The Poor Prole’s Almanac
The Poor Prole’s Almanac
The Poor Prole’s Alamanac
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Lots of great interviews and solid foundational agroecological information
Been listening to this one a while and listened to almost all the episodes. The interviews are outstanding and a lot of the information on revolutionary societies is fantastic. I like almost all the episodes and a very few (like 3?) are platforming people I can’t stand and I think the host(s) can’t stand. I don’t know what to do about that, the show is worth listening to, some of it multiple times. Get your ears plugged into this show and your hands in the dirt.
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Banger for compost nerds - Market gardener approved
I’m a market gardener and the information they present is spot on. The discussions here do not distill conventional gardening wisdom into the same morsels found in countless of other gardening resources, but tries to frame it in the context of our place in the evolution of food systems by a matter of necessity and interest. Most people don’t wish to discuss collapse or the vulnerability of our world with growing pressures from climate change. Finding them, it felt like finding something familiar—like like-minded friends—as previously I was only able to encounter this kind of thinking amongst friends who share my trepidation for the future. As someone who makes their living growing food, it feels like I have finally found someone who is tied to the knowledge of sustainability rather than trying to peddle it as has become popular in recent years. Absolute banger for those that watch composting videos to destress. 10/10
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Asa N1s! M@$@
Great content, a little hard to follow
Love all the topics and content of the show. But would prefer a tighter structure and more thoughtful flow. I do get a little sidetracked with the puns and jokes. I understand keeping it light, but man, the Icelandic episode is just sidetracked by all the little asides are distracting.
Solid stuff
Good information presented in a calm way. I like the way a huge topic like regenerative agricultural/silvapasture is broken down into relevant pieces. It’s in depth without being overwhelming. Also, the hosts’ chill vibe is perfect when overstimulated by the doom and gloom. Cheers!
metacom's revenge
Excellent information, even better delivery
Kirby Elizabeth
Very informative
I’ve learned more from this podcast than any other I listen to. Also they post great memes on Instagram.
Terrific, Thorough
I happened on the PPA podcast while in the midst of consuming an ever-growing list of contemporary leftist thought and practice. As a New Englander, (foundering) beekeeper, student of agroecology and herbalism, and a marketer to make ends meet, darn near everything discussed appeals and enlightens. First, the good: Guests are deeply compelling, experts in their fields, with deep dive expertise and/or insight. Topics are thoroughly researched and backed up with sources and information. The hosts are terrific advocates and really try to live what they preach, at least from what they say, I don’t know them personally. Andy’s jokes aren’t *that* bad. Really! Dad jokes have their place. If you’re interested in small-scale agriculture, doing more to combat climate change, and discovering where climate change, ecology, and capitalism intersect, this is a terrific and entertaining podcast, filled with actionable advice and insight. The not quite as good: Like many a leftist pod, there’s too much d*ck in the room, no offense to Nash. You cannot achieve diversity of thought without diversity of voices and as a someone pushing 40, I’m exhausted. Andy has an inexplicable hatred for permaculture, even though it’s more or less a part of agroecology and, IMO, is a great gateway drug for the average person to approach the idea of regenerative agriculture designed to combat climate change. (Permaculture principles Agroecological solutions = accessible means of regenerative food production for the regular human.) Editing for concision would behoove the crew - sometimes it’s just riffing inside jokes for themselves and I’m tuned out when they return to relevant content. Anyway, give it a listen. It’s absolutely worth your time.
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Education for the new world
Wonderfully made podcast with extensive details on survival and community organization. Necessary for the new world.
Game changing pod
Thoughtful, entertaining, empowering
Wonderful content
Great, thoughtful perspectives and info on a variety of topics.
helpful & hopeful
thank you!
Who needs hogwarts herbology classes when you have this podcast?
Ever get the sneaking suspicion that the rich gardeners in the media don’t have your best interest? You’re right. Grow food. Listen here.
Grow the desert
Great listen
I like the info and how it is communicated. Worthwhile topics
I love this show
It’s like a big ol’ hug.
Analog Kiss
Love y’all
A Must Listen
Super informative and both andy and elliot are an absolute hoot!
Actually learned something
The best knowledge I’ve ever come across on a podcast and some of the worst puns imaginable
Good subjects, boring delivery; needs more
I’m interested in all this info and thought I’d stumbled onto exactly what I’ve been looking for. However, the subject matter ma be interesting but the delivery is like listening to a middle schooler read their report in front of the class. I thought maybe it would get better after early episodes but it really doesn’t. The supplemental readers don’t add much either. Haven’t finished a single episode despite trying. So close, Bummer.
