The Residency Podcast
The Residency Podcast
Jeff Tomastik, Low Raven & Drew Belcher
A deep dive into pop culture, business, sports, food, drinks, marketing and Las Vegas news with co-hosts Jeff Tomastik, Low Raven, Drew Belcher & special guests.
Welcome Home Everybody! We are back in action and kicking off the episode with all the new the dining options coming to Virgin Hotel Las Vegas. There are wild stories throughout the episode this time like the FAA granting Amazon permission to start drone operations, Walmart getting ready for same day delivery, Elon Musk rising to one of the richest people in the world, Apple changing the game for privacy and advertising, what the NFL will look like with no fans, the MTV VMA’s and how award shows should be handled in the future, the booming business behind Cameo and Snoop Dogg becomes the latest celebrity to launch an alcohol brand. As always we finish the episode with our favorite segment Eat It, Drink It, Binge It!
Sep 7
1 hr 3 min
Ep. 24 - Is College CANCELLED?
Welcome Home Everybody!! We jump right into the episode with what’s happening in our favorite city Las Vegas! Bellagio had to pay out a massive jackpot, Tony Hsieh retires as the CEO of Zappos and we relive some of the Las Vegas LDW pre-pandemic glory days. As fall gets closer and closer we had to go over how colleges will be handling students coming back to campus as well as our thoughts on if graduate degrees are a thing of the past. Tik Tok is still for sale but Drew has been accepted into the creator fund and he tells us how much money influencers are really making on the app. We chat about how if you are an independent restaurant that is struggling watch out because Dominos, Chipotle and Dunkin might be coming for your restaurant space, Fortnite is going after how Apple does business, how Amazon is set to take over the luxury shopping market and Airlines took their bailout money and cut the majority of their staffs. As always we end the episode with Eat It, Drink It, Binge It!
Aug 31
1 hr 1 min
Welcome Home Everybody! We are kicking this episode off with all good things going on in Vegas from the re-opening of The Mirage on the strip, to a Vegas local Collin Morikawa winning the PGA Championship and the Golden Knights advancing in the NHL playoffs.  Stay tuned for our insights on Chipotle using Avocados to make their own clothing brand, Steve-O showing us that billboards can still go viral, Wuhan China throwing a massive pool party, Ryan Reynold’s becoming the latest celebrity to get paid from liquor, Michael Rubin making Fanatics unstoppable plus Gymshark entering into the unicorn club! As always we wrap up the episode with our favorite segment Eat It, Drink It, Binge it!
Aug 24
53 min
Ep. 22 - From Fitness to Frenchies with Devin Physique
Welcome Home Everybody! On this episode we have Las Vegas resident, social media creator, fitness influencer and all around entertainer Devin Physique as our guest. If you want to know the evolution of social media influence this is the episode for you! Devin breaks down how he originally got into fitness and why he started posting his journey on Instagram. His rise to success with the pioneer of influencer marketing Shredz and gives us a full background on what it was like during those times. He provides insight into how social media completely changed the fitness industry and ecommerce in general plus the opportunities it has provided to him. As he begins his online mentor program he gives us some of his secrets to success on social media as well. Plus his life in Las Vegas, his love for frenchies, the history of his tattoos and his funny side. Of course we finish the episode with our favorite segment Eat it, Drink it, Binge it.
Aug 17
1 hr
Welcome Home Everybody! This episode we jump right into some Vegas news and cover MGM’s new package to remotely work from Vegas to attract more visitors.  Unfortunately another major event bites the dust as the Electric Daisy Carnival is cancelled for 2020 and the Raiders will be playing with no fans in the stadium. If anyone can save the XFL it is The Rock as he buys the entire league so we had to give our thoughts on how this would all work. The stories continue with E News being cancelled, Trump continuing to mess with the sale of Tik Tok, the end of house parties in LA, people resorting to watching movies in a Walmart parking lot and of course Kanye making headlines with his presidential run. As always the episode ends with our favorite segment Eat It, Drink It, Binge It.
