The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts
The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts
Joey Ingram
In these podcasts I have conversations with the best Online and Live poker players in the world about mindset and lifestyle!
Ryan Depaulo (YouTuber/WSOP Bracelet Winner) Part 2
(Timestamps below) Ryan Depaulo is back after we had some technical issues our last time around!!! Ryan recently won a bracelet for $160,000 playing from a parking lot of a Whole Foods (he is known for doing random type of things like this.) Ryan is a poker player here on YouTube who makes VLOGS and plays online poker. Ryan has a very hardcore fanbase who enjoy following his degenerate adventures around the USA as he plays poker and gamblers on other types of games. His girlfriend and friends are often apart of the adventure as well.     TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Guest introduction, skateboarding while playing a WSOP event, software glitches while playing final table 15:21 Going pro, punting, GTO in poker, RDP relationship with his gf and poker, RDP vlogging career progress 30:42 RDP broadway job, parkour running joke, the degen lifestyle, lifestyle change for the better 57:35 Answering chat questions, ACR problems/improvements, ghosting in poker, changes in poker popularity between MTT/cashgames 1:30:22 Marketing in poker, security issues in poker, interacting with chat, Doug Polk story 1:49:36 Doug Polk confrontation story, Dnegs marketing strats, RDP future goals and more
Jul 22
2 hr 28 min
Ryan Depaulo WSOP Parking Lot Bracelet Story
Making his debut on the Poker Life podcast today is fellow poker YouTuber Ryan Depaulo. Ryan has been making videos here on YouTube for a couple years now specializing in the VLOG format where he travels around to different casinos to degen it up in all different ways. His videos are hilarious and his fans love him. He just took down a WSOP Bracelet and $160,000 in a fucking Whole Foods parking lot in New Jersey. Excited to have him on.
Jul 22
23 min
Adam Pliska (World Poker Tour President)
Adam Pliska is the World Poker Tour President and he joins me today on the Poker Life Podcast. Adam has been with the WPT since 2002 (That is a LONG time) graduate of University of Southern California’s Film School and University of California Berkeley’s Law School, Boalt Hall, Adam has been with the World Poker Tour since 2003. As President, Adam oversees the entire WPT, from live events to online services to the televised broadcasts, and was named the American Poker Awards Industry Person of the Year for 2014. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:06 Guest introduction and how he became and why he is the current WPT president 9:35 WPT events complications because of Covid19, how WPT runs as a business 27:11 Positive changes in the poker world, poker content and its evolution 38:05 Systems about how to become expert at anything, how to balance your life around systems that improve it 47:05 Poker and traveling around the world with WPT, WPT organization management quality, poker companies and their business strategies and more
Jul 16
1 hr 19 min
Issac "Hollywood" Haxton (All-Around TOP Poker Player)
Issac Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton is back on the Poker Life Podcast today. Ike is one of the top all around poker players in the entire world. He regularly plays the highest stakes cash games and tournaments around the world.