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Expand your mind
I’ve learned so much
Great homeschooling add on
High schoolers and middle schoolers, whose future we are building, can get a lot from these. Take good notes, find the research he cites and learn !
I'd pay for useful apps
Goes hard
What can I say? Bees.
This podcast is such a great way to learn more about the knowledge that is out there. There is a lovely variety of topics.
A must
So dang good and unlike anything else out there
A Good Hang
An ever-evolving audio guide to living on/with the earth by people with a healthy amount of skepticism. No woo. No evangelical zeal for the latest fad. Just measured advice from internet friends.
utter east
Must listen!
BBQ Panda
Informative Podcast That’s Worth Your Time
It’s nice to see a podcast that espouses common sense practices for how we as individuals and communities should live. From beekeeping, to composting, to agriculture, to all the nuanced successes, failures, and challenges of our society throughout history, there’s literally no end to what you can learn from this podcast. I definitely recommend having a listen.
Wildly Cool
You are going to learn so much.
5 stars
a must listen.
Capri Sun luvr
This show rules
Seriously, if you have any interest in leftist ecology you need to listen to this show.
Just what I was look for!
After having seen this podcast on the periphery of my awareness I final decided to jump in. Started at episode one and have been on a binge listen for a week and a half. Theory and practical knowledge to help build a framework for sustainable gardens and food systems.
This podcast changed me
Andy and Elliott tackle the looming threat of societal collapse with grace, humor, and an incredibly thorough and holistic approach. This show single-handedly pulled me out of a climate-doomerist mental breakdown and still get me excited to clean my kitchen every day. Thanks, guys!
Love this podcast
The episodes are well thought out and explained in a way that is easy to understand for a broad range of backgrounds. I love the thoughtful way in which they explore complex topics without alienating people, educating without condescension. This podcast has been a great tool for me to broaden the perspectives of some more conservative folks around me, and to broaden my perspectives on many topics. They weave the thread that connects so many topics together, which on the surface seemed unconnected. I have really just loved listening. Keep up the good work!
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Great in depth discussion
On practical topics from a good left libertarian political perspective
justin hersom
Check out Poor Proles!
Definitely check these guys out! Got a great perspective and cover all kinds of ground.
Just another white guy profiting off of the work of people who came before. Not enough people of color featured in interviews. Cohost is a hack. Andy prole; we see you
Great podcast. Important information.
This podcast has a different tone and presentation than a lot of shows I listen too. Each show is packed full of information that is critical for those in the battle against not only climate change, but deforestation, monocultures, garden pests, and myriad other threats to our ecosystem. If my classes in school were presented like this podcast, I would have done really well.
Aaron Hyman
So freaking good
Listen to this podcast. It’s the good good
Top tier useful information
This podcast actually covers topics relevant to a future where survival and community are more important than the soon-to-be obsolete of luxuries of capitalism. It’s also really entertaining and makes me laugh out loud while also filling my brain with important and super specific information about the agriculture and ecology topics I care about.
Great Podcast, Good Message
Explains things in a positive manner and does not leave the listener feeling hopeless
Sophisticated yet balanced
These guys explain highly sophisticated, technical topics thoughtfully and accessibly. It’s like learning from a great college textbook but with corny and endearing jokes. I don’t know they put this out so consistently; they must work so hard for our benefit. Recommend to anyone looking to learn.
King Herb
An amazing pod!
Y’all. This is it. Make no mistake about it.
M. Marc 99
Amazing Podcast!
Don't miss out on this beauty.
they speak for the trees
informative, enjoyable, it’s everything.
Listen up
Fantastic podcast!
Good show
Great info, wish I could listen with kids in the car
Awesome resource; a must listen.
Very informative
This is such a great podcast for those who want to get into working with plants.
Best podcast EVER
I listen to this podcast and Mourning Run’s music… THAT’S IT
I cannot emphasize how much time I spend telling people to listen to this podcast
I don’t know if my favorite part of this podcast is the relatively uplifting vibe or how well cited the information is. This podcast has offered me perspective on ways that I can personally make a difference to become more self-sufficient. They are practical and attempt to give guidance for a wide range of investment ability (time/ money), but can feel very New England (or similar clime) focused at times. I am unable to find the quote right now, but there is a quote from the book, The Seed Underground by Janisse Ray, which is best paraphrased as “a revolution is any moment diverging from a broken system”. This podcast is doing a wonderful job of teaching people, how they can confidently distance themselves from the failing systems around us, while still building community and emphasizing that none of this can be done alone. So thank you to Andy and Emmett for all of their time providing well sourced information and a wide range of guest speakers. Thank you.
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Thank you for making this much needed content!
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