The Redpill Review
The Redpill Review
Red Pill Productions
Brand new to Q series!! Who is Q? Where do find Q posts? What is the purpose of Q?
Episode 5 - Cabal Pedophilia Problems
Dig into Pizzagate, Adrenochrome and Molech. How our administration is combatting satanic ritual abuse.
Jun 24
41 min
Episode 4 - The Truth About Covfefe & Google Activism
Hear a Google whistleblower explain how the employees at google erased the word covfefe from the web to make #POTUS look foolish.
Jun 6
36 min
Episode 3 - June 4, 2020 Twitter headline news
The meaningful headlines here, so you can listen instead of scroll for hours... discussed the George Floyd funeral, JFK JR, Steve Bannon and the New Fed State of China, the Iraq Dinar, @Mrroyalbadnews
Jun 4
25 min
Episode 2 - 9 Proofs That Q is Real
Q Proofs! Also visit
May 21
31 min
Episode 1 - The Redpill Review “Brand New to Q #1”
Who is Q? Where to find Q posts. What is Q’s purpose?
May 7
18 min