The Raven Effect
The Raven Effect
The Raven Effect
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Read this Joe
What do you get when you have a world wide superstar, a top ten lister, and a know it all band enthusiasts. Tune in next week to find out
I’m a mark for most of the wrestling podcast. I listened to the first show expecting mostly wrestling content, however what I got was much better. Wrestling loosely keeps the show tied together. The replay value on the episodes are excellent. I’ve listened to several shows while at work, and it’s made the night shift pass a little quicker.
“Biden is still less of a danger than Trump.” Congratulations, Raven. That is officially the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say.
Hard to put down
This is a podcast that is suited for a unique audience. My boy Mike Oxlong just started listening and he is having a hard time putting it down.
Of all the podcasts I listen to…
This is one of them.
Raven effect
This is one of my favorite podcasts. They put just enough work in to enjoy the show. Little bit of everything in this show. And always enjoys the reviews for some ideas of things to watch.
Chaos daddy
Love it
Drive for need the laughs
Tupper 78
One of the podcasts of all time.
The Raven Effect is definitely one of the podcasts of all time. No typos.
Took my wife’s phone - TonyTwoDat
I took my wife’s phone to write y’all a 5 star review! This podcast is the best! Raven is the best! Feeney is the best! Rich is the best! Gabriel is the best! If there’s one wrestling Adjacent podcast you listen to then it’s this one. Been listening since day 1. Best part of the show is the fan mail…already!!! Keep up the work! From TonyTwoDat!
Becky DiFulco
Love this, always loved Raven
Crocs of the podcasting world
The Raven Effect podcast is like a pair of Crocs, sure they feel great when they are on, but you might not want your friends to catch you wearing them. Number 2 in Yemen and Qatar but number one in our hearts. 5 stars, keep up the work!
Peter Gozenya_1
Debatably not a podcast
Raven once again finds a way to get attention, but this time with the absolute bare minimum effort and brings the maximum out of it. An ingenious mix of crude humor, genuine talks about real life moments and people, and polished off by the lax work ethic makes it all come together. Enjoyably childish and worth a listen for sure.
Great stuff
It’s a wrestling adjacent podcast but it’s not pure wrestling. It basically 3 guys just shooting the stuff and it’s like a weekly get together with friends.
some drunk guy from Texas
i look forward to monday for this podcast. I love them. Not much on the politics but that only gets brought up ever so rarley. Simpsons references are needed more. Keep... meh can't finish that line like these guys finish an actual good episode.
Love the raven effect
I do miss the bubsy intro by raven but the raven effect Mach 2 has 125% more f bombs!!!
Yoga Yohan
It’s definitely a podcast
They record and release some audio every week.
Hey it's Franklin
Shut up and take my 5 stars
This podcast brightens my Sunday nights and puts a smile on my face. I'm too tired and achy to type some more sappy crap for this show.
Only podcast that I listen to that's a can't miss. Rich and Joe are way better than that former loser Busby. Fan email is great. Keep up the lack of great work.
I was excited to find out that Raven had a podcast, but the two goofs with him are completely unbearable, and unfunny.
Read my fanny mail
It says Shoneys restaurant as the subject
Love the show Rich & Joe have great chemistry and Raven, just stop trying to be funny. If Raven talks more wrestling especially early ECW days, number one podcast. Because he turned out to be nothing he hates talking wrestling.
Steve Goseyun Jr
Worst show I listen to weekly. Also the only show I listen to weekly so it’s also the best
Great show
I started listening a few months ago and now I’m starting from the beginning so I can catch up. The idiocy is supreme and I love it. Raven was one of my favorites when he was in WCW. Now Go to bed Rich
Top Score
Raven brings the best out of Joe and Rich. Which isn’t saying much. Enjoy the show since day one with Swinger, hoping this five-star review gets us closer to mattressgate. I miss Busby hep-snaps. That is all. Thank you very large. Your friend and mine, Kaipo Punohu P.S. Joe is better than Kevin Gill but Rich is better than them all. (Recommendation) Watch the Righteous Gemstones on HBO.
Kaipo P
An 8
On a scale from 1-5, with 1 being the best and 5 being the worst, I would give this train wreck an 8.
nilbogs finest
Raven is smart
My IQ went up a half a point after listening to this podcast
This show has become less than it was from the beginning! I argue that less is better and therefore leagues better and greater than the putrid rotting corpse that it was intended to be! Worse is gooder and Trollops are recommended in the meantime!
Almasty Almighty
Feeny smells like an elephant’s butt.
F+. Fila tennis shoes.
stdpydpdsyxucuvonovicdysts TE
The best part about Monday...
Raven, Joe, and Rich...first off love you guys and love the show!! Unlike Garfield, I love Monday’s. The best part is The Raven Effect. The worst part, it’s only once a week. By the way, I’m a Joe Feeney mark. Keep it up guys!!
Bobby DGAF
Brain melt
This is a great podcast to listen to if you’re stoned or really just don’t feel like thinking much. Levy,Bocchini,Feeny,miny mo offer some nuggets of wisdom/knowledge amongst all the clutter if you look hard enough.
What about The Seven Deadly Sins?
My question is in the title. Duh. Anyways, five stars!
Stingray 5
i still listen maybe?
One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said, "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that, deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting late.
We want matressgate
Give us mattressgate or I will fart in your general direction!
5 star rabbling
Beat up Larry Zabysko again I’ll buy patreon.
Swedish Dicks
I was under the impression this was the podcast for Swedish Dicks (callback). I’m already here without anything better to do. Here’s 5 stars, like it matters.
Fake news!
!Swen ekaf
Intergalactic Champ The Zim
Jolly Good
Of all the shows Raven, Joe, and Rich do together, this is by far the best one.
Busby Only
I give the Busby episodes 30 out of 5 stars. Everything else (add kazoo noise).
I give this 5-star review a C+. Someone wake Raven up and let him know. Or don’t. I don’t care and neither does he.
Meh at best
Eh at worst
poof with the oof
We all act normal but this is were I go to but weird
This podcast for me is a breath of fresh air all podcast seem to want to be the next big thing with all these scientists people on acting serious but this is the complete opposite it’s something different and fun. Dad jokes by raven and stupid conversations by all what else could you want. These guys are not trying entertain us as much as they are having fun and it works listening to their dialog between three friends talking what ever they want is surely entertaining and funny. Quote the feeny never more p.s I love when raven goes of subject to tell us a story about nothing haha.
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What about me
Five stars ⭐️ bc ravens a flat earther joking good show
Marco marrow
Keep up the work. Your weekly shananigans keep a smile on my face
CristyD - listner 23
Love it love it love it. Been a fan of Raven for a long time. Originally.. I came for Raven, returned for the fantastic world news coverage by newser, and stayed for the ever so gloriously dickish Clugsby. Great show. Give it a listen reprobates. Raven is one of the hardest working guys in podcasting despite the fact that he sleeps 10+ hours every night. And Muffsby is a terrific co-host. Kind of anyway. I think. I dunno. I’m tired. Shawn leave that in. Much love keep up the good work guys. UPDATE: I wrote that months ago but never posted it. WE WANT MATTRESS GATE! THE WAR MARCH TO 1000 5 STAR REVIEWS STARTS HERE! You’re going down Mattressmashby! UPDATE UPDATE: not really into the show anymore Joe epitomizes boring and wrestling is the poops anymore
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Tweeter d
No more joe
I was a fan before Joe the producer started talking on the show
Thanks for the insults
Was a good podcast until they got political and insulted the conservatives in the audience. Good riddance. Unsubscribed
yak blexit
Slide whistle
Keep up the work
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