The Quantum SHIFT Podcast
The Quantum SHIFT Podcast
Shawna Pelton | Kat Moulton
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Great Content!
I have been loving listening to Shawna and the valuable content she provides through her podcast!
Inspirational, Motivational and Peaceful
This podcast is perfect for any woman at any time in their life. The ways we can make shifts in our life and support them with a healthy mind and body are some of the tools you can learn from these episodes. Such valuable conversations.
jess lorion
Great podcast!
What a great discovery this podcast is! I admire its indepth covering of such an array of interesting and transformative topics. I admire Shawna bravery of diving into the question, her openness in exploring new and allowing herself being vulnarable. Guest of the episode #33 Theresa Citarella is skillfully and tenderly lead her on the journey of self-discovery and magic leaving listeners in awe.
Shlomit K
Take me to my inner wisdom!
Loved “Working Through Mental Resistance” podcast! Guest Theresa Citarella’s meditative process moved Shawna to a space of inner knowing, guiding Shawna to critical next steps to achieve her goals. Sign me up!
Heart warming
I am a big fan of Shawna and her podcast. I enjoy hearing about ways to expand upon the quantum shift through the journey of Shawna and her interviewed participants. I highly recommend this podcast. Just by tuning into an episode, I believe it is a way to expand upon consciousness. I am grateful for all of this!
Down to Earth Amazing Woman!
Shawna has it down when it comes to intuition and going with your heart. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone looking to move forward in their life and to receive a better understanding of where they are right now!
Love it!
I LOVED listening to my first episodes! Shawna gets it and is all about sharing useful info and wisdom to help us be all that we can be and live truly powerful, meaningful , magical lives. THANK YOU!
I love listening to this remarkable woman!
Great information
I love how Shawna has guests who dive deep and explore so many different areas of life and health. I look forward to hearing more from her and her guests.