The Rachel Maddow Show
The Rachel Maddow Show
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC
Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.
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My favorite
You are my favorite news person, ever. I appreciate your intelligence, your use of history to illustrate a point, and humility and humor. Whenever big news breaks, I always think, “I can’t wait to hear what Rachel has to say about this!”
Éowyn of Rohan
On fire. Always.
It’s unclear to me how you and your team do a nightly deep dive into the news on a daily basis. So grateful. However the chips fall this fall, keep going. The country needs you and by “The Country”, I mean me 😉.
Trump airtime
I would rather hear about Joe, no more Trump; Trump is gaslighting us for free tv mentions as he did in 2016, his free media, he’d say crazy things, and all the media is repeating him.
Thank you Rachel for calling a lie a lie! Trump is a liar plain and simple. More media outlets need to call him out forcefully. I hate how some pussyfoot around. THANK YOU
tRump town-hall decision
I’m old. Retired. Covid and tRump fatigued and looking for people and advertisers to punish. Rewarding tRump was not meant to get us more information - it was pure money. Uninstalling all NBC affiliate apps, podcasts, and writing advertisers.
Ditch Lifelock ads
Listeners aren’t fraidy cats. Super annoying hearing this fear mongering over and over.
All Episodes
What I look forward to 5 mornings a week when I walk my dog. You are fantastic Rachel!!
Biden/Trump Town Hall
I have unsubscribed myself from all NBC/MSNBC podcasts due to NBC’s decision to live broadcast Donald Trumps’s Town Hall at the same time as Joe Biden’s previously announced ABC Town Hall. Yes, both candidates deserve equal time and consideration by the networks. But there is a context here that matters, Mr Trump pulled out of the original debate; Mr Biden then scheduled his Town Hall in lue of that debate. NBC’s decision to now host Mr Trump’s belatedly scheduled competing Town Hall is exasperating. It is a decision that favors entertainment over public education. CNN made this same mistake in 2016. I regret my decision to no longer engage the NBC family as I have much enjoyed and relied on M. Williams, Mme Maddow, Mme Wallace and the rest of NBC/MSNBC. Alas I feel obliged to vote, both by ballot and with my clicks and eyeballs. Quelle dommage!
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Almost there
The last four years have been a nightmare. Thanks for your level headedness and keen analysis. You’ve helped get a handle on all the craziness! I look forward to your take every show.
long time expat
Really MSNBC? A Town Hall after Trump declines Debate
Just lost me as a listener, sorry Rachel the network lost all credibility by giving Trump a platform. It certainly impacts the sincerity of MSNBC programs. Edit then delete is what I’m tweeting
NBC’s Broadcast of Trump Town Hall
Even though I have been a huge fan of The Rachel Maddow show for many years now, I am deleting her show from my feed. I cannot understand why NBC would broadcast his show, when Trump refused to have a virtual town hall during the pandemic after becoming infected himself. I am very disappointed in MSNBC at this time and deeply regret having to delete all MSNBC shows from my podcast feed.
Senator Gary Peters’ story really touched me. The death of our 18mo. old son was a traumatic experience for our family. It haunted us for years. I found myself rocking in my chairs and on the edge of my bed as if I were rocking him to sleep. I convinced myself that I had to have another baby if I were to keep my sanity. I finally became pregnant after months of efforts. Unfortunately, it was a tubal pregnancy that had to be aborted. I have never gotten over losing my son but thankful to have been able to save my life.
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Genuine Genius
What a great mind, and such dedication and candour. You speak for many of us, loud and clear and effect sensibility and hopefully wholesome benevolent change and sanity. And a heart of gold Rachel for VP or somewhere in the cabinet or , in the least, present at the table Keep on Take care And gracious Go Ms Maddow. You perform such a great service with such brilliance and aplomb How can some people be so tacky and trivial and complain about ads when being aired for free or comment frivolously and with cruelty, about clothing. Apologies
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Hello Racheal, I have a question is there anyway people could not bring guns to voting place to intimidate people. I’m disabled and though this would help the voting experience. Although I’m going to vote any way.
What day is this??
Please note dates on podcasts!!!! Thnx
kansas progrssive
Khizr Khan
Love this man! So well spoken. He is a hero in my mind. Love your show.
