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Omar Moore
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Time confusion
G. Floyd died in May, Biden selected his VP in December or January, Kamala Harris. You are greatly confused on your calendar. Questioning your validity.
Talks So Slowly!
1st time listener. These topics all sound really interesting but I can’t get through the 1st episode. He talks so painfully slowly. Plus gaps of dead air between his thoughts, and very long-winded to boot. It’s unfortunate. Not sure I will be able to see it through. Might need to take a nap after this. Update: Listening at 1.5x speed seems to have solved the prob, yea
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Great podcast
Omar Moore is a refreshingly great listen. Gives incredible insight, depth and historical perspective throughout his podcasts.
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Great podcast
Omar gives a great passionate perspective on the issues of the day with a simultaneous analysis of historic events in light of where we are today. I was glad to have found this podcast when I did (around the time of the George Floyd incident). It has given me new found perspective into where we find ourselves as a society today. As another reviewer has said, the cadence, rightfully placed music and audio extras, makes this podcast a soothing fresh air in a stressful time in our world.
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Live this podcast!
Omar is an excellent host who gives well thought out analysis of current events with a soothing cadence that I really appreciate. I strongly recommend giving him a listen.
The host has a very nuanced perspective, he portrays his thoughts clearly. Well adding dynamic commentary. If you into poli/pop culture podcast look no further