Aug 10
56 min
Ep. 20 - Birthday Boys!
Welcome Home Everybody! Your weekly dose of Jeff, Drew and Low are back with major headlines. A huge hit to Vegas came with the cancellation of CES convention but Sands finally gave the city some positive press. Dr Fauci has a new fashion idea for the masses and we get to talking on what that would really be like. Tik Tok has dominated the news with Trump’s potential ban, their 2 Billion Dollar creator fund as well as their potential privacy issues. Ellen’s reign as daytime queen might be officially over and we are weighing in on what she should do. The catfishing is going to continue as FaceTune announced their video editing app. Of course there is mountains of sports news from the MLB finally coming back and immediately hitting problems with covid to announcements of college football’s return and Patrick Mahomes is already spending those millions. We of course wrap up the episode with Eat It, Drink It, Binge It!
Aug 3
1 hr 2 min
Ep 19 - Travel Bans and Bubble Life
Welcome Home Everybody! This week we were overflowing with top stories but we brought you our take on the ones you really need to know. We dive into all the updates about Vegas as well as our thoughts on the merger of El Dorado Resorts and Caesars Entertainment. Our favorite topic of Kanye West got even more airtime as we discuss his twitter rants and what is really happening behind the scenes. Travel has become so difficult now that 33 countries actually won’t be letting US Citizens in their country at all for a while. The podcast world had some major news with Spotify adding a video component and their announcement of a new major upcoming show plus we have some wild sports stories including a celebrity-backed women’s pro soccer team in LA, the start of the MLB season, the Kraken becoming an actual NHL team, life in the NBA bubble and the possibility of our Las Vegas Raiders not having any fans this year. As always we end with our favorite segment Eat It, Drink It, Binge It.
Jul 27
57 min
Episode 18 - Will Sports Ever be the Same?
Welcome Home Everybody! Another wild episode as always! We start off with a full update on Covid in Vegas and California plus how we are all coping with the changes. We of course have to update you on the roller coaster of news that is Kanye West, the new wave of Robinhood traders and how they are taking out their frustration when trades don't go their way plus the new player in the streaming wars. We have tons of sports news as well from the Redskins saga of changing their name, to the city of Philadelphia announcing there will be no fans in the stadium, the success of UFC's Fight Island and Mike Tysons upcoming fight. As always we end the episode with Eat It, Drink It, Binge It.
Jul 21
56 min
Episode 17 - Tik Tok Takeover
Welcome Home everybody!! We have another great episode for you as the headlines are never ending! We give an update on what Vegas has been like and how July 4 was on the strip plus our predictions on what will happen next regarding covid, we had to talk about the crazy growth of Tik Tok, the potential ban in the US and how Facebook plans to steal the spotlight if the Tik Tok ban really happens. Last episode we talked about Kanye West's Gap deal and he decided that wasn't enough press so why not announce his run for President so we break down if we think this is even realistic, we go over the Dan Bilzerian controversy of crazy spending from his business Ignite, plus we go over Patrick Mahomes' record breaking NFL contract and of course we end the episode with Eat it, Drink It, Binge it! Enjoy!
Jul 14
51 min
Episode 16 - Kanye Shops At Gap
Welcome home everybody! There is so much going on in the world right now and we tried to squeeze in the most of our favorite stories for you. There are some big updates in Las Vegas that we dive into, from the Palms staying closed until June 2021 even after their $700 Million renovation, there's going to be an adults-only resort coming in October and there are some major rumors involving the Luxor Casino. The saga of Jeffrey Epstein continues and we had to talk about what we think is going to happen next to his madame after her big arrest. Kanye West can do anything he wants and that even means partnering with The Gap. Plus we had to talk about the new Covid closures that are growing by the day. We finish off the episode with our favorite Eat It, Drink It, Binge It segment and this one is 'Grill' themed to go with our big giveaway this week!
Jul 6
54 min
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