The Physician Philosopher Podcast
The Physician Philosopher Podcast
Jimmy Turner, MD
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Great new partnership
I am loving the new partnership, conversations are relevant, level headed and refreshing! Thank you!
Highly recommend- life changing
This podcast has taught me how to advocate myself and is very empowering as a trainee and medicine.
aeryvin. hggf
The Art and Importance of Saying No
The importance of this podcast cannot be understated. As doctors, we want to please and do the best we can for our patients. Sometimes that means saying yes because you can’t say no! It can often spill out into our marriages as physicians as well. Bravo, Dr. Jimmy!!!!
Wv Reagan
Quickly becoming my favorite podcast
Hearing Jimmy reflect on medicine and life have helped quite a bit to clarify my own thoughts and feelings. I’ve started to look forward to Monday mornings when the new episode drops. Keep up the great work!
Alex Keedy
Love the philosophy podcasts
I've been listening to you through spotify but came to iTunes just so I could rate and review. Love the philosophy style but also focus on practical application as well; helps reframe the way you think about your time, your energy and where it's being devoted to, understanding that these things are limited on a daily basis. This is where real change happens people, change in perspective leads to change in action. My favorite one is "Choose Curiosity Over Shame #21." Really helped reframe the critical mind to a more thoughtful, compassionate one towards oneself. Keep it up Dr. Turner!
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This podcast will change your life!!
It will change you, empower you and it’s just the beginning!
Amazing resource
Jimmy has this unique ability to connect with his listeners. He is thoughtful, kind, authentic being. His podcast contents are very relatable and actually teaches measures that are very pertinent and actionable! I recommend it to everyone and especially to physicians. I can imagine how great and useful his coaching program would be. I have not been part of it but it’s one of my wish list! Please keep up the great work that you do to help fellow physicians everywhere! Lellise
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The Physician Mentor you need
I have loved getting to know you through Money Meets Medicine, and am excited to have you share more here! I love your candid and caring approach to educating not only those starting their Medical careers but coaching the rest of us on the struggle bus. Double high fives from me! May Hindmarsh, MD
From the heart
Every doc can benefit from Jimmy’s candid, honest and raw look at his own life as a doctor. His phenomenal analysis of what physicians go through in terms of finances, identity and work/life balance will improve the happiness of all docs who listen.
NYU neuro
As someone who was just diagnosed with depression, hearing Jimmy’s perspective on money, life, and how to move forward is amazing
the female docs hubby
Fresh perspective
Jimmy provides candid, honest insight on the struggles he has had as a physician, be them personal, financial, or health-related. I have enjoyed his thought provoking episodes and look forward to continuing to follow him.
Federal Reserve
Great podcast. Fantastic life coach!
Love this podcast already! Going through Jimmy’s life coaching program now, and can tell you he and his work have already changed my life for the better! Highly recommended!
Awesome new podcast
Great job, Jimmy! Been a longtime follower of Money Meets Medicine, so I knew this was going to be be a great branch off. Keep up the hard work. Looking forward to your future podcasts! Good luck and thank you for doing this!
Much needed podcast!
So glad to find an awesome Podcast by a male physician, who’s not scared of portraying his vulnerability, sensitivity and genuine kindness. Very refreshing! Can’t wait to hear more what what he has to offer. Dr. Muni N. Tahzib
Love it already
I’ve only heard the intro episode zero and I LOVE it already 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Male physician life coach!!!!
This guy is on fire!!! We need more people like him in medicine and helping physicians. He is real and vulnerable and here to help you work through all life’s struggles. So excited to know this guy!!!
Kate Mangona
There is so much good to come from this... 🙂
I’ve been watching Jimmy from afar for a while on his blog and on his other show with Ryan on Money Meets Medicine. He’s such a genuine, open person. From his experiences, I’ve learned to face mine. I’m so excited for this show!!
Telling all my doctor friends
Love this is here now! Telling all my doctor friends who will love the money part. And all those who will love to hear a male life coach.
Jimmy is awesome!
So excited to hear Dr. Jimmy Turner bring the fire every week with this podcast! It’s a must listen. This work will change your life.