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Police shooting
It’s gotten so frequent you can’t keep their names straight. I believe the cop who misfired her gun for her taser will walk. Enjoy your show…
Talks So Slowly!
1st time listener. These topics all sound really interesting but I can’t get through the 1st episode. He talks so painfully slowly. Plus gaps of dead air between his thoughts, and very long-winded to boot. It’s unfortunate. Not sure I will be able to see it through. Might need to take a nap after this. Update: Listening at 1.5x speed seems to have solved the prob, yea
Fluffster Normalpaws
Great podcast
Omar Moore is a refreshingly great listen. Gives incredible insight, depth and historical perspective throughout his podcasts.
gamechangers fabian lyon
Great podcast
Omar gives a great passionate perspective on the issues of the day with a simultaneous analysis of historic events in light of where we are today. I was glad to have found this podcast when I did (around the time of the George Floyd incident). It has given me new found perspective into where we find ourselves as a society today. As another reviewer has said, the cadence, rightfully placed music and audio extras, makes this podcast a soothing fresh air in a stressful time in our world.
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Live this podcast!
Omar is an excellent host who gives well thought out analysis of current events with a soothing cadence that I really appreciate. I strongly recommend giving him a listen.
The host has a very nuanced perspective, he portrays his thoughts clearly. Well adding dynamic commentary. If you into poli/pop culture podcast look no further