7 Scarlett
First in black
Does she have any colored clothes besides black? Her closet must have a dozen black pants suits and nothing else. Is she transitioning to be a man? Something is very weird.
Military rules
It would seem to me that these military people have an obligation to keep from getting exposed to a known virus. Could or should a court martial be considered for their lack of responsibility to stay safe. Maybe that’s too stringent, but something should be recorded in their records. This is way worse than Vinman’s testimony and he had to retire. Maybe these guys should be forced to retire.
TRMS my daily podcast!
Some of us are fortunate and find that one "Special Niche," we are born with, and put it to use, hence becoming famous names, such as "Billie Jean King, Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow, and Nancy Pelosi."
Lose the ads...
Love the show, but the “hair coloring” ads are Stale! Please get some new ads!
Most intelligent news podcast
Rachel Maddow is fantastic!!! I listen to her podcast daily, not only to get acquainted with what’s happening in politics, but to listen to her opinion. Her insightful remarks and explanation as well as a compilation of multiple news sources, makes it easier to digest and trust information in a sea of fake news and misinformation. After I hear any political news, I can’t wait for a new episode to come out to hear what she has to say. I also love her top of the line guests interviews. Most intelligent woman in the news, she is inspiring and trustworthy!
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MSNBC has the best show hosts!
Rachel has been my favorite podcast for awhile now then I found Joy Reid and David Pakman.. I love them all and am gonna listen to more of your crew!
Re tax reveal
Best coverage and review on tax reveal. Many thanks!
stef morgan
Great investigative reporting!
Since you are so good at it- How do we secure that our ‘cheater in chief’ does not get the debate questions in advance from for instance Fox people, Russians or even Chris?
Please, study the verb “to lie.” She lay in state. (Past tense) She has lain in state. Rachel, Justice Ginsberg will “lie in state,” not “lay in state.” Please. And “After Justice Ginsburg had lain in State,” not “had laid in state.” Come on, Rachel. How about a little respect for English grammar? And it’s not, “like I said,“ it‘s “as I said.“ Someone as huge and popular as you, it would be great if you spoke an English that we teachers could get behind. Rachel is brilliant. A great journalist. I never miss her podcasts. But Rachel, for English teachers out here, could you use possessives before gerund phrases? That quibbling request stated, Rachel, you’re incredible. I love you. You make living through this Trump trauma comprehensible, and you help me more deeply understand and appreciate my patriotism. Merci! But please get an editor. And yes, Joy, write a new ad. Enough already
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Rachel provides much needed context
She doesn’t merely present the news. She approaches it like a master storyteller, providing background and context so that the listener gets a great understanding of what is going on, while being led through by her narrative structure. She’s also got a great sense of humor and has a great way with guests. She provides some light and hope in these dark times. Thank you for all you do, Rachel (and staff).
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Rain Worshipper
Started off great
I started off as a big fan and then when she went full Alex Jones of TV, I now feel dumber when I try to listen to her. I hope that it’s not a drug problem that she has or a maybe even an undiscovered tumor, but her ideas and opinions are getting less and less reality based and seems more like I’m listening to Coast to Coast rebroadcast.
One of the BEST podcasts!
Rachel Maddow delivers unadulterated reporting!
The Best!
I always count on Rachel's insightful, well thought out and deeply researched information. Not always comforting, but always educating, profound, and sharp!
dragon's wing
She’s the best
Her Reporting is so clear and concise! She digs into an article to find the Truth . She has facts to backup her statements, I could go on and on but She’s simply the Best!
I’m a conservative who will be voting for Trump
And I listen to Rachel Maddow for balance. I feel politics has become divisive, yet most people I meet are centrists who could come to an agreement with their neighbors if they believed their neighbor wasn’t a hateful human being. The problem is that we’ve started looking at each other as the other side, or even worse - as an evil or stupid opponent. Since many Maddow listeners, I presume, are liberals and are thus engaged in confirmation bias (feels good, doesn’t it?) I implore you to please go listen to her equal opposite: Ben Shapiro. It will drive you up the wall, but you’ll also walk away better equipped to solve this problem of polarization by seeing one another as human beings who want what is best for each other, but simply have different views on how to get there. Every person you meet has something to teach you. Whether that person is homeless, wealthy, immigrant, native, black or white, Democrat, or dare I say it - Republican. This chasm can be mended but we need to be humble and kind to one another to get there. Don’t be intellectually lazy. Do the work if understanding and befriending you’re opponent.
