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The Paul Wharton Show
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THE PAUL WHARTON SHOW is a weekly lifestyle, entertainment and pop culture radio show hosted by Paul Wharton featuring celebrity guests and Influencers in discussion on the world’s latest hot topics. The show, which broadcasts an original episode every Friday during the popular “drive time” at 6pm on SiriusXM Channel 141, and two additional encore broadcasts throughout the week, is the perfect way to end your work week and get ready for the weekend with entertaining and insightful conversations from Paul and his guests. Celebrity guests on The Paul Wharton Show include Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Jenifer Lewis, Amanda Seales, Michael Eric Dyson, Tamron Hall and many more! Listen to The Paul Wharton Show on SIRIUSXM Channel 141 Fridays at 6pm! This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.
It Takes A Village
Paul and Darnell share how they’ve cancelled their upcoming international travel plans and changed the way they interact with people based on the current Corona situation! Having just attended the N Street Village Gala, the show is joined by board member and gala co-chair Erika Martin Bolden. Paul and Darnell also talk about an elevated number of young people taking their own lives and Paul shares some personal advice on “It Gets Better”. All of that and more good stuff from the dynamic duo in their episode. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Mar 11, 2020
58 min
The Art of Personal Growth & Change
Paul and Darnell dive into how their relationships with certain friends change as they work to better themselves. Darnell shares that he was recently accused of changing by an old friend and it opens up a very interesting conversation. In Hot Topics, the duo discusses Judge Judy’s $50 million annual contract vs Megan Thee Stallion’s $10,000 advance and why black artists seem to be stuck with such crappy contracts. This episode is a MasterClass in getting what you deserve in life and your career and how to navigate when you change and others around you don’t! Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Mar 4, 2020
58 min
Late to the Party
Paul and Darnell discuss social etiquette as it relates to going on dates, meeting friends out and going to events. When does fashionably late become rude! Also, how long do you have to date someone to tell those around you about the person? When you proclaim your love too soon and it doesn’t work, do you end up embarrassing yourself? All of that and lots more in Hot Topics!
Feb 26, 2020
57 min
The Joy of Pivoting
Paul and Darnell discuss making major life pivots. Paul is taking on a new opportunity creating and producing tv shows and Darnell is consider working a full time job (until Paul breaks down exactly what Darnell will be taking home)! They also discuss Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Darnell’s admiration for Melania’s shoes (to Paul’s eye rolls) and so much more! Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Feb 19, 2020
58 min
Oscars and Acceptance
Paul and Darnell dive into the Oscars So White controversy, The latest Democratic Primary, Dwayne Wade’s child Zaya comes out as Transgender, the ongoing Gayle King and Snoop Dogg stand off and so much more! Paul brings up a dreaded topic, apparently Darnell is getting a 9-5 job! All of that and more in this non-stop episode! Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Feb 12, 2020
58 min
Well Is It The Paul Wharton Show...Or Not?
Paul and Darnell talk about their experience at the Alvin Ailey Gala, their thoughts on the Super Bowl, Terry Crew’s change of heart and Gayle King’s latest interview with Lisa Leslie from the WNBA that has people asking “Was it disrespectful to Kobe’s Legacy”? All of that and talk on Paul’s upcoming trip to London to see Vanessa William’s new stage show! Get ready to hang with the duo of skipping, laughing best friends that you love! Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Feb 5, 2020
57 min
Open Up to Life!
Paul and Darnell discuss the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s tragic and untimely death. Paul shares details on his time guest co-hosting Good Day New York and his great adventures with Whoopi Goldberg in New York. Darnell opens up to Money Coaching from Capital One since he realized his fixed income may not keep him in the luxurious manner that he is accustomed!
Jan 30, 2020
58 min
The Things We Do For Friends
On this episode of The Paul Wharton Show, Paul and Darnell talk about what it truly means to be a friend. Are Paul's expectations for others too unrealistic? How do you find your tribe? Paul and Darnell also talk about their best woof-y friends and debate about Tyler Perry. Powered and distributed by Simplecast
Jan 22, 2020
56 min
Love and Money
Paul and Darnell at back in studio exploring life’s most pondered issues, Love and Money! The guys dive into whether or not they’d combine their finances with a new significant other, who should pay for what and if they would sign a prenuptial agreement. Paul share tips on throwing a tea that he learned from his friend Whoopi Goldberg and Paul and Darnell talk about their tribe of friends and how they knew when they had found the right group for them and how you can chose the right group for you! Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
Jan 16, 2020
57 min
The Qualified Host!
Paul and Darnell settle in to their first show of 2020! Paul tells Darnell about spending New Year’s Eve at the home of his friend Whoopi Goldberg and how everyone can throw a fabulous with the help of her book, The Unqualified Hostess! The dynamic duo shares their 2020 goals and aspirations and Darnell gets Paul’s advice on how to deal with a relative that’s using his looks to stay afloat. Darnell talks about his experience with a Sugar Daddy 20 years ago and Paul talks about how he feels he’s the twink that became a Sugar Daddy! Powered and distributed by Simplecast
Jan 16, 2020
57 min
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