The Poor Prole’s Almanac
The Poor Prole’s Almanac
The Poor Prole’s Alamanac
Modern Maya Milpa with Dr. Anabel Ford & Maya Farmers
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Apr 9, 2022 at 5:07 pm.
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Show notes
We chat with Dr. Anabel Ford, an American archaeologist specializing in the study of Mesoamerica, with a focus on the lowland Maya of Belize and Guatemala. She is recognized for her discovery of the ancient Maya city El Pilar. We chat about the role of the modern Milpa in contemporary society and the future they hold. We are also joined by Torres Master (Forest Gardener), Amor Obando (Master Forest Horticulturalist), Cynthia Ellis Topsey (Community Outreach Activist), and. Norden Martinez (Urban Forest Gardener).
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