The Polyhedron Collider Cast
The Polyhedron Collider Cast
The Polyhedron Collider Crew
Three British chaps talk about tabletop gaming of all kinds. Board games, card games, miniatures and more. Each episode we talk about what games we've been playing and our thoughts on them
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Charming but inarticulate Brits
A couple of blokes discuss their feelings about board games, with a focus on feelings. Short on the kind of comparisons or descriptions of game content that might make their reviews more helpful. For example, they say Gaia Project is similar to Clans of Caledonia, both of which they’ve reviewed, but they don’t actually compare them. They also describe CoC as an area control game (it isn’t) and least helpful of all, finish off reviews with “it didn’t quite tickle my fancy and I can’t put my finger on why.” Then why am I listening to you?!
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Comedy & Games
I thought I was at my max capacity for board games Podcasts already when this podcast was recommended to me. DEAD WRONG! I put this podcaast off for a few months and I'm sorry I did because they are hilarious. It's not my first choice for getting the most info about the most games, but it's easily my first choice for humor and entertainment while also learnign about games. Great podcast, just not kid friendly, so listen in the car
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Humor AND Discussion
These guys do a very nice job of discussing board and miniatures games, and they do it with a great sense of humor. It's one of those podcasts where you feel as if you're hanging out and listening to a group of your friends.
Keep cussing
Honestly though, if they keep talking about alternate uses of polyfiller, I’ll be okay with them lightening up on the f-bombs. It’s a great show, give ‘em a try, just not with the kids in the room, unless they already know those words.
A new favorite
Found these guys through twitter. I listened to one episode and proceeded to download the entire catalogue. In baffled as to why their comments section isn't bursting with rave reviews.