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The Perfect RIA
Matthew Jarvis, CFP® & Micah Shilanski, CFP®
Welcome to The Perfect RIA podcast, the ultimate resource for advisors who want to master time management, optimize advisor-client interactions, achieve unparalleled profitability, and maximize value in their practice. Hosted by industry experts Matthew Jarvis, CFP®, and Micah Shilanski, CFP®, this podcast is your blueprint for success. Matthew and Micah don't talk theory; they share what has worked for them in the real world. They cut through the noise to deliver practical advice that you can implement immediately so you can make the most of your time—allowing you to spend more of it outside the office. Whether you're a seasoned advisor or just starting out, The Perfect RIA podcast equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel. Tune in and transform your advisory practice into a powerhouse of success.
It’s All About That Prospect: Being Intentional and Gathering Information
In this recap episode, Amber shares strategies from Matt and Micah to help financial advisors laser-focus their efforts on landing more prospects. Discover why intentionality and proven systems are game-changers in the art of prospecting. She breaks down the different prospecting channels every advisor needs to master, from leveraging referrals and centers of influence to networking, seminars, and content creation. Learn which tactics top advisors use to keep their prospect pipeline overflowing. Amber also highlights the prospect onboarding process from Jamie’s Worlds to Conquer episode. Find out what critical information you need to request from prospects upfront and how to deliver massive value from your very first meeting. Resources in today's episode: - Episode website  - What Do Prospecting and Six-Pack Abs Have in Common? [Episode 258] - Encore Episode: New Client Onboarding - What Information New Prospects and Clients Provide
May 31
8 min
Encore Episode: New Client Onboarding - What Information New Prospects and Clients Provide
Are You Struggling to Convert Promising Prospects into Loyal Clients? In this Encore Worlds to Conquer episode, Jamie Shilanski reveals the secret to converting prospects into loyal clients for financial advisors. She masterfully breaks down the art of onboarding, emphasizing the importance of gathering comprehensive financial documents from prospects to deliver accurate and valuable advice tailored to their unique situations. Discover Jamie's "no sell sell" approach, where advisors focus on providing exceptional value during the initial consultation, leaving prospects eager to continue their partnership. Learn the crucial steps to transform prospects into clients, including the key questions to ask and the vital information to obtain. Jamie's expertise will equip financial advisors with a streamlined onboarding process that not only impresses prospects but also lays the foundation for a long-lasting and fruitful client relationship. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and attract your ideal prospects with a seamless and value-driven onboarding experience. Encore Episode: New Client Onboarding - What Information New Prospects and Clients Provide
May 30
41 min
What Do Prospecting and Six-Pack Abs Have in Common? [Episode 258]
Craving a six-pack of clients? In this power-packed episode, experts Matt and Micah reveal the jaw-dropping parallels between sculpting a shredded midsection and mastering the art of prospecting for financial advisors. They’re shattering myths and demolishing excuses, proving that intentional, gut-busting work is the only path to prospecting prowess. Discover how hyper-focused tracking, strategic time investment, and an unshakable commitment can transform your prospecting game from flab to fab. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is a genuine game-changer packed with real-world wisdom from the trenches of prospecting. Stop wishing for an endless pipeline of dream clients, and start taking action today! What Do Prospecting and Six-Pack Abs Have in Common? [Episode 258] Resources in today's episode: - Micah Shilanski: Website | LinkedIn - Matt Jarvis: Website | LinkedIn - One-Page Plan Masterclass - Delivering Massive Value by Matthew Jarvis - What’s In It For Them by Joe Polish - Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas
May 27
30 min
Talent Acquisition Strategies and Creating a Stellar Client Onboarding Processes
In this recap episode, Amber shares insights to help financial advisors in their hiring strategy and streamline their client onboarding process to set the stage for a rewarding advisory relationship.  On Monday's episode, Matt and Claire Myers Vitale dove into compensation and team-building strategies tailored for financial advisors. They emphasized the importance of understanding the true value you provide to clients and aligning your team's goals and incentives with that value proposition. Their discussion also focused on optimal timing for hiring, crafting an attractive compensation package, and differentiating your firm with unique benefits that resonate with top talent during the recruiting process.  Thursday's encore "Worlds to Conquer" episode featured Jamie walking listeners through the critical client onboarding phase. She stressed the importance of setting clear expectations from the outset and consistently delivering value that exceeds those expectations. She also provided insights on setting standards for client interactions that foster trust and reinforce your firm's commitment to exceptional service. Whether you're a seasoned financial advisor or just starting out, this information-packed episode offers actionable strategies to elevate your client onboarding experience, build a high-performing team, and cement your firm's reputation for delivering unparalleled value. Resources in today's episode: - Episode Website - Recruitment and Creating a Strong Value Proposition with Guest Claire Myers Vitale - Encore Episode: Client Onboarding - Creating A Solid Foundation  
May 24
7 min
Encore Episode: Client Onboarding - Creating A Solid Foundation
In this Encore episode of Worlds to Conquer, Jamie Shilanski unveils the game-changing strategies that will revolutionize how you set expectations and deliver massive value during the critical client onboarding phase. She shared her firm's dynamic approach to crafting unforgettable first impressions that lay the foundation for long-lasting, trust-based relationships. Jamie's blueprint covers all bases, from estate planning and cash flow management to insurance – a comprehensive roadmap for building an unshakable financial house that withstands any storm. With candid insights and actionable tips, this episode is a masterclass in setting boundaries, managing expectations, and delivering value that resonates deeply with clients. Jamie's wisdom will improve your onboarding process whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting. Listen in to gain a competitive edge and craft onboarding experiences that leave a lasting impression! Encore Episode: Client Onboarding - Creating A Solid Foundation
