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Great Show All Around
The best part of the podcast (for me) is the variety of movies they cover—a great mix of old favorites, movies I’ve been meaning to get to, and stuff I’ve never heard of or had interest in. Each episode gives me something interesting to watch or rewatch, and then think about. Definitely discovered some new gems since I’ve been listening. I know some of the episode lengths might turn some people off, but it’s great to play in the background or in the car. If you don’t appreciate good-faith critical discussion I’d look for something else.
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If you legitimately love film, listen to this and not the trash.
The Projection Booth has been my favorite podcast for quite some time. Actually it was the first one I subscribed to (what a useless bit of info that you now know). Mike is a fantastic host, and one of the only people who’s opinion I can respect. The same can’t be said about some of the co/guest hosts, some of which make me wish I was born without a head.... but those are few and far between. One of the most underrated and fantastic things about The Projection Booth is that when Mike interviews someone, he... get this.... LETS THEM TALK. I know, I know. Crazy. Like you actually get an informative interview every single time, instead of the host interrupting to shoot idiot-thoughts with their idiot voice like every other podcast ever. Anyway, for real this is great. The only thing that keeps me from listening to episodes is if I’ve never seen the film they are discussing, but that’s just because I’m a travesty as a human being. If you love movies, you will love The Projection Booth. If you don’t, go listen to HDTGM or Joe Rogan or something else terrible and please never ever be in the same room as me thanks. 5/5
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They Hate Movies
I will never understand podcasts dedicated to trashing a subject. If all you are going to do is tell us how childish & unrealistic movies are, why even do a podcast? Used to be a decent podcast but now it's just complaining & acting superior. You guys lost the plot.
The Gold Standard
The most research, the best interviews (and Mike lets the subjects talk without interrupting or trying to steer the conversation) and no nerd comedy. Not to say Mike and his cohosts aren’t funny, but there’s none of the “shrill dorks laughing at each other” noise that plagues so many movie podcasts. I discovered the Projection Booth shortly after lockdown started (with the epic Exorcist II episode) and it’s gotten me through the last year of working from home.
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Larry Gengrich
The best film podcast
Mike White is the hardest working podcaster in the biz. The Projection Booth is consistently excellent. Even a grizzled film lover can find much to consider here. If you love films this is a required resource.
The SpringJack
The podcasts themselves are good but this Mike guy is a bit too much of a lefty loon for my liking.
Great show, needs editing
I join the huzzahs here for the dedication and hard work that goes into producing this podcast, from tracking down filmmakers and actors for interviews to supplying smart critics for discussions. However, I’m not one who wants to listen to shows that are nearly twice as long as a movie that doesn’t warrant it. I wish the episodes were trimmed: interviews with, say, a d.p., for example tend to go on way too long about his/her entire credits beyond the film being examined. On the episode about the wonderful “Chilly Scenes of Winter,” the same anecdote was repeated three times without variation by three different cast members on the set. Two more quibbles: the obnoxious corporate commercials and the host’s cheap microphone that hasn’t been upgraded since the beginning—S’s can hurt your ears. As we get the loud ads, I don’t mind lobbing criticism at the podcast is more than a labor of love. That said, I will continue to download episodes that look interesting on a case-by-case basis.
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This is awesome
I just found y’all and have listened to a few of your episodes and it was great. The Poltergeist episode is my favorite so far
What more could you want?
Each episode is a delightful deep-dive into a film—some you’ve heard of, some you definitely haven’t. It’s a treat to go beyond the IMDB trivia and learn more about the films from people who worked on or studied them. You have to be willing to commit a good chunk of time to each episode, but it’s so worth it.
This podcast is legendary, as is Mike White. If I could remember 1/100 of the information he does, I’d be unstoppable!
Just wanna say thanks!
This podcast has given me some much needed bright spots lately. I appreciate it.
One of the best!
Mike does an amazing job digging deep into the interesting, unknown and unusual facts about the films he and his guests discuss. This podcast has been one of my go-tos. In a time when so much info is spoon fed, this podcast has, on occasion, rekindled that old feeling I use to get at the video store listening to people talk about a film I knew nothing about and becoming excited to see it. The podcast is insightful, funny and a must for any film fan looking for something new to watch or revisiting the inside stories on a favorite. Hamburger can bite it.
