The Quantum Mechanics
The Quantum Mechanics
Paranormal for believers, doubters and everyone in-between.
Sleep Paralysis - Melanie's Story
Melanie's paranormal experiences started with a childhood visitation by a bizarre suited figure with a glowing orange head, and led to her having encounters with strange shadow creatures and sleep paralysis for over twenty years.  She shares her story with us. 
Aug 30
50 min
Did Hitler Die In 1945?
This week we are joined by Gerrard Williams who has evidence that Hitler escaped after the end of the second world war. We discuss how the press viewed his discovery, and why more people aren't aware of this potential deception. 
Aug 23
1 hr 8 min
The Mysterious Coral Castle
Did one man use forbidden technology to create a modern wonder of the world, or is there a more practical explanation? 
Aug 16
42 min
The Disappearing Gas Station - Proof of the Paranormal?
This week we delve into one of the longest running internet threads on the paranormal, and the tantalising proof it may offer.
Aug 9
1 hr 1 min
Our episode on back masking played backwards as a bonus ep. SPOILER ALERT (We mainly sound like we are speaking Icelandic!)
Aug 6
57 min
Satan Is A DJ
Since the beginning of recorded sound people have been hearing hidden or subliminal messages. Many were put in deliberately by the musicians themselves. A few are a lot harder to explain, especially those that seem to contain satanic or demonic messages when played backwards. We investigate back masking, and try to create some messages of our own.  Check out our photo album here 
Aug 2
57 min
Leprechauns - Could they be real (honestly)
This week we look at sightings of leprechauns, and some intriguing evidence to their existence.     Find this week's photo album here;  
Jul 26
33 min
Fright at the Museum
Historic buildings packed full of ancient artefacts, you would think museums would be a hotbed of paranormal activity, and you would be right! Check out our photo gallery for this episode;    
Jul 19
51 min
Stairway to Hell
Walking in the woods is an innocent pastime, but what happens if you see something that shouldn't be there? In this episode we look at the phenomenon of pristine staircases appearing in national parks of the US, and beyond. 
Jul 12
55 min
Ghosts On Trial
Normally we discuss ghost lore, today we are going to focus on ghost law. We have examples of ghosts getting involved in murder trials, property disputes, divorces and wills. We have even found a bizarre law that prevents UFOs from landing in a specific area of France. When it comes to the paranormal on trial The Quantum Mechanics will never take the fifth. 
Jul 5
56 min
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