May 23
34 min
Recruitment and Creating a Strong Value Proposition with Guest Claire Myers Vitale [Episode 257]
In this episode, Matthew Jarvis and Claire Myers Vitale, the hiring guru from Claire Myers Consultation, unveil the secrets to assembling a high-performing team. They dive into the art of hiring and share invaluable strategies to attract top talent and create a powerhouse advisory firm.  Hiring the right people is a game-changer, but it's easier said than done. Claire and Matthew break down the hiring process, emphasizing the importance of aligning compensation structures with your practice's unique needs. They also explore the immense value an executive assistant can bring to your team.  In today's competitive job market, having a strong value proposition is crucial for attracting top financial advisors. Claire and Matthew discuss how to craft an irresistible offer, from competitive compensation and benefits to unique perks like flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and even sabbaticals or community service days. Credentials are important, but culture fit is king. Claire shares tips on evaluating candidates for their ability to mesh with your firm's values and work style.  Whether you're building a team from scratch or expanding your existing roster, this episode is packed with actionable insights to help you assemble a dream team who will drive your practice to new heights. - Recruitment and Creating a Strong Value Proposition with Guest Claire Myers Vitale [Episode 257] Resources in today's episode: - Matt Jarvis: Website | LinkedIn - Claire Myers Vitale: LinkedIn | Website - Wealth Management Recruiting Info - 2023 Compensation Study - Junior Advisor Masterclass  
May 20
30 min
Enhancing Client Communication and Interactions
In this Follow-up Friday episode, Amber recaps the week's insights into client experience, communication, and process optimization for financial advisors. The episode dives into client communication strategies. Micah's script for explaining the path to success underscores the significance of credibility and leveraging client references to build trust. He and Matt tackled the challenge of handling unfamiliar client questions, emphasizing the importance of validating inquiries and confidently delivering helpful responses. Another key takeaway is the value of experiencing processes from the client's perspective. Jamie advocated for advisors to immerse themselves in these experiences to enhance the overall user journey. She also stressed the importance of training teams to uphold service excellence and emphasize continuous learning from industry peers. By embracing these principles—from effective communication scripts to firsthand client experiences—advisors can transform their practice, fostering stronger client relationships and elevating service standards.  Resources in today's episode: - Episode Website - Bad Ways to Answer Clients [Episode 256] - The Power of Rolling Up Your Sleeves: Why Doing the Work Yourself Matters
May 17
6 min
The Power of Rolling Up Your Sleeves: Why Doing the Work Yourself Matters
In this Worlds to Conquer episode, Jamie discusses the pivotal role of client experience in financial advising. She underscores the necessity of building from the ground up and encourages advisors to immerse themselves in the client's journey to truly understand their needs and perspectives. Exploring parallels with other industries like construction, she discusses how understanding a client's journey, whether opening accounts or building a house, can elevate advisors' ability to provide tailored guidance. Jamie's advice is clear: walk in the client's shoes. By undergoing processes as clients themselves, advisors can gain invaluable insights, fostering empathy and refining problem-solving skills crucial for exceptional service. Continuous improvement, she emphasizes, is key to delivering an unparalleled client experience. The Power of Rolling Up Your Sleeves: Why Doing the Work Yourself Matters
May 16
29 min
Bad Ways to Answer Clients [Episode 256]
In this episode of The Perfect RIA, Micah and Matt dive deep into the art of effective client communication for financial advisors. They stress the critical role of intentional communication in delivering tangible value to clients and helping them reach their financial aspirations. Handling tough questions is a key topic, where they underscore the necessity of maintaining client trust through prompt follow-ups and confidence, even when the answer isn't immediately clear. Micah and Matt emphasize the power of advisors knowing their niche and tapping into resources for accurate, reliable information. They reveal how implementing streamlined systems can ensure consistent, impactful client interactions. Moreover, this episode explores practical strategies for handling client questions and concerns. Micah and Matt stress the importance of preparation and thorough research to deliver impactful answers. They share insightful stories, like navigating complex tax scenarios, and emphasize the crucial role of understanding cash flow in retirement planning. This episode is a must-listen if you're a financial advisor looking to transform your client interactions. Share it with your colleagues to elevate everyone's practice to new heights. Tune in for actionable insights that can redefine the way you communicate and serve your clients. Bad Ways to Answer Clients [Episode 256] Resources in today's episode: - Micah Shilanski: Website | LinkedIn - Matt Jarvis: Website | LinkedIn - Estate Planning Masterclass  
May 13
28 min
Crafting Your Investments and Marketing Communication
Join Amber in this episode of The Perfect RIA as she recaps the week's essential insights for financial advisors. Discover the significance of prioritizing client goals over investments and delegating investment decisions. Streamline your investment review process and communicate effectively with clients. Learn how intentional and focused marketing efforts can elevate your business planning and the secrets to success by planning your business and marketing calendars in advance. Tune in now for actionable strategies to transform your practice! Resources in today's episode: - Episode Website - How Investments Work With Your Clients [Episode 255] - When Marketing Works
May 10
7 min
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