The Overland Journal Podcast
The Overland Journal Podcast
Scott Brady, Ashley Giordano, and Matt Scott
The Overland Journal Podcast features the travelers, topics, and news related to the overlanding community and industry. This podcast is hosted by Scott Brady, Ashley Giordano, and Matt Scott. This podcast is a production of the Overland Journal Magazine and the website.
Melanie Rohr on Solo Travel, Cyber Security, and the Joys of Giving Back
Scott Brady interviews Melanie Rohr from TerraByte on actionable considerations for solo travel, important adjustments to our cybersecurity posture, and the deep reward of giving back to the communities we visit. Melanie shares practical insights from her decades in travel and technology, partnering with the UN and NGOs, and her most recent work in cybersecurity.For more information, visit 
Feb 8
1 hr 15 min
Jess Stuhler on African-Made Overland Accessories, Roof Tents, and Exploring with Family
Scott Brady interviews his good friend Jess Stuhler, a South African adventurer, motorcycle rider, and overlander that runs the well-respected Eezi-Awn brand. Jess shares his love of Africa, his time in the military, and the joys of traveling with your family. He provides practical insights into the best areas to explore in Southern Africa along with the advice to just load your cooler with ice and just go. 
Feb 2
49 min
Principles of Overlanding: Security, Documentation, and Borders with JJ
Scott Brady interview JJ from the State Department on borders, documentation, security best practices, the S.T.E.P. program, cultural awareness for overlanders, and more. We also dive into JJ's life and how he started a career in the foreign service. 
Jan 25
1 hr 13 min
January 2024 Overland News: Events, productivity, solar roof tents, and much more
For the January Overland News, Scott Brady and Brian McVickers discuss moving the productivity needle while traveling, our favorite new gear, concept vehicles, and the expanding lineup of overland events. 
Jan 19
1 hr 2 min
Destined for Wild on Traveling the Pan-American Highway in a 80-Series Land Cruiser
Ashley Giordano interviews Canadian couple Josh and Vanessa Von Holst on why they chose the 80-Series Land Cruiser as their first overland vehicle platform and the subsequent adventures that resulted because of it. In this podcast from the field, Josh and Vanessa share more about their experiences preparing for the trip, and how it feels to return home to Canada.Contact: Josh & Vanessa von Holst 
Jan 11
1 hr 3 min
2023 In Review: Overlander of the Year, Best New Gear, and Looking Forward to 2024
Scott Brady and Matt Scott look back on 2023 and discuss the Expedition Portal Overander of the Year Award winner and the best new 4WD of 2023. Matt and Scott share their favorite gear of the year and showcase a few new products from small businesses. 
Jan 4
1 hr 32 min
Dave Harriton on Payload, Performance, and the New Class of OEM Overland Vehicles
Scott Brady and Matt Scott interview Dave Harriton, CEO of American Expedition Vehicles. They deep dive into payload, design standards, cab-chassis, campers, and premium aftermarket components. 
Dec 28, 2023
1 hr 27 min
Principles of Overlanding: Overland and Expedition Trailers
Mario Donovan joins the conversation with Matt and Scott about Overland and Expedition Trailers. They go into the deep dive about suspension, chassis development, length and different types of trailers, and the importance of electric brakes. They dive into everything you might want to consider before you make your purchase.  Full show notes available at Overland Journal PodcastA special thanks to our sponsors:03 Outdoors and Kuat
Dec 21, 2023
1 hr 11 min
Explorer and Filmmaker Reza Pakravan on the World’s Most Dangerous Borders
Ashley Giordano interviews British explorer and filmmaker Reza Pakravan. Raza's long and impressive CV includes crossing the Sahara by bike in record time, traveling the length of the Sahel region of Africa, and attempting to set the World Record for fastest bicycle journey from the Arctic Circle to Cape Town, South Africa. In this podcast from the field, Reza talks about what he discovered filming his latest multi-part series, “Hidden Frontiers Arabia” and how Tintin was a major childhood influence.
Dec 14, 2023
1 hr 6 min
Top 10 New Overland SUVs
Scott Brady and Matt Scott rate their top 10 new overland SUVs for North America. The criteria is a 4wd wagon with low range and seating for at least five. In 2023, we have a better selection of overland vehicles than we have seen in decades, and this lineup is more exciting than ever. There are a few surprises, including a plugin hybrid and an all electric. 
Dec 8, 2023
58 min
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