The Paul McGuire Report
The Paul McGuire Report
The Paul McGuire Report
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Very informative
God bless this ministry
Tlingit Man
Do not listen to while driving! You WILL fall asleep.
Boring boring monotone, sleep inducing boredom! Monotonous, slow, you learn nothing, lukewarm, poor quality, they beg for money. How anyone with scruples could with a straight face stand up here and ask for money to continue this horribly done podcast is beyond comprehension! Shame
Complete and profound insights into the Gog and Magog war scenario !
The Best understanding of Ezekiel’s war that I’ve ever heard. This powerful two part series outlines what is clearly unfolding before our very eyes. I believe that Paul is hearing with spiritual ears d sad o that we might listen in as well. K
Intelligent and informative
This is one of the most intelligent speakers I have encountered. Very articulate and to the point. And I love his ability to delve deep into a subject with a simplistic delivery. I do wish the sound quality was better. I want my husband to listen, but he can’t stand all of the static. It’s a huge distraction.
Just Wow!
Just what I’ve needed to hear! I’m awake. I am one of the few who can make the true spiritual connection to all that is going on in the world right now. Back in 2005, Pastor Dr. Murray helped my husband and I make sense of things. I haven’t found another who has been able to do the same since. It’s hard to find a church who teaches the truth, so I don’t go. Thank you for all that you are doing. I’m sharing your episodes to help people make sense of things.
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I like him but...
Paul McGuire has a lot of interesting topics. However he speaks et infinitum about the same issues concerning what it is being a Christian and he can be quite drawn out in his teachings before he actually gets to the point. I am thankful though that he stirred up my desire to go back to our local Calvary Chapel church which has been a blessing ever since.