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Too much personal politics
I really want to like this show, but it's almost impossible. They cant resist infusing their own personal political agendas/liberal bias into every nook & cranny they can. It's so self congratulatory and distracting, I wish they could just do reviews and keep the politics out of it.
Hamburger Jones
An Absolute Treasure
Each episode of this wonderful program contains SO much researched material PLUS oftentimes multiple interviews. To put eps like that out on such a regular basis clearly requires enormous dedication & effort on Mike’s part. I appreciate it very much & became a Patreon supporter very shortly after becoming a listener.
Lips of Blood
I’m not always interested in the films on this podcast, but when Mike does an episode I’m interested in it is usually the greatest podcast episode of all time.
A Gift to cinephiles
Had to write a review just to bury the nonsensical complaints passing as critiques of one of the only podcasts engaging in truly insightful deep-dive analyses while maintaining an entertaining and affable tone. The episode on Vertigo should be required for film studies students. Bravissimo!!
To many obscure movies that are impossible to find
Without an opportunity to find the films, no recap of the plots, and no info on the reviewers, this podcast comes across as just inside baseball. Which is ashamed as White often has surprising access to behind the scenes personnel, and even the occasional star. But far too many times, the inane laughing at unfunny comments weigh the podcast down into sludge about a film you’ll never see or want to. Some episodes are pure gold, such as the Mad Max or Star Wars discussions, but others are tedious snobbery. Seriously, if all three reviewers don’t like Contact, why waste 2 1/2 hours bashing it? If there’s no redeeming qualities, why go on and on and on. If you’re looking for a good nap, take your chances. Otherwise forget this one.
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Truly educational and always fun!
One of the better dissections about movies (focusing on one title alone) that exists out there. I even listen to episodes to where I’m not familiar with the film just to learn something in anticipation for my first time watch. Thanks Mike and guests!!
Thorough with a capital T
Hands down, the best film podcast!
This is the best film podcast to cover both known and unknown films there are around. I was aghast that they did shows on not just On a Silver Globe, but also ... La Marge! Never thought I’d see that ... ever!
The best movie podcast except...
Five stars all the way-except for the last couple of years. The best film study podcast of all time in my opinion. Unfortunately, politics has crept in all too often lately. No matter, it’s still an excellent show. Go back and listen to the back catalogue (pre-2016) for straight forward movie talk about story, acting, shot selection, etc. Too much political commentary now, but I always look forward to the new shows anyway.
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Incredible and entertaining resource for any film lover
As a passive film aficionado, I’m never let down by the Projection Booth. Every other episode is a detailed examination of films I’ve never heard of, and a new favorite film I may have completely missed if I wasn’t subscribed to this feed. It’s almost addicting in a way, like a slot machine pulling the lever to see what jackpot I never knew was coming. Please keep up the great work.
Love the interviews
I really enjoy the in depth interviews. The host is a little to SJW for me. I hate when he criticizes films without context. He is a good interviewer though and asks the questions that are often not thought of by others hosts.
Mike White is a machine
I hope Columbia U’s oral history department pays him all the money to acquire these archives one day. I also like his determination to cover what he finds interesting (as opposed to the same five movies every other “serious” film podcast does). Frequent guest Heather Drain is also a delight. Thank you for all of your hard work!
The best movie discussion podcast out there.
Mike White and his rotating gang of film fans are always fun to listen to, he manages to connect well with his guests and his interviews are always informative. My favorite episode is the 5 hour Beyond the Valley of the Dolls epic.
It's pretty simple
The Projection Booth Podcast, thanks to its inimitable host Mike White, is quite simply THE BEST movie podcast going. Top-notch guest hosts, and insightful interviews with cast, crew, and experts on each particular film, round out this exhaustive--but never exhausting--show. You never knew you needed a 5+ hour episode about The Exorcist II: The Heretic, but trust me you do! Long live Pro Booth Cast!
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Fantastic podcast
Fantastic podcast about films. Love the epically long episodes the best!
Thumbs up
Been listening to this podcast for years. It’s great stuff!