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Major fan but can someone please pay attention. Thanks!
I’ve clicked 5* since this started online! Major fan of Rachel and her production team but wonder why quality of podcast isn’t consistent. On today of all days, i need to point out that we don’t need an old, outdated and boring promo for Joy’s new program to be our “ad break” while we are all emotionally involved in the host’s story. Is anyone paying attention to the interface between ad and content? And does Joy Reid have any idea her fans and the uninitiated alike are being subjected to boring, repetitive ads that are transparently two months behind the news? I don’t even know what the problem is with this. So strange given the more-than-professional standard across the board. Someone tell Joy what’s going on and she will get this problem fixed.
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Palm to face
I’m really tired of “journalists” constantly using emotion to sway an audience. She consistently gets upset at others for attacking and name calling and does the same thing. Why can’t reports just report the facts? We don’t need to know your emotional stance about every event you’re reporting on.
The Very Best!
I wouldn’t have survived the trump presidency without The Rachel Maddow Show podcast. Thank you so much!
Caran Quinn
A master weaver of tales
Rachel does such a great job relaying the facts in a way that is easy to understand given her talent for connecting the dots and showing how the information she shares is connected.
Must listen news for the day
My favorite
Dropped from 4 stars
This show is the audio version. There is a partial video of the beginning of the show which drops earlier in the evening. I rely on this one for the second half. It has historically come out later than the video, but recently it’s been scheduled so late, one might as well wait till the next day. I’m very disappointed, and I hope they can get it together for those of us without cable, who want her news and perspective.
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Still the best.
The Best
Love Rachel Maddow. Every night, I wonder how it can get better and every night she does it.
Great reporting
Rachel is one of my top sources for an accurate reporting. What I especially love is getting the scoop on stories that the generic reporters just are not telling. She goes right to the source. If you aren’t listening to Rachel, you’re not getting all the facts!
Better than the norm
Shame on all of these people who did not speak up and out in real time. Know that some of the blood is on your hands. Let’s be honest. You helped do this. If all had spoken out, we would not be where we are today. Shame on you. Boat your ass to make it right. Bust your ass.
1978 Tally
Mary Kay’s review
I love Rachel. I would have loved an instructor like her when I was in Grad school. She has an economy of words yet clearly covers all the essentials. I enjoy her review or summary of materials she covers. Makes it much easier to remember What a talent. I would love to develop her style. I’ve watched her since her first broadcast and tape every episode in case I miss anything She is the best use of time among all that cover the whole Picture. Rachael is brilliant!!!
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Silly ASS
So dishonest
Everything she speaks is so dishonest. And disguised to sound intelligent and cool. If you dig everything she says, you will see so many wrong statements.
The best journalism on tv today. Love having access since I don’t have cable.
Excellent. Thought provoking. Love the backstories.
Barb Anderews
Rachel has become one of my all time favorite journalists. She is absolutely brilliant, her story telling is riveting, and on every story it is obvious that she has done her research.
Great Solid Reporting
On a whole this show is better than most. Rachel does sometimes give you her opinion and unlike other “reporters” she is using her opinion to illustrate details that will affect the overall story which still leaves to you to have an opinion.
Damm Rachel!!!
Even Michael Cohen and his prison mates praise you!!! You’re really an American treasure! Never let it get to your head in a bad way. This country needed more news shows like yours (kudos to your team also) & more people like you. Besides hosting the best news show of this country, you’re a very lovable woman. I feel like I know you personally. As if we’re friends. You’re a blessing.
Deep understanding of what’s going on in politics.
Love Rachel. She always clears away the noise and gets right to the point about what’s driving political issues in US.
The Best
The Most thorough in depth take on recent events with a complex examination of context that only a brilliant Mund like Rachel can frame with such ease and humor. An entertaining way to enlighten yourself!
Dumb idiot and liar
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