The RegTech Report
The RegTech Report
Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo & Henry Umney
Join Mitratech’s very own experts Karl Viertel, Stefan Sulistyo and Henry Umney on our podcast: The RegTech Report. Your update to all things RegTech. Listen to our hosts as they discuss the latest RegTech news, speak with industry pioneers and muse about the latest tech.
Value-Generating Financial Controls
What a journey it's been! After 2 seasons and 60 episodes, The RegTech Report comes to an end! In this final episode, hosts Stefan Sulistyo & Henry Umney welcome a very special guest to the podcast: Claudia Howe, Executive Director of GRC Solutions at Mitratech. Join them as they discuss value-generating financial controls, from the evolution of Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting (ICFR), like SOX and UK SOX, to the limitations of these, think fraud for example. Furthermore, they go over the sanctions imposed on EY by Germany’s auditor supervisory authority, APAS, and the complexity of the auditing landscape. It's easy to blame external auditors, but the reality of the issue is much more convoluted. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Big Data in Internal Audit. To close, Top 3: Podcast Recommendations.
Apr 25, 2023
28 min
Fully Integrating The Employee Experience
Attracting top talent, retaining employees, ensuring optimal engagement and performance has never been so complicated. In this episode, join our host Henry Umney, GRC Strategy Manager at Mitratech, as he welcomes Dave Deitering, HRC General Manager at Mitratech, and Laura Lee Gentry, Chief People Officer at Enboarder, for a powerful conversation on what it truly means to fully integrate the employee experience, from recruiting and onboarding to delivering meaning, connection, and a powerful sense of belonging. Furthermore, they discuss the significant costs of not understanding the needs and expectations of today's workforce, as well as the tremendous issues that failing to address HR compliance requirements can create. To close, Top 3: April Fools' Pranks.
Mar 29, 2023
33 min
Developing a Holistic Business Continuity Plan
Looking at Business Continuity Management (BCM) through a modern lens. Join hosts Stefan Sulistyo & Henry Umney as they go over how to develop a holistic business continuity plan that encompasses all business operations rather than isolated scenarios, the importance of disaster recovery as a core component of BCM as well as the challenges and opportunities of hybrid working in this space. Furthermore, they discuss the importance of adapting business continuity plans to an ever more digitized business world in order to enhance operational resilience practices and ensure compliance with major regulations, like the SEC's new focus on cyber reporting or the EU's DORA for example. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: ChatGPT. To close, Top 3: New Movie Releases.
Mar 9, 2023
26 min
Building a Business Case for Contract Lifecycle Management
In this episode, join our host Henry Umney, GRC Strategy Manager at Mitratech, as he welcomes back Peter Thomson, Director of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) at Mitratech, and special guest Mary Jummati, Managing Director at Morae, for an electrifying conversation. How to know when it's time for a CLM solution? How to build a business case for CLM? How to choose the right technology partner and guarantee a successful implementation? These are just a few of the crucial questions answered throughout the episode. Listen for a full analysis into taking ROI to the finish line, how to overcome process bumps and delivering capabilities across the board. To close, Top 3: Favorite Spring Getaways.
Feb 28, 2023
31 min
The Retention Benefits of Competitive Technology
Join our host, Karl Viertel, as he welcomes two new voices to The RegTech Report: Brian McGovern, Executive Director of CLC Solutions at Mitratech and Dan Anderson, Vice President of Anaqua. In this episode we kick things off discussing people and top talent. How can organizations attract and retain top talent? What are the key factors behind attracting this last and developing a successful retention strategy? Furthermore, they discuss the importance of processes, technology, digitization and much more. To close, Top 3: Technology you need in your life.
Feb 6, 2023
22 min
Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!
The holidays are upon us! Join hosts Karl, Stefan & Henry in our last episode of the year. Listen to this episode as they go over 2022 and how this year marked the starting point for major regulatory frameworks coming soon: ESG Reporting, DORA, CPS 230, UK SOX, and more. Furthermore, they go over how due diligence expectations from our customers have dramatically changed this year. Plus, an interested debate about augmented reality devices, keeping in mind that tech innovation doesn't happen in all companies at the same speed. Many organizations already struggle to adopt current technology. Therefore, do these devices have the potential to transform business processes and the way users consume information? To close, Top 3: Favorite Holiday Traditions.
Dec 22, 2022
18 min
The Intersection Between Cyber & Third-Party Risk Management
Join Karl as he welcomes a very special guest to this episode of The RegTech Report: Bob Maley, CISO at Black Kite. Listen to this powerful conversation for more into the intersection between cyber & third-party risk management, the importance of vendor, fourth & fifth-party data, best practices in the field and so much more. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Ransomware. All you need to know about the topic and some extra golden nuggets. To close, Top 3: Indoor Hobbies.
Dec 1, 2022
25 min
The FTX Scandal | Plus, Messaging & Privacy
In this episode, hosts Karl, Stefan and Henry explain the topic everyone is currently talking about: the FTX scandal. They go over cryptocurrency, corporate governance (or in this case, rather lack off) and much more. Later, they analyze the possibility of new regulation deriving from this crisis, taking under consideration that the SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002) legislation was born out of the infamous Enron Scandal. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Messaging & Privacy. To close, Top 3: Winter Activities.
Nov 18, 2022
33 min
Getting ISO 27001 Certified
This time around we revisit a topic that we touched in season 1: ISO 27001. Join hosts Karl, Stefan and Henry as they walk you through the journey of getting ISO 27001 certified. Listen to this episode for answers to all key questions on the topic, like: How hard is it? Why is it important? Is it worth the hustle? Furthermore, they share crucial information and learnings useful to those thinking about embarking on this journey. Then, a new Cyber Basics segment: Data Deletion. To close, Top 3: Oktoberfest 2022 Highlights.
Oct 21, 2022
34 min
A Behind-the-Scenes Look into Regulatory Change Management
The amount of regulatory information out there is enormous, dealing with all relevant updates and being able to cut through the noise is key in order to ensure business compliance. In this episode, hosts Karl & Stefan welcome a very special guest: Donna Cameron, Senior Regulatory Compliance Expert at Mitratech, for a detailed look into Regulatory Change Management. Learn all about the biggest advances in the field, the critical issue posed by the lack of regulatory standardization, how RegTech technology can help increase efficiency in the field and so much more. To close, Top 3: Favorite Autumn Dishes. 
Oct 11, 2022
23 min
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