The PosCast with Joe Posnanski & Michael Schur
The Athletic
Sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski and The Good Place's Michael Schur.
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Meaningful Meaninglessness
This is an utterly meaningless podcast, which is by design, and oftentimes not true at all, and man is it a glimmer of light in these dark times.
If you can make me laugh at 5 AM
when all about me are not then you are the man my friend. Joe, Michael, Ellen, and friends are radio magic. I love them so much I would draft their discarded, broken pop sockets.
Jet City Christmas
Crave Those Crazy Squares!
Despite being the least information-dense podcast out there, The Poscast is quite possibly the greatest piece of entertainment ever created by man. Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur have the type of easy rapport that only comes from years of annoying each other with insane opinions. How do you know how much you'll enjoy hearing two dudes argue about the proper way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until you've heard them do it, in painstaking detail?!? You don't, so stop putting on airs. 1 great sportswriter/biographer + 1 great TV writer/showrunner = 1 transcendent Poscast.
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Hot fruit is great!
Thank you for having this, Joe.
Not John Oliver
This PosCast Gives Me Hope
I discovered this just as the Coronavirus and stay-at-home orders got started, and it’s become my comfort listen. Seriously listening to Joe and Mike make predictions in 2015 or drafting Taylor Swift songs gives me life. Thanks guys. didn’t mention in your first Rona ep with Nick Offerman that Mike drafted a viral pandemic as the second biggest fear...and that he’d want Nick to be has pandemic buddy. Not sure what this means, but I pray Mike Schur is never mad at me.
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Keep it going
Do a hole episode on the world Series
They’re both great
Love the pod. Shoutout to joes Houdini book
It’s like potato chips.
I’m not sure why I have to keep putting them in my face, but I do. Likewise, I have to hear what Joe and Mike say about teams I don’t follow and people I never heard of before Mike trashes every one of my hometown teams (born and bred in Los Angeles). Oh, he trashes my teams fans, which is me. Still, I shrug it off and come back. I guess hating the Yankees is more important to me. Cuz, man, do I hate the Yankees.
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Awesome blather!
In the small, but criminally overlooked Podcast category of “Kind of smart people talking about insanely pointless things,” The Poscast reigns supreme. Joe and Mike can talk about the most inane, pointless things you can POSSIBLY imagine (indeed, they have), and I will still gleefully listen. I can’t tell you why; I can just tell you my truth.
Hilariously funny!
The drafts are the best!
Boo Yankees!
The Poscast is amazing! I have listened to every episode and laughed out loud on countless occasions. It is meaningless, but that is what makes it great. My only complaint is that they are now making major parts of their content cost money.
Historically great podcast
I love the podcast. Glad to see they resolved the paywall issue!
Content could be decent...but the audio quality makes this unlistenable
Poz sounds OK but whatever he's using to pipe in guests is garbage.
Please don't hide the draft....
I love this podacast and I do understand that staff must be paid and microphones must be purchased, etc. But putting the core of this podcast behind a paywall seems like cruel and unusal punishment for loyal listeners. Now that I am addicted, you make me pay... :( I feel that behind the paywall should be bonuses, not the basic podcast content. So maybe blooper reels, extended conversations with guests, special topics, etc, those things should be behind the paywall. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY, let me have the drafts... Thank you for your consideration.
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Mary RH
Bring back the drafts!
I used to love the Poscast! It gave me just enough sports information and then we got to hear a hilarious and nonsensical draft. Now I have to pay to listen to the draft?! I’m not a huge sports fan so I would always look forward to hearing the draft at the end because Mike and Joe are hilarious. Now it’s all sports and the draft is only for subscribers. Bring back the draft!!
I love PosCast, and I don't even follow sports! The drafts are absolutely hilarious. The Office and Parks & Rec are two of my all time favorite shows, and The Good Place is terrific! If you are a fan of Michael Schur's shows, I think you will love this podcast. And I'm not just saying this because of the fall draft episode. Edited to add that Nick Offerman would be my first pick in a podcast guest draft.
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Come back Josef
The Poscast needs your time!
Less fattie than before
I miss the Poscast!
Joe, I miss listening to you and Michael as I walk my dogs! What happened to the Poscast? Come back! We Yankee-haters need you now more than ever!
A Bozo on the bus
Michael and Joe are to baseball what Click and Clack were to cars. Would not recommend.
filthy harold
A good marriage
Great duo. Fun concept. Been reading Joe for years and glad he’s on the air.
