The Pulp Hockey Show
The Pulp Hockey Show
Ray Ferraro and Steve Matthes
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Ray is the best. The other dude???
done with heart
Love the show
Enjoy the show very much. Nothing but hockey from our former Blue Ray Ferraro. Hope he continues with the show —— miss it!
St. Louis_Blues
Awesome Podcast
Great mix of content—Ray’s old stories about the NHL, commentary on the latest happenings around the league, interviews & conversations with great guests, and answers/responses to listener questions. Ray’s right hand man (he’s so humble that I forget his name) is a great host, much better than Marek imo. The most recent episode (Feb 13) is particularly good too (despite not having a guest)
Nice job!
This is a great hockey podcast. Ray is very knowledgeable, and Steve strikes just the right balance between letting him do his thing, adding insight here and there, and just in general keeping the show moving. They make a great team.
Just what I’m looking for in a podcast
Ray brings a lot of insight to the table. Steve keeps things moving forward. Guests, particularly ex-players, are a highlight. I strongly recommend this show.
MT Author
Great Hockey Podcast
Great interviews, analysis of the game. and old-time hockey stories. Very entertaining pod.
Top notch
Ferraro is by far the best and most interesting hockey analyst. Not to mention his and Gord Millers coverage of IIHF events is stellar.
Best Hockey Show
Ray Ferraro is both knowledgeable and entertaining. His show is thoroughly professional and fortunately lacks the childish banter that is a "feature" of so many hockey podcasts. Many male hockey podcasts are more like the boys sitting around and cracking private jokes. Ray relates some personal information but only as a backdrop to explain which city he finds himself in each night when he broadcasts as the best color man in the business.
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The stories these guys tell are very entertaining.
West Coast USF Bull
They know hockey
A honest view on Ice a hockey Steve and Ray are perfect ying and yang to give a honest perspective...
Outstanding pod
The only reason I don't have the Pulp Hockey Show at 5 stars is that I have 3-4 other pods before it that I look forward to just a bit more. That's not a knock on the content or analysis, just a preference for ridiculous humor that my other favs have and this one doesn't so much. Keep it up!
Great show
Ferraro kills it
Great Show
Listen to Steve Matthes on his Motocross show (PulpMX Show) and he now created a hockey podcast. Very informative and great guests with awesome insight. Ray's stories are priceless.
Great podcast
Interesting spin on typical sports podcasting. Really enjoyable
Great show
Anything with Ramundo talking either current state of the sport or old war stories is awesome.
Awesome Show
Awesome Show~!
Great show
Hockey or Moto, Steve is your guy
Great Shows
Steve does almost as good a job with his interviews here as he does with moto.
RJ 27
Typically podcasts can be a little janky. But, whether it be motocross or hockey, Steve Matthes's podcasts are anything but janky. He's extremely good at what he does. His shows are full of passion and hilarity
Another hit
Whatever Steve does, turns to gold. Great work yet again.
Funny and informative
Steve was meant for podcasting, he is informative and stupid funny!
Matthes is the best!
Anything that Steve Matthes puts out deserves 5 stars! Thanks for all the content.
Best Hockey Podcast I Know Of
By far the best hockey podcast that I know of.
Great to hear from the greats of the sport
Its great to hear from the greats of the sport. I love the stories from the bus like how “Noodles” got his nickname. Keep them coming Steve!
Steve, there's two things I love in life ice hockey and moto. You doing these podcast are the best thing to happen! Thanks steve. Nick.