Jul 11
2 hr 47 min
Fedor Holz (High Stakes Legend)
Fedor Holz is my guest today on the Poker Life Podcast. The first time Fedor was on was WAY back in 2014 after winning the WCOOP Main Event. Fedor is back sponsored by GGPoker and will be playing the upcoming WSOP event on their website. We will talk to Fedor about what life has been like back in the high stakes online poker tournament world and see if he considers himself still one of the top players.   0:02 Intro 0:05 Fedor introduction, future guests and plans for the podcast, Fedor acomplishments/plans for the future 2:55 Both of them talking about how they met, their first podcast, where Fedor is living atm what he has been doing and what's going with his return to poker 6:33 Fedor talks why he stopped and started again to play poker, what poker meant to him what he likes and dislikes 11:46 Other revenue streams besides poker why you need them, why Fedor chose to work with GGpoker 20:28 Fedor consluting GGpoker about rake and rakeback related systems, GGpoker what is all about 28:20 Why GGpoker does much better than other sites, the poker player experience and what should change to make it more enjoyable 43:00 Predatory aspect of poker pros and why they ruin the game, how the game should change for the better 57:25 WSOP/MTTS formats discussion, rakeback system structure/rules on GGpoker, shouting out chat after Fedor disconnects 1:22:08 Fedor reconnects after technical problems, GGpoker rakeback system positives/negatives 1:29:01 Sponsors and the value they bring, Fedor talks about being back in poker, studying poker, DTO and what is next 1:38:55 Poker project called "The Academy" focused on MTTs, 500 to 5k challenge discussion, Fedor Twitter phase, discipline in poker and more Show less
Jul 11
2 hr 1 min
Rob Yong (Casino Owner/High Stakes Poker Player)
High stakes poker player, casino owner, and Partypoker partner Rob Yong joins me again on the Poker Life podcast today to talk about the state of the online poker world, where to look for opportunity in the poker world, his adventures at the very highest stakes cash games in the world, his adventures at the high stakes tournaments on PartyPoker, the upcoming World Poker Tour Championships on PartyPoker and more. It will be a fun show   0:01 Joey shout-outs his plans for his next future poker content 1:05 Joey introduces Rob Young and they start talking about what's been going on with Rob's life and history how he got into the poker business 5:24 Joey and Rob talk about MTT suggestions that Rob shared on his twitter how to better the MTT experience for the regs and recs 16:20 Joey and Rob talk about the WSOP and how to make it more authentic experience 23:20 Joey and Rob talk about the competition between the poker clients like PartyPoker, Pokerstars, GGPoker 34:12 Joey and Rob talk about possible plans for PartyPoker in America and their competitors plans and business strats 43:55 Joey and Rob talk about the possible future for poker with bitcoin and innovations and how poker should grow 57:25 Joey and Rob talk about PokerBros and how the app functions, poker regulations and Rob's accomplishments n the poker industry 1:14:15 Joey and Rob talk about Jungleman and Bill Perkins cheating incident and why it is bad for the poker community 1:24:25 Joey and Rob talk about GGPoker uncapped rake games and why rake should be reasonable and beatable 1:32:15 Joey and Rob talk about PartyPoker and GVC regulations, rules and other poker problems around regulations 1:44:55 Joey and Rob answer twitter/chat questions and they talk about the BBJ $350k incident, the poker industry risks/rewards/models/series/practices 2:17:35 Joey and Rob talk about stables and how they function, game assistance, ACR intentions, rating poker companies from best to worst for the poker players 2:31:33 Joey and Rob talk about why poker companies should do right about poker players and not exploiting them 2:38:00 Joey and Rob do shout-outs, answer more questions and pick giveaway winner for the $1k 5mil GTD WPT
Jul 8
2 hr 57 min
Phil Galfond talks coming back from $900,000 down to win the Galfond Challenge with less than 100 hands
Apr 15
1 hr 56 min
Phil Galfond Talks $900,000 Comeback!
Phil Galfond is doing the Galfond Challenge right now and came back from being down $900,000 a few weeks ago to take a brief lead in today's session against Veni Vedi. They are playing a 25,000 hand challenge and are about 20,000 hands in so far. We talked more about the challenge.
Apr 2
33 min
Mike Mcdonald aka Timex - He Bet The World Series Of Poker Would Be  Cancelled...
Mike Mcdonald aka Timex joins me on the podcast. Mike operates the betting website Poker Sharers which allows you to bet on players for poker tournaments and cash games. Mike has been actively following the current pandemic taking place and was one of the first people to list odds to bet against the WSOP taking place. This should be a great conversation.
Mar 20
1 hr 26 min
Great Conversation W/ Rob Yong (High Stakes/PartyPoker)
Rob Yong joins me again on the podcast today. Rob is a regular high stakes poker player in some of the biggest games around the world - I did commentary on his week for Poker After Dark in December that had JRB and Rick Solomon playing. It was wild. He is also one of the powers that be over at Party Poker and doing his part to try to provide a great place for poker players around the world to play. Rob recently closed down his poker room in the UK and we will talk about that + his recent high roller poker series in Sochi, Russia that was derailed because of the pandemic.
Mar 20
2 hr 16 min
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