Waste of time
Without a doubt, the biggest waste of time of your entire day. You’ll learn nothing from listening to this poscast and might even be dumber afterwards. Change that; you’ll definitely be dumber afterwards.
Perfectly useless, yet uselessly perfect
If you haven't listened yet, you're doing life wrong.
Fun and Frivolity on Baseball and other sports
I have been listening to these two through many iterations of the Poscast since 2011. So many laugh out loud moments while still offering insight into sports. Often they have terrible opinions on sandwiches or other random things (usually Mike) but the drafts are always worth sticking out for “one last meaningless thing.”
Second best podcast on the web.
It’s clear that hot fruit blows. I mean, what’s more refreshing than a nice cup of hot water right? There is something very satisfying about listening to Joe and his pretty much only guest talk about whatever for an hour then make terrible pick after terrible pick in their drafts. That fruit draft was laughable.
My first round draft pick!
If you care deeply about meaningless things this is the podcast for you. A look at our modern life through the filter of important trivial matters. Sweet and funny. Also sports.
I can't explain it, it's about nothing, and yet it's about everything
It really is one of the pods I look forward to the most every week. If nothing else give it a listen in honor of Mike's "Jerk" son who became a Dogger fan.
Small pleasures
The small pleasures draft was the first thing I laughed out loud with after the Indians tragic loss to the Yankees. I found myself drafting things for the rest of the day - my own small pleasures include this podcast.
"It's great."
I feel like Joe and Michael would appreciate that the iTunes scale for podcast ratings (1-5 stars) is accompanied by a brief descriptor -- and for a five-star review, that descriptor is "It's great." Not "It's phenomenal." No exclamation marks. Just a wonderfully-understated observation. Bonus Game: Read the words "It's great." again, but do it in Joe Buck's voice!
Joe St. Germain
After hearing a recent episode i felt immense pressure to write a review. this is it. this is my favorite podcast.
J. Morgner
This is a good podcast. Not 5 stars good. But it’s ok.
Informative and great fun
Posnanski is the best sports writer today and Michael Shur is increcibly bright, a great show runner, and just plain fun to listen to. Joe is as funny and insightful.
Buzzo's Fro
Love these guys
They've perfectly harnessed how seriously people take them. And that drives the entire poscast
Useless Thing
Most useless podcast around. If you want a two hour podcast of nothing this is the podcast for you!
5 Stars!
You asked.
Low density of information but so long you'll learn something
Tried to give it 1 star, but I messed it up.
I don't even know what this is
I'd like to make some kind of analogy to explain how great the poscast is, but I'm worried that the hosts would contact me and offer their services because of how badly I mangled it.
Better than going to the dentist
The title says it all. I would rather listen to these two guys than visit my dentist.
A podcast that really makes you think
about the choices that you've made that led you to listening to the Poscast.
My favorite podcast
I actually rate The Poscast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. However Apple only allows you to go up to five stars. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Joe and Michael are hilarious and incredibly observant about sports and all things trivial and meaningless.
The best!
Love this podcast!
Only because they begged for it
The poscast is alright but by the way they begged us it looks like they really need the 5-stars rating. The Yankee minute section is great (we all hate the Yankees), the drafts are fantastic (PBJ is NOT the best sandwich), and the Last Meaningless Thing section is well... meaningless
Best most meaningless poscast
Thank you Joe and Michael for the wonderful poscast about pretty much all meaningless things- I've got a draft for you- how about School Grades (like K-12)and how did pumpkin spice and all related products not make it to the autumn draft?!
Like these guys.
Appreciate that they did not beg for five stars.
Big Phamn of the show
Few thing make me happier then seeing this show pop into my podcast feed. Hot fruit is indeed disgusting unless it's slathered in vanilla ice cream.
Eugene Amadeus Tackleberry
Lowest information density of any podcast going today!
For real.
KC Tony
The highlight for me of all I listen to is this podcast. Joe was a sportswriter here in KC and is great. Combined with Michael they entertain, inform, and make me laugh. It’s great.
KC Tony
I am giving this podcast a 5 star rating out of spite, as they specifically said they would NOT ask for 5 star reviews in the episode released on 29 September 2017. Every week, Joe and Michael set out to talk about sports, nonsense, and occasional drafts, and they succeed.
My favorite podcast
This probably says something strange about me. Total nonsense. Also has the best segment intro music.
Smart and funny guys!
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