Adrian Marcado
The best movie podcast by far
This is the best movie podcast by far. I’m a film lover and this is the only podcast that is as good or better than reading a book. Other movie podcasts tend to be a lot of hot air and a very little content. This podcast is made great by obviously a lot of research, interviews and content. Sometimes they cover silly movies, but otherwise it’s pretty perfect. You can go back into their archives to find some amazing past podcasts as well. I’m a longtime listener! Thank you
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The Best Film Podcast?
Plenty of magazines (like Film Comment) and Arts celebrities (like Joe Dante, Gilbert Gottfried, Illeana Douglas, Bret Easton Ellis, etc.) have started very strong film-related in recent years, in addition to the countless fan-generated shows. So what makes The Projection Booth arguably the best film podcast? Well, maybe it's because it marries together everything that's good about the different fan/critic discussion-driven and interview-driven film podcasts out there. Episodes usually feature in-depth, well-researched analysis AND exclusive interviews with production history/anecdotes. You get, more often than not, Criterion/Arrow-level DVD/Blu-Ray special features in a podcast form. The epic running times and occasionally esoteric selections might make this a hard podcast to keep up with for every episode. But if you're a passionate cinephile with adventurous taste, there really isn't a better show than this one.
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_Bill Ackerman_
Great discussions of cult, classic, and contemporary cinema
Mike White and his guests discuss every type of movie and offer an in-depth look at those films. White includes interviews with actors, directors and other creators associated with the film and scholars of cinema. The round table talks about the movies are fun and insightful. It's the best conversation you've had about film week after week!
Simply the Best Movie Podcast
Stumbled upon this while searching for a discussion of Phantom of the Paradise. It went way deeper than I could have hoped. Since then I've listened to scores more and supported via Patreon. The guests are knowledgeable, articulate, and well-prepared. What a contrast from those hot-take podcasts where the hosts are watching a movie for the first time, often with zero research behind them and little perspective on cinema more broadly; they think their imagined charisma will carry the day when really they just come off like grade school book reports by people who didn't do the reading. Every time I tune in to one of those it reminds me what a gem The Projection Booth is. Listen up and $upport it if you can. Thanks, MW!
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For movie deep dives, this is easily the best
I love movies and I love podcasts. I've tried so, so many movie podcasts it's scary. But THIS one dives the absolute deepest and is by far the best informational podcast (in a fun way) I've ever found. Not only that, but the back catalog is DEEP. I listened to past eps. for months after discovering it and top to bottom Mike, etc. know exactly how to deep-dive a film. I'm the kind of movie nerd who will look up all the Wikis/IMDB trivia/etc. on a film that strikes me. But if The Projection Booth has covered it, I've found I really need look no further. In a sea of movie podcasts, this one sits on top.
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Just simply a great podcast
Great, eclectic film choices. Great guests, great interviews. What more can this film lover ask for? Thank you so much for this great podcast.
The best movie podcast?
Great in-depth (serious!) discussions about some movies you've heard of and some movies you've never heard of. Mike and his revolving cast of co-hosts have introduced me to some amazing movies! One of the most thorough and entertaining podcasts out there!
Projection Booth is the goods
Extremely insightful. Excellent longform content and variety. Highly recommended for cinephiles!
Matthew Blunk
Simply The Best
Thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. "The Ultimate Movie Podcast" isn't hyperbole; it's truth in advertising.
Ed Wood Jr
Ruined By Politics
What started out as a great look into films from the past you may have missed have downshifted into podcaster's Trump Derangement Syndrome. How about comparison to Barack Obama allowing daughter to intern with Harvey Weinstein's company as a launch point for some of their commentary. Nope. Nothing like that. Or look around at the Detroit Leftist have destroyed? No. The excuse for these clowns is most likely that it has nothing to do with cinema, Precisely the reason why the Trump comments don't either. I don't even like Trump but am now fed up with the constant silly comparisons in cinema when garbage Hollywood can't even clean its own home. Get it yet? But continue to allow urban dwelling to people to play the victim with these laughable snide comments. Or why not just stick to films, as was promised. Maybe that's too big of a reach for this mental illness these podcasters have for the President. How I pity the anger these people feel. Having zero faith in the American people to endure. Grow up.
