The PAWEDcast
The PAWEDcast
The PAWEDcast
Two veterinarians from a large specialty referral hospital discuss pet-related topics, industry standards, and hot topics.
All About Pet Insurance
On this episode of The PAWEDcast, Dr. Vernaleken is joined by Jenna from Embrace Pet Insurance. Together they answer all your pet insurance questions for both pet owners and veterinarians: when you should sign your dog or cat up for a policy, preexisting conditions, costs, submitting claims, insurance for older pets or indoor cats, and more! Then, Dr. Vernaleken gives her advice on getting your pet an International Health Certificate for traveling.   If you are a client at one of our Ethos Veterinary Health hospitals, you are eligible for a 5% discount on your policy at Embrace Pet Insurance. Click the link below to access your discount.
Nov 11
1 hr 2 min
Happy Vet Tech Week and Ask the Vet pt. 2
On this episode of The PAWEDcast, the doctors kick off with a shoutout to our amazing Veterinary Technicians & employees as we celebrate National Vet Tech Week & Ethos Employee Appreciation Week! Then, we bring back our popular "Ask the Vet" segment to answer questions from pet owners. The doctors discuss overdue booster vaccines during the pandemic, PrettyLitter cat litter, getting a second opinion for your pet's diagnosis, do indoor cats need to go to the vet annually, how important playtime is for your pet, & more!
Oct 14
49 min
Hiring during the pandemic in the veterinary industry
This episode welcomes Jared Katz, Talent Acquisition Manager for Ethos Veterinary Health. Jared talks with the doctors about the changing landscape of hiring in the veterinary field.
Sep 2
30 min
Blood Banks and Donors / Fear Free Veterinary Care
On this episode the doctors welcome Haley and Tricia from the Blood Bank at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Colorado to talk about their work in the Blood Bank: the canine donor program, cat donors, and blood supplies for pets. In the second segment we invite another member from Wheat Ridge Animal hospital, Brooke, the Hospital Service Manager. The doctors and Brooke discuss Fear Free, a certification program for veterinary teams and hospitals can take place in to become trained in providing fear free techniques for pets who visit the hospital. Ethos Veterinary Health is dedicated to becoming Fear Free at all of our locations. What is Fear Free and what could this mean for your pet visiting the hospital?   Please forgive our audio as we are recording online during COVID. Thank you. As always, you can take us on the go with your favorite podcast app. Subscribe, rate, and review! Executive Producer: Lauren Parece Producers: Rachael Gillis, Kelly Mankowich
Jul 1
44 min
The Pet Lawyer Returns
The Boston Dog Lawyer, Jeremy Cohen, Esq., returns to the show to talk more about his work as a lawyer to pets and pet owners and give some very interesting examples of cases he has been on. Dog walker liability, retractable leashes, off-leash incidents, pet custody, and more!
Mar 12
50 min
Dog Training & Behavior
On this episode of The PAWEDcast, Dr. Vernaleken & Dr. Renzullo sat down with Calli Towne, MS, the Training Coordinator at MSPCA Nevins Farm. Calli discusses science based dog training methods for clicker training, leash walking, prong collars, puppy training, training senior dogs, and more!
Feb 13
24 min
Blood Donors & Common Exam Room Questions
On this episode of the PAWEDcast, Dr. Vernaleken & Dr. Renzullo discuss blood donors in veterinary medicine. Then, they answer the most asked questions we get from pet owners in the exam room.
Jan 9
49 min
The Plague & Holiday Gifts for Your Pet
In the final episode of 2019, Dr. Renzullo gives us the scoop about the return of the Plague and what this means for you and your pet. Then, Dr. Vernaleken gives her top pick for "vet-approved" gifts for your pet this holiday season.
Dec 11, 2019
21 min
Veterinary Social Workers
Welcome back to the PAWEDcast! On today’s episode, Dr. Vernaleken and Dr. Renzullo will sit down with social worker Christina Stephens-Malloy, LCSW from Mass Vet to discuss the rise of veterinary social work and all she does for pet owners and veterinary professionals: self-care promotion, pet loss support groups, and more.
Nov 13, 2019
23 min
Fat Cats & Halloween
On this episode, Dr. Vernaleken & Dr. Renzullo discussed Halloween pet safety, and then overweight pets featuring Floyd the chubs cat!
Oct 9, 2019
29 min
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