The Permadeath Podcast
The Permadeath Podcast
The Permadeath Podcast
The video games and fun times podcast starring Bill Conway, Ebbie, Yokurama, Kubo, and Kinross.
The Permadeath Podcast - Episode 48
In this brand new episode of our show we got into the Halo talk as well as covering what else we all liked from Microsoft's recent showcase of games. We also get into Ooblets, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, and Final Fantasy.
Jul 31, 2020
2 hr 18 min
The Permadeath Podcast - Episode 47
It's been a while, but we're back to talk to you about the games consuming our lives, as well as digest some of the announcements from Sony & PC Gaming (the Pokémon news was announced after our recording).    Join our Discord!   iTunes link:   Stitcher Radio Link:    Official Twitter:   HOSTS:   Twitter:   Twitch  
Jun 19, 2020
3 hr
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Boredom
Hello and welcome back to another episode of A Cup of Nepenthe, where I am once again joined by Cam ( where we talk about boredom, a little bit, I suppose, but to be honest, this is mostly a podcast of tangents, and more D&D talk. Don't forget to check out some artists in the UK using the hashtag #MCMLDNonline because there is some real cool stuff out there!   Here are some links to things we talked about:   Shenmue 3 Soundtrack -   Fire Emblem Awakening Soundtrack -  FFXV Soundtrack-   Captain Tom Moore has raised £32 million for the NHS will be knighted
May 26, 2020
1 hr 37 min
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Cosy
Hello, and welcome to this episode of A Cup of Nepenthe where the cast of Permadeath Podcast reunite so that we can go on a lot of tangents about video games, but also talk about the things that make us feel cosy. Of course, I am joined by Bill ( and Kinross ( as we journey through talking about how good rain is and how we're making ourselves comfortable during quarantine.  Here are links to everything that we talked about:   Rybonator and How to Make Dice:   Artsy Madwoman Resin Videos:   Weezer - Hero:  Blink182 - Happy Days:  Rookiez is Punk'd - Dance on the Floor:  Rookiez is Punk'd - Screaming into the XXXXXXX:  Support artists through Castle Point Anime's virtual vendor hall:   Beavers are doing good things:
May 12, 2020
1 hr 14 min
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Anxiety
Hello and welcome to the fourth episode of A Cup of Nepenthe! This week I'm joined by Cam ( as we navigate the tricky world of anxiety in quarantine. If you're not in the headspace to listen to us talk about that, that's totally fine, and I hope that you're taking care of yourself! This topic went on for quite a while, and there will be a follow on in the near future.    Here are some links to the things we talked about!  Some speedrun channels if you need some odd sleep aids -    Karl Jobst -  EZScape -  Apollo Legend -  SummoningSalt -  AverageTrey -   Sad Wizard Vibes (Critical Role Lo-fi) - Autumn Orange -   10 Hours of Beneath The Mask -   Anime Lockdown -   Make your own Wagamama Katsu Curry! -  Facetime lonely eels so they don't forget what humans look like -   Cam's Twitch Channel:   Cam & Emily Play Dragon of Icespire Peak! -
May 5, 2020
1 hr 49 min
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Creativity
Hello, hello! It's that time of the week again for another podcast and this time I am joined by the wonderful Emily ( to talk about creativity and how to keep yourself accountable but also motivated. There are a lot of tangents in this one, but as Emily told me, "creativity is a tangent."   Here are the links to everything we talked about this week!   Should Have Known Better - Sufjan Stevens -  Now or Never - Madina Lake -  Restart - Takaya Kuroda & Goodfellas - The Scenery Will Never Change - Takaya Kuroda & Goodfellas   Make your own avatar/characters on Picrew! -  Make Ikea Meatballs -   17 year old cashier pays for seniors grocery bill -
Apr 28, 2020
1 hr 20 min
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Future
We're into another week of the lockdown, and therefore, it's time for another podcast! This week, I am joined by none other than Shenmue Master, Bill ( to talk about what we're looking forward to doing once life goes back to (somewhat) normal. As expected, we talk about food. Free things to do! Playstation Play At Home Initiative: Free colouring pages for you to download and print by streamer DanMakesHisMark: Not mentioned during the podcast, but I also found another digital colouring book that was made through a collaboration of around 30 creative streamers on Twitch, and it's just really nice. Here are the links for some songs, as chosen by Bill. It will make him feel better if you listen to them and tell him how good you think they are, I'm sure. White Reaper - You Deserve Love The Killers - Caution Brian Fallon - 21 Days In news that doesn't suck, we talk a little bit about Captain Tom Moore and his campaign to raise money for the NHS. You can find his JustGiving campaign here, and if you're able, please share this around: Stay safe, and stay sane everyone. And stay the heck home if you can.
Apr 20, 2020
1 hr 20 min
A Cup of Nepenthe - A Self Isolation Podcast - Goals
Today marks the third week of lockdown in the UK, and we're bringing you a podcast to talk about life in self-isolation, and things that might bring a little bit of joy to your week. This week I am joined by Kinross ( and Cam ( as we talk about goals during self-isolation, and how to not put too much pressure on yourself. We also talk about cool businesses doing cool things, some good music to bring some happiness when you need it, and some good news that has little to do with the ongoing situation.  The wonderful art of Nepenthe is by Emily, who you can find here:  Links for everything are here~!    Ohio Dept of Health Ping Pong Ball Video:  How to play D&D Over Discord:  D&D Beyond's list of free adventures!:  DNDice's #Nat20Beats19 Campaign to raise money for PPE for the NHS:  Gametee giving away their entire stock of bandanas for customers to use as makeshift masks (currently out of stock, but keep an eye out!) Since uploading, the Babymetal concerts have been made private. But, there's still Scatman at least!   Listen to Scatman John, play some Tetris, and embody your inner Bill Conway:  Only You: Everybody Jam: Sing Now:  "I hope that the kids, while they sing along to my songs or dance to it, feel that life is not that bad at all. Even for just a minute." - Scatman John   The first rescued koalas from the Australian bushfires are starting to be released back into the wild
Apr 20, 2020
1 hr 8 min
Permadeath Podcast - Welcome to the 2019 Permies!
In lieu of individual GOTY videos this year, we gathered together and discussed some of our favourite games, lovingly packaged into our own brand of award show categories. Do you have suggestions for 2020 categories? Or perhaps you have your own choices that weren't covered by us here? Either way let us know in the comments down below, and we look forward to doing this again next year.
Feb 2, 2020
2 hr 54 min
Permadeath Podcast - Big Fat Gaming Quiz of 2019
Welcome to the first instalment of our (what will be) yearly gaming quiz, created and hosted by our very own Ebbie as she pits Bill and Kinross against each other as they fight for the right to call themselves "2019's Most Knowledgeable Gamer".
Jan 21, 2020
1 hr 43 min
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