months since finding him. He addresses issues all over the UK, USA and other places. I can tell he has been reporting and speaking for a long time. 1st of all he makes me laugh my butt off!!! He knows how to swear so very Eloquently!!! His voice takes a show or two to get used to because it’s so strong and accented. After that he seriously has the exact same views on all the stupid events that have been happening lately. He realizes that people are becoming Sheeple at an alarming rate, as do I. Take a listen people/sheeple, maybe he can pull you out of the heard with his powerful show!!
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Thank you. I appreciate hearing different viewpoints.
Great show
Great stuff Richie keep up the outstanding work! Just wanted to mention your recent podcast from 1/10/19 with Deborah Tevares was recently removed from apple... must have made someone uncomfortable with that interview!
Orginal no other like this
Enjoyed listening to the show prior to his take down off multiple platforms. Freedom of speech reigns supreme on this show. I see some bots are trying to say he is an anti semite to try and flag Richie Allen. If one heres his entire body of work not just cherry picking they will know he is a lover of humanity. Dont feed the trolls and dont believe the bots. Think for yourself and form your own opinion.
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Richie Allen Show is very Anti-Semitic
I used to enjoy listening to Richie Allen but over the past couple years it is very apparent that the Rickie Allen Show has become extremely Anti-Semitic. I’m tired of listening to his hatred of Jews and Israel. My family and I stopped listening to Richie Allen’s irrelevant rantings..
Real freedom of speech, listen and learn..
Relevant. Necessary. Brilliant!
As a true and objective journalist. Richie leaves no stone unturned. Definitely my “go-to” source for the real deal behind the headlines, and beyond. Much appreciation for “real news!!” Continued God Speed!