The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons
The Oxymorons
Welcome to the OXYMORONS: A conversation where we share a different viewpoint with you, that you may not have thought of before. We are dedicated to helping you think about Life's contradictions. Former College athletes, now successful businessmen, BJ, Jack, and Rimp debate everything from Guy Code to Sports, Relationships to Marriage, Careers vs Side Hustles, all while layering in the obstacles they overcame in America today! Join the trio each week as they revisit today's headlines, share the lessons they have learned, and show you how to make an impact like you have never heard before! And did I mention, they often contradict themselves as well?
Ep 27:  Get Rich Or Die Trying!
50 Cent: Just pay the man already! 50 Cent does not play when it comes to his money. Rather than sue you, he has chosen a new route. Social MEdia to humiliate you into paying him his money. And not just any social media tactics, He has been quite clever in his approach. From video voice-overs to enlisting celebrities to help resolve the money issues! Today we discuss how lending money to friends and family can be a backlash. We also discuss faking it until you make it and how that creates a false sense of security of individuality. But in true oxymoronic fashion, the conversation takes a twist and the trio begin to contradict themselves.
Jun 3, 2019
57 min
Ep26:  Ayesha's Revenge
Soooo... a few weeks ago the world was up in arms about Ayesha Curry's comments. She mentioned wanting receive more male attention to let her know she still has it after 3 kids. Well, we had enough of the double standard and let Ayesha and everyone who liked her comments know our opinions. Well, our comments didn't go over well with some of our listener's. So in true oxymoronic fashion, we needed to hear the flip side of the coin! So we invited to guests to the show to give Ayesha a voice and defend her comments. Well, we were in for a surprise!!!! The ladies did not hold back and let their feelings be known. But no, it didn't stop with Ayesha's feeling, this was a war of wills, words, and women! We discussed cheating, the game, men, players, birds of a feather flocking together, abortion, side chicks, and more importantly the double standard between men and women! Tune in to choose your side! Are you Pro Ayesha or Anti Ayesha?
May 30, 2019
1 hr 15 min