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A fantastic achievement
This is simply my favorite podcast! It expertly balances a casual accessibility with serious, extensive research. The guest hosts are consistently sharp, funny, and interesting to listen to. The interview subjects are revealing. Mike does a wonderful job of curating a podcast that is highly informative and entertaining. He does a great job of asking the right questions, sharing his own experience, and skillfully stepping back from the discussion to let guests shine. (There's a refreshing lack of people talking over each other; something that deserves a special prize in itself.) The films discussed vary widely and regularly introduce me to new art, some of which quickly become personal favorites. This podcast is the best.
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Probably THE Best Movie Podcast Around
I stumbled upon The Projection Booth podcast maybe about a year ago, like many podcasts you have to give each one a chance. It didn't take long before I was delving deep into the massive catalog of back episodes. Eclectic varierty of films always being discussed. From Classics, foriegn, cult, action, horror. Even if you may not like the film you can always take away some well thought critisim from various guest hosts, and main host(s) Mike White and Rob St Mary (when available!) One of my favorite episodes is Showgirls, this is one I throw the ear buds on at work if my day is going bad, guest Heather Drain can brighten any day and have you smiling and laughing out loud. There are just so many great eps! What Ever Happened to Teddy Bear? I would have NEVER heard of this title if it weren't for this podcast. Same with The Cremator. both films blind buys and now instant favorites. Mike White always goes above and beyond with trying hard to get interviews with talent in front of and behind the scenes. It takes time and effort and yes money to do so. The quality shows on the podcast. It isn't slapdashed thrown together. Always excited to see what movie they may cover next and what guest and interviews may be included. JackDVD78
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Blu-Ray Collector
Surely a Gold Standard for Film Discussion.
This is an outstanding podcast.  I've lost track of how many films I have sought out after listening to this show.  Mike White is an incredible talent.  His interviews exemplify what good film interviews used to be like before the need for sound bytes and the limitations of social media blurred the focus of film analysis.  The long format is a throwback to the thorough and in-depth conversation-based talk show formatting of the pre-attention deficit era.  It is a joy to listen to this show regardless as to whether I am familiar with, or a fan of, the films that are covered.  The hosts are insightful and fun.  They know the material.  The pacing and editing are excellent.  Mike is a great interviewer. I love this show.
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Jon Ravensbottom
Trump Haters
Thought this podcast was suppose to be about movies not President Trump bashing! Idiots...
Leave your political views out of the movies reviews!
I just want to listen you guys break down my favorite movie, not your anti Trump views.
Great podcasts for film nerds like me!
I love this podcast, and love that they cover unusual, under-the-radar, classic, and cult films. It lines up so well with my personal taste that it feels tailored to my taste at times! My only issue with Mike is that he’s SO literal and concrete at times, and it’s odd to hear how much nuance in film flies over his head. I love the research and hard work he puts into the episodes, but he’s kind of thick sometimes. Sorry, Mike!
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Excellent podcast!
This podcast has led me on quite a journey to some movies I might never have discovered without it (not all of them good, but almost all of them interesting). The interviews that the hosts manage to snag is impressive and they really go in-depth about every facet of the movie they discuss. That being said, the episodes can be a bit too long at times, and the podcast updates so frequently it can be hard to keep up. Nevertheless, this remains one of my favorites!
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Dirty Kang
AMAZING podcast
The best podcast on film I've heard. Typically, the Projection Booth features a very extensive discussion on a selected film by Mike White and his co-hosts and then very interesting and entertaining interviews with related participants or experts. Films covered range from VERTIGO to BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS to L.A. CONFIDENTIAL to TWIN PEAKS.
Erik Snake Nelson
Great show great banter and happy it’s for my home city. I love the in depth talks about some of my favorite movies- suggestion is make the podcast a little louder, seems quiet on headphones. And make older episodes available on iTunes!
nasty pelosi
One of the few very best film podcasts
Well researched, thorough, professional, content packed, and most importantly FUN!
Jay Blokhed
A great podcast - really informative and well done. One of the better movie analysis podcasts.
Great in depth movie coverage
Mike and guests, including actors, producers and directors, do a deep dive into films.
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